On Talent and Artistry

Eventually, every author hears a request like this:

I have a great idea for a book. If you write it, I’ll split the money with you.

Authors roll their eyes at that sort of thing because we know writing a book is hard work. In fact, the actual writing is way harder than the idea. Ideas (at least in my experience) often come when I’m doing something else not writing-related. Heck, that’s so easy it wasn’t even work! For me.

Now, to the person who has never written a book, I can see how, superficially, it might seem easy. But that’s because that person has no idea. How could she/he? Well, actually, there are lots of people who may not know how much work it is, but they can guess. Because if you’re at all thoughtful or attentive, it makes sense that it wouldn’t be all that easy.


When I overheard an author say that she had a good idea of the graphic work she needed done, so it should be easy for a graphic artist to carry out, I said to myself, Dude. Are you crazy?

That’s insulting to people with graphics talent, and a writer should know better.



One Response to “On Talent and Artistry”

  1. Jo's Daughter says:

    Hope to find a moment soon to get creative myself, it’s so relaxing when you are in the flow & as I have nothing to read at the moment it would be perfect timing. I have many ideas for great quilts, food dishes & other craft projects. Making them happen is still another story. So I know that an idea can seem amazing, putting it together (can be) a challange.