Paper vs. Digital: Throwdown!

Ima starting a list. What should I add? Let me know in the comments and I’ll append to the list.

Thing that HappensAnalog WorldDigital World
Dog eats the expensive research book you just bought and were lucky to get at any price, let alone for a steal of a price.Has happened to me. That book is gone FOREVER. Damn.Highly unlikely. If your dog eats your eReader, that's a way more expensive replacement. On the other hand, your books are not gone. You might actually come out ahead on this one.
Take book in the shower or tub.Disaster. Book becomes soggy mess.Zip-lock bag and you're golden.
You find an interesting note in the pages.Yes! This happened for me with a book from Inter-library loan. It was awesome.Well. If you crack your book file open you could look to see if the coder left any interesting comments. (OK, I consider this unlikely.)
Pages smell like vinegar leading a researcher to use scent to track cholera epidemics. (Because vinegar was thought to be a preventive measure.)Yes! Has happened. Awesome.It's unlikely anyone would think doing anything to an eBook would prevent a disease. But who the hell knows?
Monks decorate the pages with beautiful art.Yes!I have no idea if monks are producing eBooks. Call it a draw for now.
When you drive into town in a horse and buggy, you can really appreciate the scenery.Yes! But if you have a heart attack the 5 -10 hours it takes to get you to the hospital means your family is planning a funeral.Well, OK. You still have to get to the hospital but you're there < 5 minutes from the 9-1-1 call.
You find a neat note in a book and now you want to know about the woman who wrote it.Good luck.30 minutes on Google and you're done!
You are researching the novels of the Minerva Press and need to know which libraries have which books in their collection.Good luck. See you in 5 years.5 minutes on WorldCat and you're done.
You read a book and there's a word you don't know.Get up. Find the dictionary. Look it up. Spend two hours looking up other Oh. That's what it means. (Not exactly sure this is a benefit. I'm torn.)
You're reading a book and you want to highlight a section. Oops. You lost your pen.Click, drag. Done.
Vacay!!!!! At last you have time to read!Uh, oh. You have somehow not packed the book you were reading.Click.
Vacay!!!! At last you have time to read.Oh, noes. You read too fast and now you're out of books.Click. download. Ahhhh.
Vacay!!!! At last you have time to read!There's no room for your clothes because the books take all the room.This outfit is AWESOME! Click.
The new book by Author Amazing is 1000 pages.Your hands hurt.Click. Oh, loving this book!
The new book by Author Amazing is 1000 pages!Your back hurts.Click.
The new book by Author Amazing is 1000 pages!You leave the book at home because it's too damn heavy.Click.
The book you're reading has mapsOoo. Neat. AND they fold out!!The map is too small to read. When you enlarge the map, the image is too pixelated to read.
This book has 5 editions!Interesting to track the changes.Assuming the servers have been backed up and we have no compatibility issues, in future, I'm saying we WILL be able to both find alternate version and compare differences. Fast.
The server crashed.So?But I didn't download that book yet!
Electrical outageIt's dark.

OK. Fine. You can read by flashlight.
Your battery and off-line charger are full. Click.


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