Writing Dreams

Apropos of not exactly nothing, I don’t dream of seeing my book on bookstore shelves. That isn’t the goal of my writing career. My goal is checks deposited into my account where every penny represents books sold to readers.

I don’t care if the books readers bought were print, digital, or audio. I just care that a reader bought my books.

While I might hold a paper book in my hand and say, wow, that’s my name on the cover, it’s secondary to a sale. Every print book I hold in my hand is a book someone didn’t buy yet.

I’m just not sentimental or nostalgic about print. If readers want print they should have my book in print. But it’s not better or less than a digital book someone bought and read.

I want readers to read my books in whatever format works for them way more than I want to hold a book with my name on it in my hands.



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