I been Reading

I finally broke down and bought the first book in a trilogy that is much loved and commented on for heroes who are bad people. The author is a big name. The series has been recommended to me many times. I almost bought the entire series and I’m glad I didn’t.

I felt the writing was weak and the story was unbelievable. The world building was thin. There was nothing to underpin the plot, and come on. If you’re writing a world that has secret gangs/cartels/government agencies you have to supply some details.

Anyway. I started skimming about halfway through.



5 Responses to “I been Reading”

  1. I could not be more dying of curiosity.

  2. Larisa says:

    Ditto on the dying of curiosity…

  3. Cecilia Rose says:

    Have you read Anne Bishop’s Black Jewel Trilogy. I just found it this past spring, and was hooked and impressed by the story, the writing and the angst in both hero and heroine. Truly excellent, IMHO. This is coming from a die-hard Carolyn Jewel, JR Ward, Karen Marie Moning, Ilona Andrews fan.

  4. I have some contemporaries coming out next year, so I’ve been reading contemporaries, trying to get a feel for what’s working and how I might polish my tales to be more attuned to the current demand.

    Um… nope. I’m reading enormously successful contemporary authors and thinking I must be missing something here. If this is what’s hitting it big, then I’m destined for happy obscurity. No external conflicts, pacing that works better than Melatonin for getting me to sleep, prose that could be out-sparkled by a dying lightning bug… Geesh.

  5. It’s strange and probably a good thing that people like and dislike different books.

    And yes, sometimes I read a book that’s sold a ton and has loads of fans, and I wonder, why? Why?

    But then again, sometimes I’ll break down and read a popular book and say, Oooh. WHY didn’t I read this sooner!