How About A Quickie?

I have this big long post that I need to work on….

In the meantime, I’m working on stuff.

Lucy and Thrale: Making progress

Print version of My Darkest Passion: About 1/2 way through. There are some issues so I’m having to be more precise and attentive. I will end up having to order a 2nd proof to make sure the glitches are fixed.

Life: Ack!!!!

And, I feel compelled to say this:

Dear person who is trying to market to authors:

We tend to talk to each other and so, your email in which you claim to have read our latest book and been impressed with our talent, well, it seems a bit fishy that anyone could have read that many books…. I know you’re trying to be personable, but a personable lie is still a lie, and authors, alas, are such frequent targets of SEND US MONEY for something that will not actually benefit your career, that we’re now naturally suspicious. You’d have been better off just telling us about your service and what’s in it for us.

In a related note, if you sell advertising space on your book-related website, then I think you should give authors an idea of the kind of traffic you get. Because then I would have an idea about whether it’s worth it to me. Share some metrics, dude.

That is all.



3 Responses to “How About A Quickie?”

  1. Anna says:

    This may be jumping the gun, but who will feature in the next Immortal book. There was a list of character with potential stories. Just curious. No pressure!

    • I can’t answer with 100% certainty, partly because I’m in the midst now of a different project, but also because … future!

      I’m toying with the idea of an Immortals novella before the next novel.

      I’m pretty darn sure the next Immortals novel will be about Kynan and Maddy.

  2. Anna says:

    Yay, thanks, and no worries! :o)