Crazy Writers

Boy, has this been an interesting week in the world of authors.

1. Goodreads deleting shelves without notice to readers amid what I cannot help but feel is an attempt to make women be nice. Seriously. Isn’t Goodreads really kind of a Reddit for Books? I’m sure most people will think I’m way off here, but I think the underpinnings of what’s going on is rooted in stereotype misogyny.

The mostly male participants over at Reddit? Infamous for threads that skirt legality. Hey, boys will be boys! Also, fuck you.

The mostly female participants at Goodreads? You are not being nice. Stop it. <<Deletion of “mean” content>>

I’m not so happy with GR right now.

2. ANOTHER author accused of plagiarism. Put the two sources side-by-side, as several have done, and, wow.

3. David Gilmore doesn’t teach [about] women writers because the only good ones are men. Fuck you David Gilmore.



2 Responses to “Crazy Writers”

  1. Kathy says:

    Re the David Gilmour interview – what an asshat! His use of “girls” and blaming “off the cuff” remarks on his concentrating on his French accent is just ridiculous and chauvinist and indicative of so much that is wrong today. Anyway, what you said x 100.

  2. Kathy: No kidding. The deeper you go into his actual words, the worse he sounds.