This n That

I thought I’d update everyone about the writing! Concept!

1. A Notorious Ruin, Book 2 of the Sinclair Sisters series, is out for first round editing.

2. I am writing a novella in the My Immortals series, currently titled Dead Drop. It’s slated to appear first in June 2014 anthology (yet to be titled) then later singly.

3. My next project is Book 6 in the My Immortals series. (Kynan’s story)

4. I will also be writing a historical novella, to be included in a 2014 Christmas Anthology with authors Grace Burrows, Shana Galen, and Miranda Neville.

5. I have two German translations to get out — covers in process

In between all that I’ll be busy pushing the various books into revisions, editing, copy-editing, proofreading, formatting, and proofreading.

In general my future writing schedule looks like this, only sort of in this order:
1. My Immortals Book 6
2. Christmas historical anthology
3. Dark Elf — set in the world of The King’s Dragon
4. Hester and Camber Novella
5. Sinclair sisters book 3
6. My Immortals Book 7



One Response to “This n That”

  1. Rosie says:

    I’m traveling. Sitting in an airport café reading this blog post. I’m literally salivating. People might think it’s my food.


    It’s definitely NOT the airport food I’m salivating over!!