Progress Report

I’ve been radio silent about the writing, but it isn’t because I haven’t been writing. I’ve been doing a lot of writing with the internet turned off which makes it harder to hop online to talk about the writing. I’ve also been going so long without quite enough sleep that I’ve had to enforce a stop writing time. No more making up deficits by cutting into the sleep. For a series of reasons, I have gone too long — months — with no opportunity to catch up and normalize.

Currently, I’m doing a read through of A Notorious Ruin, which is the title I’ve settled on for the first of the sequels to Lord Ruin. It’s Lucy and Thrale’s story, and at last, I am not weeping with despair over the fractured bits of story, sleep and time deprived (as much) because of the the day job, or otherwise (as) discombobulated with what life has been throwing my way.

After this read through, A Notorious Ruin goes out for beta and edits.

I like the story. In fact, I’m loving it.


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2 Responses to “Progress Report”

  1. Cristina says:

    Those are great news! I cant wait To read another one of your historical romances, I really like them.
    Thank you for continuing the Sinclair Sisters series.

  2. Readsalot81 says:

    I remember Lord Ruin being one of my first kindle purchases when I got my kindle as a gift. 😀

    I can’t wait to read A Notorious Ruin!