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Hamper of Awesome

The authors of Christmas in the Duke’s Arms, Grace Burrowes, Shana Galen, Carolyn Jewel, and Miranda Neville, are giving away this lovely Fortnum & Mason hamper filled with British goodies guaranteed to make your Christmas merry and bright.

Entering is simple! In the comments to this blog post, tell us your favorite Christmas food or beverage. The winner will be announced and contacted on December 19, 2014. Please review the rules below.

Those of you who may see this via a feed from another source (Facebook, Goodreads, etc) you must enter at Carolyn’s blog post here.

But Wait! There’s More! Sweetening The Pot

For every 10 reviews (not just ratings) of Christmas in the Duke’s Arms that post to Amazon or Goodreads between now and 9:00:00 PM Pacific on Thursday December 18, 2014 we’ll give a $50 AMEX gift card or other prize (other additional prizes may be added at our discretion) to one of the qualified entrants. You do not need to do anything. You are not asked or required to post a review.

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About Christmas in The Duke’s Arms

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Christmas in The Duke’s Arms

The Duke’s Arms is an undistinguished little inn in the tiny village of Hopewell-on-Lyft. But one Christmas season sees both inn and village seething with adventure, intrigue, rabbits, and, above all, love as four couples find Yuletide happiness.

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Void where prohibited, no purchase necessary. Must be 18 to enter. Winner selected at random from among the qualified entrants. If the winner does not contact Carolyn Jewel within 5 calendar days of notification, an alternate winner will be selected. Contest closes at 11:59:59 PM Pacific, Thursday December 18, 2014. Your comment must be posted by 11:59:59 PM Pacific December 18, 2014.

For the purposes of eligibility, only your first comment is valid as an entry.

The winner of the hamper must provide a US shipping address to receive the hamper. We are unable to ship outside the US.

The winner(s) of a gift card must be eligible under the card originator criteria to use the funds on the card. (EG, AMEX, etc.)

Assuming the criteria for adding the non-Hamper prizes are met, for each additional prize added, there will be a new winner until all additional prizes have been awarded or all eligible entrants have won. That is, if you already won a prize, you won’t win another unless or until all other eligible entries have won.

The total number of reviews posted at Amazon and Goodreads as of the original posting is: 57


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676 Responses to “Christmas In The Duke’s Arms Giveaway”

  1. Janice Pauley says:

    I absolutely love sugar cookies. Not just ordinary ones, but the ones that my mom makes only at Christmas with red and green sugar sprinkles.

    • Debbie Rice says:

      I love to make candy cane cookies my mother used to make them every Christmas and now I try to carry on the tradition, and some hot apple cider

  2. Louisa Dent says:

    My favourite Christmas food is Turkey with my mum’s yummy stuff and for dessert pavlova

  3. Tina Simon says:

    I love egg nog, and my favorite food is glazed ham.

  4. Pam Alderson says:

    My favorite is Greenbean casserole next to pumpkin pie and cool whip.

  5. Mary Dieterich says:

    I love to make sugar cookies, peanut brittle, and sponge candy for Christmas.

  6. beth says:

    i love apple pie! especially my mom’s & grandma’s they made the best.

    thank you for the chance.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. shelley giannino says:

    tell us your favorite Christmas food or beverage.
    Mine would be the sugar cookie cutouts and yes fruit cake LOL also eggnog with some nutmeg.

  8. Lora Patten says:

    My favorite Christmas food is prime rib roast and Yorkshire pudding with beef gravy.

  9. Beth Penland says:

    Believe it or not, my favorite Christmas food is fruitcake. Every year my mother bought Jane Parker fruitcake. I loved them.

  10. Miranda Bly says:

    I have to go with eggnog or hot chocolate with cinnamon schnapps added.

    And for food, it would have to be pumpkin pie.

    Thanks for having this contest and for bringing us this anthology! And I hope all for of you have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the hours of pleasure each of you have brought me with your many books.

  11. Megan K says:

    My favorite Christmas food is something i can only get back home. there’s a company that makes Star Cookies and only sells them in that area. They’re essentially a chocolate covered graham cracker, but they’re awesome.

  12. JoannaM says:

    What wonderful prizes! My favorite drink is called “Ponche.” It’s a very popular Mexican warm drink made of fruits that you can actually spice up with a little bit of rum or brandy for more flavor *wink wink* this will kind of give you an idea of how it’s made
    Thank you!!

  13. Texas Book Lover says:

    My favorites are sweet potatoes, stuffing and egg nog. Not necessarily together.

  14. Eileen Walker says:

    Yellow turnips (rutabagas) only make them at Christmas and Thanksgiving also chocolate rim cookies!

  15. Danniell Hamptom says:

    I love my mother – in – laws swedish meatballs. They are so good and a Hampton family tradition.

  16. Gretchen H says:

    I love Christmas cookies! A close second is all the special Christmas candy that only comes out once a year.

  17. Amber L says:

    You can’t beat Christmas ham and a cup of eggnog with a touch of rum in it 🙂

  18. Mary Rude says:

    I can’t wait until eggnog is available at the holidays. Sprinkle a little fresh ground nutmeg and I am in heaven.

  19. Sue P. says:

    TV mix – which to you layman is like Chex mix you can buy in the store, only our recipe is way better. My Mom made this every Christmas for as long as I can remember and gave away to friends and family in one pound or three pound coffee cans that had been wrapped with Christmas paper. Ours is made low and slow in a roaster. I’m in my sixties, so we’ve been doing this a long time. I inherited the roaster and try to carry on the tradition.

  20. Deborah Favorito says:

    My favorite Christmas food is Roasted Chestnuts. I even freeze some to eat during the rest of the year. But the taste best at Christmas,

  21. Julie says:

    Anything peppermint! Williams Sonoma makes some awesome peppermint bark.

  22. Shar Cardona says:

    I love pumpkin pie for Xmas!

  23. Christine Woinich says:

    I love lindt chocolate flavored for Christmas. This year I will be getting the peppermint white chocolate.

  24. Lisa Hutson says:

    Traditional Christmas morning fair. I believe my mom swiped the recipe from my aunt. Like about 20 years ago or more. Now, you see the recipes for them everywhere. But when we first tried it, Mom called it a High Hat. No idea why.
    Its the breakfast casserole. You make the day before. Put in the oven when you start the unwrapping madness. Its ready when you are.
    My moms high hat. Sausage, cheese, eggs, milk, bread, ground mustard….anything else you want to put in.
    Yummy! Not sure I can wait til Christmas!

  25. that would have to be my holiday punch as the kids call it. It is simple to make. these are regular size FROZEN can of juice you mix with 3 to 5 cinnamon sticks and 3 to 5 packages of powdered cider mix. You can serve it Hot or Cold. I take this for potlucks at work for the Holidays.
    2 apple
    cranberry raspberry
    fruit punch
    white grape
    apple, cherry, cranberry
    cranberry grape
    apple cherry grape
    1 small limeade

  26. Cookies Christmas cookies love them!

  27. denise says:

    I love to bake all sorts of Christmas cookies.

  28. Jenifer May says:

    I love chocolate chip cookies!!

  29. Marie Cassini says:

    Peppermint hot chocolate, and sweet potato pie!

  30. Amy H says:

    My fav Christmas beverage is definitely Southern Comfort Vanilla Spiced Egg Nog(Non Alcoholic). Thank you for the chance!

  31. Brenda Leon says:

    My favorite Christmas food is a Springerle! It is a traditional German cookie with a delicate anise flavor. Christmas is the only time I can buy them here in my city.

  32. Annie Ryan says:

    Mincemeat. I adore making things with mincemeat. That aroma and flavor screams Christmas to me.

  33. Audra Holtwick says:

    Pumpkin Pie

  34. Pam Paterakis says:

    I fell in love with Scottish Shortbread I found in Gibralter while living in Spain. I have friends send to me when I can.

  35. jaymzangel says:

    My favorite Christmas food is my mom’s peanut butter marshmallow fudge. It is to die for!

  36. Donna Durnell says:

    Peanut Butter Fudge –my mother’s recipe & method

  37. donnas says:

    Homemade peanut butter balls.

  38. LoriA says:

    My mom’s pumpkin cheesecake. We used to have sour cream pumpkin pie, but now she makes the cheesecake (even a dairy-free version) during the holiday season.

  39. Sally Eadon says:

    My favorite Christmas food is Sugar & Spice Pecans. I also love my neighbor’s Peanut Butter Cake. And eggnog with a splash of good bourbon.

  40. Kate Sparks says:

    We make a cranberry sherbet. The receipe is so old that it uses a 7 oz bottle of ginger ale. I have cranberry stains on my kitchen ceiling from making it… don’t ask… mixer was going wayyyyy to fast!!

  41. Lilian Gamble says:

    Eggnog, Lechon, and yuca are my favorite foods to eat at Christmas. The hugs and kisses from all my families are also fabulous

  42. Sally says:

    I love mint hot coco. And Turkey! TY!

  43. Veronica says:

    My absolute favorite Christmas food are tamales. They are just a reminder of home, family, and childhood.

  44. PhyllisC says:

    I love many different foods/desserts at Christmas but the one that I have just at Christmas is eggnog.

  45. Kathy N says:

    For me it is mint hot chocolate.

  46. Amy Medeiros says:

    My favorite is stuffing, sweet potatoes and apple cider 🙂

  47. Jamie heustess says:

    My favorite Christmas dinner foods are my aunts brown sugar ham and my grandmothers yeast rolls….

  48. Lori H says:

    Pecan Pie 🙂

  49. alisha woods says:

    I love gingerbread and pumpkin pie.

  50. Connie Fischer says:

    My favorite treat of the Christmas season is peppermint bark. I love the kind from Costco because it has white and dark chocolate and peppermint. I am a peppermint freak and can’t wait to nibble on a candy cane.

    I so enjoyed reading “Christmas in the Duke’s Arms” and posted my review on our blog, bookworm2bookworm; Goodreads; Amazon; Barnes and Noble; and shared a link on Facebook. Hope everyone gets a chance to read this great group of novellas.

  51. jackie woodland says:

    My favorite is turkey with stuffing and cranberry with pumpkin pie for dessert… ok now I’m hungry LOL

  52. Fern Martin says:

    My favorite would be my grandmothers chicken and dumplins. They were a must for every holiday or special occasion. My grandma showed me how to make them years ago but they still don’t taste like hers. She was 96 yrs old when she passed this last Sept and hadn’t made them for the last few years but the memories of watching her make them are still so close,.

  53. Rose Blue says:

    I love kolachky. They are the little pastry cookies that are folded over and have a fruit or nut filling. Yum!

  54. Lovely basket!!! Love shortbread cookies!!!

  55. Susan Gorman says:

    Sugar cookies!

  56. Kelly Lawhon-Hammond says:

    My favorite beverage is homemade eggnog and my favorite food is venison tenderlion off the smoker!

  57. Randi marshall says:

    My husband make the best linzer tarts! And he makes them for me every December, to celebrate my birthday, Hanukkah and yule!

  58. Mary Doherty says:

    Every When I was a child my grandma would make all kinds of Christmas cookies and Mail them to us from MI to FL and my favorite kind were the green Christmas wreaths. I now make them for all of the kids in the family (and me)and everyone walks around with green teeth. lol

  59. Landra Graf says:

    My favorite Christmas food is tamales. The homemade ones, with delicious pork.

  60. Rhianna says:

    My favorite Christmas food is my grandmother’s bonbons. Yum, white chocolate goodness.

  61. Rose Foster says:

    I really love Carmel Oatmeal Delight

  62. Emily says:

    I’d have to say my Grandma’s fruit slush with 7Up. It’s so delicious and I look forward to it every year!

  63. My favorite Christmas foods are sausage balls, and homemade sugar cookies.

  64. Bonnie says:

    Cookies – simple butter cookies, or thumbprint cookies filled with strawberry or raspberry jam, or a maraschino cherry.

  65. E. KINSELLA says:


  66. Thea says:

    I love a particular brand of egg nog / Purity Egg Nog from The Purity Dairy near Ithaca NY. It’s like drinking French Vanilla Ice Cream. Zee best!

  67. Barbara Elness says:

    My absolute favorite Christmas food is pumpkin pie. It’s just not Christmas without it. 😀

  68. Connie Reynolds says:

    Love stuffing. My recipe is too large so we only fix it on holidays.
    What a great prize. Can’t count how many times I read about that store in my regency romances!

  69. Mary Pitkin says:

    I was lucky enough to have afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason!! And loved that in last book I read..the hero had a basket by Fortnum & Mason packed for their outing.

  70. A. Chapman says:

    sweet potato casserole

  71. A. Chapman says:

    posted review on Amazon & Goodreads

  72. Vikki says:

    Love so many things, it’s hard to chose. My aunt used to make an awesome pie, and it has now become my son’s favorite. Chess Pie. Also love green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and real homemade stuffing!!

  73. Deb Hinshaw says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a Danish cookie that my mother makes every year. They are made with lard and are so tiny, but they melt in your mouth. The cookie is Pebbern Nodder. I love anything pumpkin. I also LOVE eggnog. I’ve been drinking a glass of it every morning this last week, LOL.

  74. Florine Kreeb says:

    The beef roast, the cookies and the cakes….yum.

  75. Florine Kreeb says:

    I love prime rib, potatoes, veggies and all those cookies.

  76. Jackie Opalka says:

    Cookies–almond or pecan toffee bars

  77. Kati says:

    I could live on Christmas cookies for the rest of the season.

  78. Seanna says:

    I love gingerbread cookies and a hot cup of tea.

  79. Pat Gribben says:

    For over 40 years I made sugar cookies from a dough recipe that had come from Europe with my grandmother’s family. I made them very thin and loaded with sugar. Now that I am no longer able to make them, I am sad that no one in my family wants to keep up the tradition. I love them and miss them terribly.

  80. Leanna says:

    Egg nog

  81. Dena Gusher says:

    I love having ham with sweet potatoes as well as kielbasa with horseradish!!!!

  82. Michelle Chavers says:

    Favorite Christmas food….hmmm so many to pick from, cookies and sweets for sure! But I would have to say my moms Christmas ham with mustard glaze!! sooo yummy!

  83. Deborah roussety says:

    Christmas pudding with home-made custard and cream and champagne of course cheers !!!

  84. Sarah R. says:

    My favorite food at Christmastime would have to be my mom’s spritz cookies. Her recipe is the best and if I don’t pay attention I could eat a whole batch in one sitting. That’s the problem with small cookies that taste so good.

  85. I just love pumpkin pie with lots of whipped topping! YUM

  86. LInda Stults says:

    Warm pumpkin bread with walnuts.

  87. Charmon LeMaire says:

    My grandmother’s gingerbread! I’ve tried making it myself and can never get it right.

  88. Make Kay says:

    Eggnog & rum balls!

  89. My favorite Christmas treat are sugarplums–a mix of dried fruit & nuts rolled in coconut. Completely raw, vegan, and DELICIOUS!

  90. saltypepper says:

    My favorite Christmas treats are gingerbread and coquito, which is sort of like carribean eggnog, but way tastier.

  91. My sister makes are grandmothers’ breads. Simply the best!

  92. Jackie Frye says:

    My favorite Christmas beverage is homemade eggnog. I use half and half, whipping cream, peach brandy, rum, spices and whole milk. Just looking at it could possibly add five pounds. But is Christmas just once a year. There is usually a container in my refrigerator from Thanksgiving until January 2. Not the same container, it is frequently refilled because friends and family are fond of my eggnog.

  93. Robyn K says:

    I love pecan chocolate pie that my friend only makes for the holidays. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  94. Anne Hoile says:

    My former sister-in-law makes the best Christmas cookies EVER! And sends them in a small package to us still. Isn’t she a sweetheart. I also love egg nog, but my husband doesn’t so I have to sneak to neighbors to sample theirs. 🙂

  95. Linda Coleman says:

    Pumpkin Roll is my favorite for the holidays.

  96. catslady says:

    Our family has a special thumb print recipe that we only make at Christmas time and we all look forward to it. It’s a very light cookie with grape jelly filling and almond extract with nut sprinkles optional.

  97. Daniela Kurzban says:

    Hannukah latkes!!

  98. Kathie says:

    Chocolate roll-up is my favorite Christmas goodie. I posted the recipe here, with pictures!

  99. Bettye McKee says:

    At the risk of sounding blah, my favorite Christmas food is mashed potatoes. My son-in-law makes the best mashed potatoes ever, and he always makes extra so I can take home the leftovers. Sometimes I use the leftover potatoes to make potato pancakes.

  100. Yanne says:

    My favorite beverage at Christmas is the traditional Mexican hot chocolate. Normally it’s down in a clay pewter and the chocolate is a round chocolate tablet. Hot chocolate with a hint if cinnamon delicious. As for the food I love a glazed ham!!

  101. Mary T says:

    Fruitcake that has been soaked in rum (for however long it takes). I hardly ever have it anymore because my sister who used to make it has passed. Every year I’m tempted to order one but nobody likes it but me … and I can’t have that much cake of any kind. But it lives fondly in my memory.

  102. Kara says:

    Sweet potato pie!!!

  103. Alexis says:

    Eggnog…hands down for the beverage. For holiday “food”…my husband’s shortbread cookies.

  104. Sheryl Nyary says:

    I love desserts! My faves are buckeyes, frosted sugar cookies and peanut butter fudge.

  105. Nathalie says:

    Favorite holiday food is pumpkin pie!! I love pie!

  106. Susan Knight says:

    I adore my Daddy’s dark cocoa fudge.

  107. Gayle Mills says:

    My favorite Christmas food is the candy, called “turtles” that my mother-in-law makes every Christmas. She adapted a recipe, made them smaller than typical, and uses pecans instead of walnuts since she is from Alabama. They have become a favorite of us all. She even made 350 pieces for my daughters wedding. So delicious!!!

  108. I loved the German cookies made out of gingerbread & covered in powdered sugar…they still remind me of my childhood…comfort food…We ate them with German Sauerbraten on Christmas Day…

  109. leann says:

    Peanut butter fudge & butterscotch haystacks. For some reason, my sister will only make them during the Christmas holiday! 🙂

  110. Brenda Powers says:

    My favorite is homemade carrot cake!! Made with my grandmother’s recipe.

  111. Denise says:

    Christmas cookies

  112. Dark chocolate bon-bons with cayenne, sprinkled with cinnamon. They are super rich and decadent. I pair them with black coffee for a decadent and absolutely swoon-worthy combination.

  113. Carolyn says:

    Cranberry Turtle Christmas Bars. They’re a shortbread base with a cranberry/pecan/caramel topping. Drizzled with chocolate…yummmmo!

  114. Juanita Decuir says:

    Tamales and Mexican Hot Chocolate…and it’s the experience of making them, all the sisters and their daughters gather together around a large table, talking laughing, singing, taking photographs…CHRISTMAS MUSIC PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND…memories are shared of our past tamale making with mother and her sisters.

  115. Belinda says:

    My favorite is corn bread dressing It’s soooo good to eat with gravy. Yum.

  116. heather says:

    My mom always made a spiced cider that makes me think of happy Christmas memories

  117. maddy c says:


  118. Sharlene Wegner says:

    I absolutely love eggnog & you can only get it in Nov & Dec.

  119. Michelle Van Riper says:

    Sugar cookies a must!! Happy Holidays!!!

  120. Sharon F says:

    A must-have at our house are galumpkies and little smokies baked in barbecue sauce and hot picante sauce.

  121. Anne says:

    I adore Scottish Shortbread and a glass of good Sherry or a cup of Earl Grey tea by a beautiful fire! Thank you!

  122. Elizabet Turney says:

    I love hot cocoa and pumpkin pie!!!

  123. A collection set in a pub? Interesting. Fave xmas food is brussel sprouts picked fresh that day after a frost has made them sweet and delicious. Yum.

  124. Julie-ann Ford says:

    My favorite is leftover turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

  125. Evelyn Brix says:

    My favorite hold a treat is “green top jello” that has been a tradition in our family for over 50 years. It is orange jello with marshmallows, pineapple, cream cheese and a bit of mayonnaise with a layer of limited jello on top. When we serve it at holidays, I know my mom is sitting at the dinner table with us.

  126. Molly R. Moody says:

    My favorite Christmas beverage is Egg Nog.

  127. LauraL says:

    My favorite Christmas food is peppermint stick ice cream.

  128. librarypat says:

    I love anthologies, especially those for the holidays. I have one whole shelf, double stacked, of just Christmas ones. This one is a definite for this year’s additions, four of my favorite authors. Have always wanted a proper British hamper filled with goodies.
    I hope CHRISTMAS IN THE DUKE’S ARMS is a big success.

    • librarypat says:

      Addendum to comment. My favorite holiday food is my mincemeat pie. I use the None Such mince meat, add diced tart apples, walnuts, and brandy.

  129. Glenda says:

    Yum! I’m hungry just skimming through the previous responses!

    My favorite Christmas candy: Chocolate Raspberry Walnut Fudge
    Favorite dessert: It’s a toss up between Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie
    Favorite food: Roasted Sweet Potatos with homemade cranberry sauce on the side.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

  130. reedmwordy says:

    My fav stuff for Christmas: cookies (pecan sandies, cream cheese refrigerator cookies, peanut butter blossoms, frosted sugar cookies, spritz, springerle, toffee squares, thumbprint, lemon squares, pinwheels, meringues, 7 layer magic squares) and love the Brach’s holiday hard candies – esp. the miniature Arabian mix. Obviously too into sweet stuff! Good luck to Grace and the rest of the authors!

  131. Sugar cream pie. It’s a tradition for Christmas.

  132. Cindy von Hentschel says:

    My favorite Christmas food is frosted sugar cookies, and Christmas ham!

  133. Linda Henderson says:

    My favorite Christmas food is pumpkin pie, I only have it during the holiday season.

  134. Jeri Gammage says:

    Love the turkey dressing and eat it only at this time of year with plenty of gravy and a little turkey! All of that good will at this time of year adds a great flavor!

    CHRISTMAS IN THE DUKE’S ARMS was a total charmer of a book and made me happy to read it!

  135. Jeri Gammage says:

    I don’t have the fainteat idea of what awaiting moderation means or what else to do!

    • Nothing at all, Jeri! Some time ago, the deluge of spam forced me to moderate comments. No worries, your comment shows the time you submitted the post. Thanks for coming by!

  136. Laurie Gommermann says:

    My favorite holiday food is my grandma Catherine’s meat stuffing with hamburger meat, bread and onions. Super moist deliciousness.

    Favorite dessert My M-I-L’s melt in your mouth buttery Spritz cookies.

    Thanks for the chance to win the hamper of yummy British treats! I’m intrigued! Orange Marmalade? tea? I’d love to sample a taste of Britain!

  137. Desiree B says:

    I love all sweets and I love finding new recipe for the holidays!!!

  138. LaDonna Mead says:

    My absolute favorite Christmas food is peanut brittle. My dad made hundreds of batches each year to sell and give away…best brittle ever.. he is no loner with us and it makes me crave it all the more 🙁

  139. Amy Hageman says:

    Ginger molasses cookies are my holiday favorite.

  140. Donna Sopsich says:

    green bean casserole—–I don’t think we make it any other time of the year! And my mother’s butter cookie recipe! As kids it was our job to decorate them—-those we didn’t eat, anyway, lol

  141. Susan McVey says:

    Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy is my favorite Christmas food. It is rare that you see it made commercially so is usually homemade. It requires a great deal of time and muscle to make since it requires beating by hand. I live in Oklahoma so I’m not sure if it is a regional treat to our area or not. It takstes like fudge with nuts but is not chocolate but more of a brown sugar/caramel flavor. My husband and I used to make it for Christmas presents when we were first marries but alas have aged out of the energy to make it or ability to handle the calories. Perhaps I should say it is my favorite Christmas food memory!

  142. Jennifer Schantz says:

    Favorite beverage is hot spiced apple cider and hot chocolate with a candy cane swizzle stick.
    Food,love plain pumpkin pie, no whipped cream, I’m a purist. Plus turkey, and dressing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.

  143. LSUReader says:

    I love Christmas cookies, especially Congo Bars (brown sugar, chocolate chip, walnut cookie.) My favorite holiday beverage is a mimosa. Thanks for a great contest. I enjoyed Christmas in the Duke’s Arms.

  144. Amanda Roberson says:

    My favorite Christmas food is Christmas cookies. I love the cookie my stepmom has baked every Christmas for 30 years. Makes me still feel like a kid:)

  145. Adrienne B. says:

    I celebrate Hanukkah, so I’ll give my favorite Hanukkah food. I love sufganyot, which is basically a jelly donut, and of course latkes with Apple sauce. Yum!

  146. Norma Fraley says:

    My favorite beverage is Diet Pepsi, and any kind of cookies. This is an awesome give away.

  147. Sheila M says:

    I love turkey and all the trimmings, since my kids grew up and moved away haven’t made it for a while….and apple pie!!!

  148. Tatiana L. says:

    The favorite Christmas food in our family is Italian desert called Pita ‘mpigliata. My mother-in-law make it for us, and it’s so delicious!

  149. Moriah says:

    I love Star of David Cookies (peanut butter blossoms) and spritz cookies just to name a few.

  150. Jenni Alexander says:

    My favorite Christmas dish is the special “salad” my grandmother used to make just for me. Yeah, it’s one of those ambrosia sour cream coconut salads, the kind you make with canned fruit, but gosh just thinking about it makes me want to cry. It’s do good.

    And I miss my grandmother something fierce.

  151. Suzanne Noll says:

    Our favorite dish every Christmas is potato gratin, with nutmeg, garlic, cream, and lots of gruyere cheese. Decadent, but wonderful!

  152. Debbie Haston says:

    My favorite Christmas food is Pumpkin pie. Thank you for the contest.

  153. Angelia Schubert says:

    I love Christmas and my favorite foods are ham, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes & eggnog. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  154. AllyV says:

    My dad’s caramel popcorn recipe. It’s so tasty and makes me think of him every time.

  155. Sue C says:

    Christmas Cookies

  156. Darlene says:

    My favorite Christmas food is homemade chocolate fudge and also Chocolate covered cherries. My favorite drink is eggnog spiked with a little rum!!

  157. Riley says:

    My favorite is eggnog. With or without alcohol added. I like some of the new varieties available like chocolate and low-fat.

  158. Missy Roth says:

    I love sweet potato casserole with marshmallows!

  159. Kathy Davis says:

    My mom would make cornbread stuffing for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. She made by taste every year, and stuffed it in the turkey. My sisters and I loved to help her make it, and it was everyone’s favorite dish, every year. Now, I do my best to make it like she did. Her’s is still the best.

  160. Limecello says:

    Surprising to no one, I love food and drinks. But … I think my favorite thing is really quite simple – perfect Christmas cookies. We never made them growing up, and I don’t know why but I haven’t made them either. [No collection of cookie cutters? Frosting is a no-no with the family?] So … yeah – if/when I can get homemade Christmas cookies imagine me doing a Snoopy dance 😀

  161. Tamara Whyte says:

    My favorite Christmas food is pumpkin pie.

  162. Kimberly Prenatt Dacey says:

    There is so much goodness made at Christmas time, but I will have to go cookies. It’s a family tradition that we make several different kind and I love spending the time with my kids just like my mom did with me. And they’re yummy!

  163. Camilla says:

    pick me pick me! (PS Love your books!)

  164. Karlene says:

    I love cornbread dressing with a little turkey and gravy! Always makes Christmas merrier.

  165. Elizabeth Schroedle says:

    My favorite Christmas food would be homemade tamales and flour tortillas. These foods were part of Christmas Eve dinner when I was growing up on the Southside of Chicago. My grandmother, my mom and her sisters got together every year to make homemade tamales for Christmas Eve. My job was to spread the masa on the corn husks using the back of a spoon.

  166. Cynthia says:

    I love pecan fingers!

  167. Winnie P says:

    All things peppermint!

  168. Patti Wissore says:

    My favorite dish for Thanksgiving is my grandmother’s recipe for Green Bean Casserole. It uses cheddar cheese soup to make it different and awesome!

  169. Jean Paquin says:

    My favorite Christmas food is sausage balls made with pepper jack cheese, dipped in a mustard and ketchup sauce.

  170. Tracey S says:

    My aunt’s cheese log. She died several years ago, but I have the recipe. I only make it once a year, like she did.

  171. Bea Carroll says:

    I love a meal that we have had for Christmas for the last umpteen years It is called Poutine Rappe It is a mix of cooked & raw potato made into a ball shape – make a hole in the center then fill the hole with a mixture of of meat – pork with chopped onions -& summer savory- optional- . Then smoothed into a ball & place in a pot of boiling water – cook for 2 to 3 or more hours, And delishish has a bit of French background. But Christmas would not be – if not for theses tasties. Can taste them already.

  172. Livia Quinn says:

    I love nut horns. It’s equal parts cream cheese, sugar, flour, butter rolled out in a circle then cut like a pizza. There’s a pecan filling like a baklava that is rolled up inside and OMG, you can’t eat just 5!. You can’t. Now I may have to make some…

  173. Nan says:

    My favorite Christmas foods are the sweet potatoes and the Ham. My Mom makes 7 layer cookies which all the kids as well as adults demolish.

  174. Laurie G says:

    I love eggnog, but no one else in my family does so I splurge at Christmas.

  175. Andrea says:

    I love peppermint hot chocolate. It’s soo Christmasy and perfect for winter.

  176. Kirsten McElroy says:

    This one is easy! My favorite Christmas treat? EGGNOG! I usually drink so much of it that my pants get a little tight around the waist. Oops! It’s Christmas, though….I can splurge, can’t I? LOL

  177. Lisa says:

    My favorite holiday food is my Turkey Giblet gravy over mashed potatoes. My family calls it a meal in itself. I now have to make it in the bottom of my black enameled roasting pan…last year measured 1 and 1/4 gallons! 🙂

  178. Sue Feller says:

    Christmas In The Duke’s Arms: Got it, read it, loved it! Came to it as a Grace Burrowes fan, but the rest of you did a fine job of keeping from putting the book down until I was all done.

    As for a favorite Christmas treat; I make “English Toffee” once a year and give it as my standard gift. I am pretty proud of the following I have developed. I am also a fan of sugar cookings, also fudge … no wait I can’t decide

  179. Cynthia St. Germain says:

    My favorite Christmas treat is Gingerbread Cookies.

  180. Deb Foster says:

    A favorite Christmas treat of mine is egg nog.

  181. Ann Mettert says:

    I always loved my mom’s dressing. The usual bread, celery, onions, and other stuff, but also cooked til super tender and cut up chicken gizzards. Just thinking about it…. My sis has the recipe, but she didn’t make it last year.
    I also like sweet potatoes. 🙂

  182. Amy says:

    Peanut butter blossoms! Hands down

  183. Joanne Pall says:

    Warm mulled cider is the beverage of choice while mincemeat pie the dessert favorite.

  184. Larisa. says:

    Mulled wine and Grand Marnier mashed yams are my favorite Christmas treats. Might make them a couple times during winter but they taste best from the solstice thru New Year’s.

  185. Lauren Keating says:

    My favorite christmas food is definitely the ham that my mom makes every year. It’s simply topped with pineapple and brown sugar and insanely delicious. I look forward to it every year.

  186. Faith Renfield says:

    Fruitcake No joke. I love my grandmother’s recipe and making it always gets me into the holiday spirit. The key is using super fresh nuts and dried fruit but no citron. Mmm, it’s so good.

  187. Sue Lucas says:

    My favorite Christmas dish is a Scalloped Corn recipe my mother used to make. She usually had to make a triple batch.

  188. shauna says:

    one of my favorite Christmas foods/memory is my mom’s home-made cinnamon rolls she would bake fresh on Christmas morning, waking up to the smell of them baking is one of the best memories I have!!

  189. Karen says:

    Family, good food and Christmas that’s the best!

  190. Sophia says:

    Eggnog. The kind with thick cream and lots of cinnamon and cloves and allspice that melts and tingles on my tongue, and enough rum so I can taste it and sets my head swirling, and when I’ve been dancing with my lover we laugh and our laughter fills the rooms; during our dance he bends me over and envelops me in a deep, deep kiss. Ah, that is what I love for the holidays!!!!!!

  191. Marcy Shuler says:

    My MIL makes a white fruitcake that we fight over it’s so good! 🙂

  192. Cara says:

    Hot chocolate with a little Bailey’s Irish Cream ~ and a frosted cutout cookie to go with it ;D

  193. Audrey says:

    My favorite is sandtart cookies and a glass of milk. They remind me of my mom and grandmom when we would get together and roll out the dough then use cookie cutters to make holiday cookies.

  194. vickie dailey says:

    so many great goodies to choose from – for drinks it would be hot chocolate and malibu and I love sugar cookies with icing

  195. Robin W says:

    Admonition Coconut Cake

  196. Julee J. Adams says:

    Loved my Mom’s recipe for pumpkin bread. It had nuts, dates and raisins in it and she baked them in old metal coffee cans. I’ve saved a bunch of cans and will try to do some in the next month. I love, love, love Christmas anthologies too! Thanks!

  197. Rosa Lindeman says:

    Oh wowwzers!! This would be just awesome to win!! Wow!!

  198. judy burr says:

    As always, CHOCOLATES !

  199. Heather S. says:

    I love veggie platters…. i am a snacker at the holiday gatherings.

  200. Crystal says:

    Absolute favorite thing at Christmas is when St. Nick stops by and brings us oranges, Walnuts, and Chocolate covered marshmallows. He still brings them to my kiddos.

  201. cathleen says:

    Christmas stockings filled with individually wrapped gifts, and traditionally chocolate, nuts and oranges. waking to find these goodies on our beds Christmas morning was a great start to a magical day!

  202. Kara Lewis says:

    Pumpkin pie covered in homemade whipped cream and warmed spiced apple cider. Soooo yummy!:)

  203. Dee Foster says:

    My grandmothers version of Ambrosia salad. I haven’t had it in years since no one in my family likes it.

  204. Carol Woodruff says:

    I always look forward to homemade chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Day.

  205. Lisa says:

    My mother used to always make peanut brittle at Christmas. It’s just too humid on the coast of NC to try it any other time of year.

  206. Moriah says:

    I look forward to holiday cookies and fudge.

  207. Arlene D says:

    I love eggnog and Malibou Rum!

  208. June Manning says:

    My favorite is hot chocolate…. Yum!

  209. Lori Howe says:

    I look forward to all the traditional holiday cookies we make – sugar cookies to decorate, shortbread (to eat and as gifts), Hello Dolly, Mexican Wedding Cakes, butter cookies from the cookie press, and surprises from friends cookie traditions. Lots of work and always worth it.

  210. lois losh says:

    We do strawberry Jello Fluff with Cream cheese topping. Red & green sugar sprinkles to be more festive!

  211. Thank you, Carolyn, Grace, Shana, and Miranda. My fave holiday food is turkey. Doesn’t matter how it’s cooked. And there are a hundred or so ways to fix the leftovers!

  212. mary hay says:

    What a lovely contest. Years ago my mother-in-law taught me to make fresh cranberry relish and I make it every year for Christmas dinner.

  213. Sue G. says:

    My favorite Christmas food is the cookies we make!

  214. Diana Gould says:

    Homemade sugar cookies are my all time favorite Christmas treat.

  215. Jennifer Coleman says:

    I love hot cocoa and almost any cookie type.

  216. Tina M says:

    Christmas ham. Cookies no bake cookies. Candy peanut butter fudge my Mothers. My grandmother would makes candy popcorn colored red and green. Loved it!!

  217. Sharlene Wegner says:


  218. Kelly Thompson says:

    My mom makes Cream Wafers, which are sandwich cookies that have whipping cream in both the cookie and the filling. They are amazing!! Of course, Christmas is full of foods that are incredible and a great time to try new things, too.

  219. Lois M. says:

    Hi! 🙂 Cookies, definitely… love it when we can repeat the whole Thanksgiving type of lunch… but many types of cookies, cakes and chocolate that come my way are definitely good! 🙂

  220. Aferdita Gashi says:

    My Favorites holiday deserts are the albanian baklava and cherry pies Ohhhhhh it makes me hungry just thinking about it.

  221. girlfromwva says:

    favorite food is a spiral pinwheel sugar cookie that my Mom used to make us when we were little!

  222. Sally says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I like peppermint lattes and wish they weren’t just seasonal. I also like trying eggnog once or twice during the Christmas season- but only a shot of it because its way heavy. Something about Pecan pies also gets me into the Christmas spirit. Good luck everyone!

  223. Donna Bayar Repsher says:

    What a great (and yummy) giveaway! Count me in!

  224. Cherrie Lamon says:

    I think my fav is classic green bean casserole. My dad usd to bring home tamales.

  225. Sara McLaughlin says:

    I like Eggnog! Can only have one glass or it makes me yucky.

  226. Yaritza says:

    I love pork roast with rice n beans. Love sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies

  227. Jpyce says:

    I love homemade cheesecake bars!

  228. Gabrielle Saunders says:

    My favorite holiday drink is egg nog. Everyone in my family drinks it!

  229. Michele gray says:

    Absolutely love lady locks. Used to make them with my mom as a kid. Still make them today with my daughter. Handing down the tradition.

  230. Linda O. says:

    Love my egg nog.

  231. Haven says:

    Twas the Night Before Christmas Breakfast. You make the dish the night before, then name it while you’re opening presents.

  232. Emily Boivin O'Neal says:

    I love my mom’s pork pie. It is an old French custom to have this dish on Christmas. Now that my mom is gone we still carry on the tradition but it never tastes as good as hers.

  233. Patty Degmetich says:

    My favorite is my mom’s homemade peanut brittle!!!! 🙂

  234. Louise Risser says:

    Hope I win!

  235. Louise Risser says:

    I like Christmas cookies.

  236. jeri says:

    I would love to get this gift basket!!!!

  237. Joyce Burkhardt says:

    Christmas cookies! Any kind really but especially the ones that mom makes. I love in a different city and coming home at Christmas to get cookies makes me very happy. (Loved the stories in this anthology.)

  238. Pam Alderson says:

    My greenbean casserole turned out pretty good this year.

  239. Connie Fischer says:

    Peppermint bark is the best!

    This is a terrific novel and the authors did a wonderful job of knitting all of the stories together. That has to take a lot of coordination and cooperation. Congratulations, Ladies!

  240. Denina Bateman says:

    I love my moms fudge and cheesecake.

  241. Amanda Scarberry says:

    Love mawmaw Esteps Apple cake

  242. Mary Riley says:

    Magic Cookie Bars. My mom made them every year at Christmas and my sister and I have kept the tradition going.

  243. Patty Brooks says:

    Christmas cookies!!

  244. Susan M says:

    I love my Mom’s pork stuffing. I would give anything for one more holiday with her.

  245. Laura Marsh says:

    Homemade stuffing is the best

  246. Carla C says:

    Anything from my great grandmother’s recipe box is the best – from the appetizer to the amazing dessert. I’m glad I continue the tradition.

  247. My favorite Christmas food is my grandmas bread pudding,she only made it at Christmas time.

  248. My favorite Christmas treat is my grandmas bread pudding,she only made it at Christmas time.

  249. Angelia Schubert says:

    When my grandmother was alive she would make cookies and fudge every Christmas. She would take a shoe box and wrap it in Christmas paper. She would wrap each flavor of fudge and cookie in wax paper, put them in the shoe box with the lid and a bow so it would look like a present and give to the neighbors. When I smell wax paper it takes me back to my childhood and all the delicious smells at grandma’s house….ahhh good times.

  250. Jodie Maddox says:

    Pralines, especially whe they are still warm.

  251. Theresa N says:

    I love the chocolate fudge.

  252. My Grandmothers bread pudding,she only made it at Christma time.

  253. Ronna Richett says:

    My family is a mixture of cultures so we try to embrace all of them. Traditional Italian, Scottish, Irish, American Indian, French, German and Swedish. But my ultimate favorite is my Grandmother’s Shortbread. I remember them coming out of the oven, having an ice cold glass of milk and warm shortbread. She has been gone for almost 30 years and it is still my favorite because it always brings those wonderful memories rushing back. That is what a favorite food should do.

  254. LInda Stults says:

    Hot pumpkin bread made with walnuts.

  255. Jeannine Polizzi says:

    Favorite beverage for Christmas is coffee with Rum Chata. Yum

  256. Kristina Alexander says:

    Thank you for the giveaway but more importantly, thank you for writing such wonderful stories and inviting us into the lives of the amazing characters you create. Happy Christmas to all!!

  257. ML says:

    Love chocolate jumbles for Christmas-they are my favorite nostalgic cookie.

  258. Teresa Kleeman says:

    My favorite dishes on Christmas is my mom started a new tradition by serving Prime Rib Roast on this day and for desert we have Red Velvet cake. We also have hot spiced apple cider. Mmmmmmmm, all the makings for a wonderful Christmas. I also love Pumpkin Roll Cake.

  259. Isha C. says:

    Love hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven/

  260. Trudy Miner says:

    I always loved my grandmother’s Christmas cookies: date-filled cut-outs, Swedish cookies, sand tarts and Mother also made Nestlé’s Toll House cookies. When both of these women died, I inherited the recipes and had to convert them to modern recipes so I could make them, lard to shortening, slow oven to 325 degrees and so on; it was trial and error but I made these cookies while my sons were growing up. Now I have no one to make them for and no longer bake them but oh, what a memory!

  261. Beth Penland says:

    Believe it or not, I love fruitcake. I like the cakey kind.

  262. Suzanne Dye says:

    Christmas in the Duke’s Arms was a great holiday read. Not too long, not too hard and I felt like I was in 19th England.

  263. jennifer bernard says:

    Cookies! When I was growing up my mom would make hundreds (700+) of cookies. She made packages for all the teachers, mailman, milkman, trashmen and anyone who would possibly stop by. I wish I could keep it up but, I do make a couple of different types with my boys now, for their teachers.

  264. Debbie Brown says:

    My favorite is Wassail and hot chocolate with whipped cream and peppermint sprinkles

  265. Stephani Rosenthal says:

    So many favorites, but if I had to pick one it would be hors d’oeuvres of any kind. Love them, but the one thing I would never make for myself. Tied for favorite has to be my grandmother’s apple dumplings – so different from any recipe and the natural caramel sauce that surrounds it was to die for.

  266. Annette Tilch says:

    Sweet prize! But the work is the treat. Thank you to all the authors who make my book-getaway nights and days so fun and intriguing!

  267. LilMissMolly says:

    I love pumpkin spice rolls with cream cheese icing. Love them!

  268. Kim says:

    I like the Christmas desserts.

  269. Molly Anderson says:

    My favorite Christmas food are these awesome cookies my mom makes called Florentines. They are these really good oatmeal lace cookies with dark chocolate between them. It just isn’t Christmas without them!

  270. tammy V says:

    My great great grandma’s nutmeg cut outs, spritz, and molasses

  271. Jen says:

    Gingerbread cookies!!!!!

  272. Sarah says:

    Eggnog and green bean casserole – although not together!

  273. Cindy Hutcheson says:


  274. RellaR2 says:

    I love all the Scaninavian Christmas cookies – Krumkaka, Pepperkar, Spritz. They always bring back happy childhood memories. Thanks for the contest entry!

  275. Suzie Johnson says:

    I love homemade Irish noodles and egg nog.

  276. Angie W says:

    My favorite Christmas or holiday food is a particular fruit cake my mom gets from Tennessee. I have no idea who makes it, but it is delicious1

  277. Mellena D. says:

    My favorite drink is apple cider and my favorite food for the holidays is my grans sweet potato casserole. So yumm!!

  278. Robin D says:

    I love egg nog

  279. Stacy S says:

    I love the ham we always have. And making the fudge at Christmas.

  280. Turophile says:

    Angel Food Candy

  281. K.A. Stark says:

    Every Christmas Eve since my sisters and I were young, our Mom would have skirt steaks. One year, being a single mother, she wasn’t sure she’d have enough money for them. But she got a check in the mail from a favorite aunt for $10 dollars ( this was the 1960’s when $10 was A LOT) and nearly cried, because it came just in time to buy the meat.
    These days we’re all grown and have children of our own who have their own homes and celebrations. But a skirt steak on Christmas eve is still an all time favorite.

  282. Carol Boutin says:

    I love making the chocolate italian cookies that my grandmother made. Also, snowballs and of course Lasagna for the main course.

  283. Dot Salvagin says:

    Spritz cookies with sprinkles, eggnog with a dash of rum. Ah-h-h, now that’s Christmas.

  284. Tin says:

    Christmas is the perfect excuse for mugs and mugs of hot chocolate … And ham!

    Congratulations on the new release and thank you for the giveaway!

  285. Diane P. Diamond says:

    I love to eat a fully iced English Christmas Cake, and Christmas Pudding with Brandy sauce.

  286. Vicki Hancock says:

    Turkey and a citrus energy Sobe of course!

  287. Ellen Thompson says:

    I love the Turtle cake that my mom only makes at every year at Christmas. So yummy!

  288. May says:

    Hot chocolate and Christmas cookies!

  289. Angela says:

    Candy cane Hershey’s Kisses.

  290. I love my fudge and my mum’s Christmas punch. Can’t have Christmas without both.

  291. Miranda Landers says:

    Christmas cookies and birthday cake for this Christmas Eve baby!

  292. Michelle Duhon says:

    Eggplant dressing, candied yames, peppermint mocha coffee. Love egg nog also, spiked or not.

  293. catslady says:

    We make a special thumb print cookie with grape jelly and almond extract and sprinkle with nuts (optional) and pizzels too.

  294. Christine Woinich says:

    My favorite Christmas food is peanut brittle. I also love tangerines. In Canada, we only had them in the house at Christmas time.

  295. Dana Delaney says:

    i wish my library were easier to get to. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

  296. Tammy Ramey says:

    my favorite thing to eat at Christmas is 2 things that i can only get at home, 🙂 mom’s fudge and grandma’s divinity. both are homemade and wonderful!
    with the divinity it is a tradition to make it as she has passed away when i was a little girl. love her recipe because she always added cherries and walnuts to it and then tinted it pink, green, blue and yellow and made up stories about the elves that would eat it and would only eat it if it was the same color as their clothes. LOL!

    tammy ramey

  297. Geraldine Pierson says:

    We usually do something simple like beef sandwiches, salads, chips for Christmas Eve because the Grandchildren want to get to the presents. Everyone makes cookies, Texas Cake or cakes for dessert. My favorite cookie is a Chocolate Drop Cookie that I have made since I was a young girl.

  298. Pat Walker Pinkston says:

    I love fudge, my homemade hand dipped chocolates, mince pie (which is hard to find anymore), and fruitcake. I know, I’m weird.

  299. Linda says:

    Oh, tiny sausages and meatballs =) I’m a Swede so I have to say glögg and/or julmust for beverage. *om nom nom*
    thanks for the contest & Happy Sunday!

  300. Pam says:

    Love it

  301. Joan Woos says:

    My favorite Christmas food besides Turkey is Candied Sweet Potatoes.

  302. Jennifer Schantz says:

    Hot spiced cider and Christmas cut-out cookies, pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and carrots.

  303. PATRICIA M DENKE says:

    Cheesecake with cherries on top

  304. Destinee Brooks says:

    my favorite Christmas food is Pumpkin Rolls and Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles ?

  305. ina darmayanti says:

    Love all the christmas cookies. Even i dont celebrate christmas but my best friend who celebrate it always invite me to have a dinner with her family

  306. Diane says:

    My favorite food at Christmas would have to be Red Velvet cake.

  307. keira says:

    Christmas punch!

  308. Only one?? The pressure!

    I’m partial to my sugar cookies. They have a slight lemon flavor, as does the frosting, and the perfect texture! However, as I’m a Christmas baby, I also like birthday cake! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Although this year, (my 40th!) I’m ordering a coconut cake from my favorite bakery. 🙂

  309. Diane Sallans says:

    I’ve gotta go with Christmas cookies because we never seem to make them except at Christmas – my favorites are Sweetheart (aka Thumbprint), Meringues w/chocolate chips, Lemon bars, Vanilla dipped in dark chocolate & ground nuts.

  310. Janie McGaugh says:

    My favorite Christmas food is the cornbread stuffing we have with our Christmas dinner.

  311. bn100 says:


  312. Florencia says:

    I love baked ham and potatoes!!!

  313. arleen kucharski says:

    I love Christmas cookies – cutouts are my favorite.

  314. Jerriann Marsh says:

    I love sugar cookies. My Mom used to make them every year at Christmas and now that she’s passed away I make them with her recipe. Love them

  315. alisha woods says:

    Gingerbread cookies and Snickerdoodles

  316. Lori Howe says:

    Christmas isn’t complete until I can sit down with a really well-brewed cup of English Breakfast tea and a piece of real shortbread (and a good book in a quiet spot)…. Who’s picky?

  317. Amy Kime says:

    My sister in law amazing holiday stuffing with Italian sausage

  318. Karen H says:

    I like homemade Chex Mix but I make it with Crispix cereal instead of the variety of Chex. I also make Ranch Oyster Crackers that are so very good…love to snack on those too. In fact, I have to make 3 batches of each: one each for our Christmas get together and 1 each for each of my 2 children for them to take home.

  319. Ann Gonzalez says:

    I love the peanut butter balls and peanut brittle my friends give me around the holidays.

  320. Crystal Martinez says:

    My favorite holiday snack is a candy my grandmother would make called Dulce de Leche. It’s a Spanish candy made of milk and sugar heated on the stove. You pour it into a pan and cover it with pecans. It’s delicious! I’m also a sucker for some good old fashioned hot chocolate ??

  321. Karen Dimaio says:

    warm spiced wine.

  322. Jackie Frye says:

    My favorite is homemade eggnog

  323. Amy says:

    I make chocolate truffles at Christmas, and they are my favorite!

  324. Tanya says:

    I love all the finger foods we eat at my in-laws. I also always make baklava this time of year. Love it.

  325. Make Kay says:

    I thought I answered this, but now I can’t find my entry. So- eggnog!

  326. Angie Thompson says:

    Oyster dressing is my favorite Christmas food. It’s the only time I make it.

  327. gamistress66 says:

    got a definite sweet tooth so love the homemade goodies (particularly fudge & peppermint bark)

  328. Carol Boutin says:

    I love my grandmothers chocolate christmas cookies with cherries, nuts and everything good. Also snowballs. They are very buttery. Also lasagna. I haven’t made it in awhile but will probably make it this year. Merry Christmas everyone. And, thanks for this give away.

  329. Cyndy DeLeon says:

    My favorite is hot chocolate with a candy cane and peppermint schnapps!

  330. Deborah Cartwe says:

    I loved my grandmother’s turkey and my mom’s oyster dressing. Decorated sugar cookies and pumpkin pie.

  331. Margie Hager says:

    It’s not Christmas without Christmas cookies.

  332. Donna Finlay says:

    My mom’s fudge (her mother’s recipe) which I now make for the family. My other answer is my great-aunt’s shortbread but as the recipe was in her Scottish head I’ve never quite gotten it right so we just buy shortbread.

    I really enjoyed this anthology and left Amazon review right after I read it.

  333. Alice says:

    My favorite “Christmas” food is, appropriately enough, Kringle. (The pastry, not the guy.) My mother is from Racine, Wisconsin, where a lot of Danes settled. They make a delicious pastry called Kringle. Mom still orders them each Christmas. My favorite has pecan filling.

  334. Lisa Hutson says:

    Isnt it funny how certain foods are known to be Christmas food? LOL Like eggnog?
    My mom always make fudge. Only at Christmas.
    There is also a breakfast casserole my mom calls a High Hat that we have for breakfast.
    They all taste odd any other time of the year. haha

  335. […] like to win a hamper full of Fortnum’s goodies, courtesy of the four of us, hurry over to Carolyn Jewel’s website before December […]

  336. Anne Radtke says:

    Mincemeat tarts! Really!

  337. Pam Scott says:

    My Christmas favorite is coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate. My sister-in-laws makes them as a special Christmas treat.

  338. Anne says:

    First would be the roasted beast with gravy, must have gravy, then it would be followed by creamed spinach.

    I’ve read about Fortnum and Mason hampers in romances set in England, too cool to see one.

  339. Joyce Harrell says:

    My favorite Christmas food is monkey bread. Our family has it every

  340. Angie Frawley says:

    Great giveaway!!…I love candied yams with honey,brown sugar and walnuts!!!!

  341. Tammie G says:

    My favorite Christmas food is stuffing. I look foreward to it every year.

  342. Connie Fischer says:

    I love peppermint bark. Peppermint is such a yummy flavor and when you add the white and dark chocolate, you have found candy Heaven.

    I also like fruitcake and this year I have so wanted to taste a real English plum pudding. Trying to see if I can buy one around here. I may have to order one. Yummy…….

  343. Linda Rimer-Como says:

    I love my mom’s special fruitcake!!

  344. Cindy Hutcheson says:

    I love eggnog!

  345. Cheryl says:

    Hot chocolate with a candy cane in it!

  346. Lesley F says:

    My favorite Christmas food is duck pate and I love eggnog!

  347. Jennifer Ingman says:

    Christmas cookies and eggnog are my favorites!! xo

  348. Carey Hemond says:

    oyster stew on Christmas Eve my Dad just loved that I miss him

  349. Mel K. says:

    I love Hot Chocolate and Peanut Blossom cookies! I’m an Anglophile and this would be such a wonderful Christmas gift. TA! 🙂

  350. Tina M says:

    My Mothers peanut butter fudge and potato candy Are the best around Christmas.. Merry Christmas!!

  351. JeanMP says:

    I love Christmas pudding, look forward to it each year.

  352. Michelle B. says:

    Pumpkin cheesecake

  353. Shirley Johnson says:

    Snickerdoodle cookies are #1 in our house. Love the smell of them baking in the oven while sitting around the tree.

  354. Kristina Alexander says:

    Using my grandmother’s recipes, I make some very delicious Berlinekranser and Krulakaga. Norwegian cookies my family can’t be without at Christmas.

  355. The classic combination of eggnog and fruitcake is my favorite holiday treat!

  356. Pat Mangum says:

    Miniature mince meat pies

  357. Deborah Anderson says:

    Being a history nut (and historical romance nut!) I’d love to be able to say my favorites are figgy pudding and wassail. 🙂 But since I’ve never had either, I’ll just have to go with rum balls, since my aunt has been making them for Christmas for years and years and it’s something I look forward to every year.

  358. Lori Meehan says:

    My favorite is frosted sugar cookies.

  359. Mary Lynch says:

    I love to make and share snickerdoodles.

  360. jamaika says:

    My favorite was the fruit salad. Just reminds me of home. Also the chocolate cake me and my mom bakes.

  361. Nicole Laverdure says:

    Thank you my sweet friends for this beautiful basket of surprises! Have a Merry Christmas!

  362. Shelli barthel says:

    I love the punch my aunt serves. It’s a yummy spiced creation she made up.

  363. Heather H. says:

    WOW! Thank you so much for the chance to win all that wonderful stuff!

  364. Nicole Laverdure says:

    Thank you my sweet friends for this beautiful basket of surprises! Have a Merry Christmas!
    I prefer shortbread cookies! miam!

  365. Barbara Barati says:

    My favorite is a butternut squash dish. It tastes like pumpkin pie by the time I have added all kinds of spices to it. Family favorite!

  366. Renee Rousseau says:

    Frosted Sugar Cookies are a family tradition.

  367. Brenda Powers says:

    My favorite is pumpkin pie!

  368. Sherry davis says:

    i love my father’s home made chocolate pie/pudding and
    Mom’ s pecan pie.

  369. Patrice P. says:

    My favorite Christmas food is my Mother’s chocolate chip cookies.

  370. Seanna says:

    I love gingerbread!

  371. Beth Irwin says:

    All my favorites in one spot!

  372. Melissa Reeves says:

    My favorite Christmas drink is eggnog.

  373. Heather Taylor says:

    I learned how to make plum pudding from scratch, so that’s my favorite, and spiced up eggnog of course!

  374. Sylvia leaver says:

    Tia Maria is my favourite Christmas drink and mince pies to eat. Put them together and it’s fabulous.

  375. Lisa B. says:

    My favorite is the cinnamon rolls that my mom used to make on Christmas morning. They would be baking in the oven while we all opened gifts. The smell and the gifts – love, love, love. I miss my mom!

  376. LorettaLynn says:

    I love the Christmas Ham and warm apple cider 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  377. Karen Krack says:

    My favorite Christmas treat is a Christmas Cookie passed down for generations in my family. Now if only someone else would learn how to make them…

  378. I love all the bright smiles on children’s eyes as they wait for Santa to come. I love baking all those Christmas goodies, cookies, candies and breads. Christmas is the time of year that all of the past can be forgotten because a new time is about to begun.

  379. Penney Wilfort says:

    My favotie Christmas food is the English Christmas pudding, my husband is english and we drive 60 miles here in California and go to a Brittish Pub you can buy English foods there at the Kings Head so every year we go there to get a Christmas pudding.

  380. Lori Ann says:

    My absolute favorite Christmas food is fudge. My mother and I make it together every year.

  381. Sandra S says:

    I love gingerbread men decorated with raisins and cinnamon dots plucked of our Christmas tree as we open our gifts Christmas morning.

  382. ouida stokes says:

    my favorite is xmas cocoa, hot chocolate with a peppermint stick stirrer. Yummy.

  383. Robin the Book Nerd says:

    My favorite Christmas food is the homemade cinnamon rolls my family makes on Christmas morning. Only once a year and they are super special.

  384. heatherb says:

    Christmas wouldn’t be the same if it was missing the yummy spritz cookies my mom makes in shapes of Christmas trees.

  385. Andrea Minier says:

    I love the ham with pineapple and brown sugar and our homemade gingerbread with cool whip.

  386. KellyMae says:

    I love the Egg Nog!

  387. Aleen Davis says:

    I love chocolate truffles, actually, there really isn’t a favorite. I love all treats!

  388. Susan P says:

    My favorite beverage for Christmas time is mulled cider. I love that hot spiced drink!

  389. Marianne says:

    I don’t eat candy now but I remember loving those peanut butter blossoms. Pink rectangles filled with peanut butter. We only had them at Christmas time.

  390. Patti Wissore says:

    I love all the Christmas Goodies! Fudge, divinity, and pralines are the staple here.

  391. Pat Wilson says:

    I love Christmas this year, as my Husband & I are celebrating our 50th wedding aniv.

  392. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    Iced Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas.

  393. Catherine Lemanski says:

    I always look forward to the different cookies at this time of the year.

  394. Lynne says:

    I love all of it but especially eggnog and sugar and spice pecans. Yum!

  395. Kathy Clark says:

    I have my great grandmothers cookie recipe called “Chinese chews” They are cookies with walnuts and dates in them rolled in little balls and coated with sugar. My kids look forward to them every year just as I did as a kid.

  396. Molly M. says:

    My favorite Christmas food is my grandma’s ice cream kolacky. It makes the largest mess, but it’s so worth it to bite into one of those little “presents.” Yum!

  397. Robert Brown says:

    If it’s a Christmas candy or dessert, it is always my favorite.

  398. Sara Elliott says:

    Christmas cookies are my weakness. My favorite are peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s kiss in the middle.

  399. Winnie P says:

    Peppermint anything.

  400. F Polgar says:

    My favorite food is cabbage rolls.

  401. Catherine White says:

    My favorite Christmas food is the big Ham dinner my Mom would make for the whole family. It was a chance for all of us to get together as a family and spend quality time together.

  402. Christmas cookies are my favorite ‘food group’

  403. NINA CRESPI says:

    From this Yank: Cheerio with much thanks for this taste of
    British generosity!

  404. Kate Sparks says:

    Shortbread cookies!!!

  405. Joye says:

    I love pumpkin pie. Seems like this is the only time of year I eat it.

  406. Jackie says:

    I am one of the few that loves a good quality fruitcake.

  407. Melissa Tackett says:

    I love pumpkin pie and warmed Egg Nog, great holiday snack.

    Loved this book, will make sure my review is ip at Amazon.


  408. Nicole Bagley says:

    My favorite holiday food is homemade Mac and cheese!

  409. Kay says:

    I see Roses in the hamper – Cadbury’s Roses are a Christmas Indulgence 🙂

    Happy Christmas to all.

  410. Angela Perry says:

    Hot Apple Cider is my favorite beverage.

  411. Alisa says:

    Well, I’m half Norwegian/half Swedish so my favorite holiday food is Lefsa, which is sort of flat bread made from potatoes. True Norwegians eat it with just butter, but some put sugar on it!

  412. erinf1 says:

    I love my mom’s sugar cookies!!! Thanks for the lovely and generous giveaway!

    Happy Holidays to all!

  413. judy says:

    I just love it all. Some things I don’t cook doing the year.

  414. l p says:

    my goodness! I love them all but it wouldn’t be Christmas without shortbread made only at this time of year. thanks.

  415. Lois Pomeroy says:

    Christmas has so many wonderful things staring with the birth of Christ. After that my favorite food and drink and only at Christmas is rich fruitcake and eggnog with a little brandy. Thank you for the wonderful reads and may God bless you all through the new year

  416. kalei p says:

    The favourite around here is special sweet and spicy nuts. They are such a royale payne to make but the (positive) reaction is priceless. And…bring on the books!

  417. Marguerite Guinn says:

    My favorite dessert is not necessarily a holiday dessert, but a long standing Christmas Eve tradition in my family:
    apricot kolaches! Love ’em!

  418. Kristy Petree says:

    I like all the snack foods: pumpkin bread, cheese and rotel dip, and pecan pie. But I also love green bean casserole and old-fashioned pea salad. I don’t have a holiday drink, per se, do I’m going with punch. Thanks! 🙂

  419. Pam Paterakis says:

    While living in Spain we would go to Gibralter for English goodies. We loved going around Christmas so your hamper of goodies bring back wonderful memories of a very happy time in my life. Thanks for the memories and Merry Christmas!

  420. Julie says:

    There are too many Christmas foods to choose just one: fudge, mulled wine, butter spritz Christmas cookies, candy ribbons.
    That’s not the end of the list, but I’m getting hungry and have to stop.

  421. leepcat says:

    this is not easy. the whole season is surrounded by food and drink not available during the rest of the year. have to go with a special bread with almonds and raspberry jam made for Christmas morning. thanks

  422. Christine A. says:

    Favorite Christmas food is pecan pie.

  423. Rachel B says:

    homemade Latkes with sour cream. For drinks, I like glogg, a traditional swedish drink.

    Happy holidays!

  424. BookLady says:

    I love home-baked Christmas cookies, especially Walnut Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Blossoms. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  425. Annette N says:

    I love plum pudding – with the wonderful hard sauce – I like mince pies and pumpkin pies. I enjoy a terrific ham for Christmas dinner… but the little tiny difference….my family has a Christmas picnic meal – potato salad, ham, fruit salad, rolls and then the wonderful desserts.

  426. Lisa Cisneros says:

    My favorite Christmas drink is eggnog (spiked or virgin)!

  427. KayJay Driggs says:

    I love cinnamon glazed almonds. I can only by them at Christmastime.

  428. Sophia Rose says:

    I’m very fond of Christmas sweets, but love Almond Roca, Nougat, and simple spreads for bread and crackers, cheeses and meats like salami. We always order a Christmas hickory smoked ham. So good!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  429. jennifer beck says:

    Ham and squash dressing

  430. Toni Whitmire says:

    I just used to love this cake That my Grandmother used to make before she died .We would jokingly call it Kamikaize because we would all fight for the last piece because it was so good and she wouldn’t tell anyone how she made it.

  431. NancyB from Many LA says:

    It’s hard to pick one favorite – I guess the fried turkey with the oyster dressing!

  432. Anita E says:

    and milkshakes

  433. Judy Pflueger says:

    Egg nog and Christmas sugar cookies

  434. Linda Shaffer says:

    Wow–this is a great giveaway! Cookies–yum!

  435. Carey Hoy says:

    My favorite Christmas food is my Mom’s secret family recipe for Pecan Pie Bars. She is always asked to bring them to any Christmas party that my parents are invited to…and they are not easy to make!! And at a Christmas party one year, a pastry chef at a restaurant in New York City asked her for the recipe so he can make them at the restaurant!! But it’s a family secret and he wasn’t very nice!! And my Mom makes the best Hot Toddy’s!! (Packets of instant hot apple cider, cinnamon, and Capt. Morgan spiced rum!! With a cinnamon stick for garnish and flavor!! ? Simple yet so delicious!!! Yum!!!) My mouth is watering right now just thinking about a pecan pie bar and a hot cup of Moms hot toddy’s!! Sooo good!!! (I have a major sweet tooth!!)

  436. aferdita gashi says:

    My favorite food is Albanian Baklava and i love making it for my guest, its just soo good.

  437. Teoh says:

    Merry Christmas!
    And what is Xmas without the infamous Fruitcake drowned in fine aged whiskey and smothered with Vanilla ice-cream on top! That’s my must have for Christmas!

  438. Tonya C. says:

    I was fortunate enough to get to go to London in November 2008 and shop at Harrod’s, I discovered upon returning home that I adored the English Bread Pudding with Brandy Butter. My biggest regret was that I hadn’t purchased more while I was there. Since then, I’ve learned I can order it online if I can’t get it from World Market. I love trying all the teas, scones, Devonshire cream & lemon curds that I’ve read about in Regency Romances, so it’s great to be able to go to World Market and get them. This lovely hamper would be right up my alley. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful hamper. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  439. Ann Gonzalez says:

    My favorite Christmas food is the homemade pecan pies.

  440. Sue Brandes says:

    My favorite Christmas food is Christmas cookies.

  441. Colleen C. says:

    A must have holiday treat for me is my grandmother’s pumpkin pie! 😀

  442. Andrea Torres says:

    My favorite Christmas food is pumpkin Pie!

  443. teresa says:

    Great cover! I love any and all Christmas foods. 🙂

  444. Betty King says:

    My favorite Christmas food is cinnamon rolls lol. It’s been our tradition for years to wait till the coffee and rolls are done to open gifts. Now my daughter is an adult with kids of her own, and she’s the one who gets up and makes them, but we still all wait til we all have our coffee and cinnamon rolls to really start the day. To me the mean Christmas has truly started

  445. Angela says:

    Candy Cane Hershey Kisses are like crack to me, I can’t unwrap those little suckers fast enough. Every year I swear I am not even going near a candy aisle and somehow I still wind up with them in my cart.

  446. Robbie Bauldree says:

    I love all the foods associated with Christmas.

  447. peggy clayton says:

    I started making spritz cookies with my grandmother when I was visiting her from my foster home. It was such fun then I starting making them so they are my absolute fav she died 2 years ago at 100 not from health but a fall she slipped in a school yard. My adult kids and grandkids know that was her fav and I do hope someday they come up with a fav and that spritz is made in their families!

  448. Tammy Gaden says:

    Tom & Jerry’s at my mother’s office after closing on
    Christmas Eve. The Old retired owner of the jewelry store got the biggest kick out of making them in the basement all afternoon for the closing party.

  449. Patty Degmetich says:

    My favorite at Christmas is my mom’s homemade peanut brittle. It is so good! So much better than store bought.

  450. Pam Oldham says:

    My favorite Holiday drink is eggnog as this is the only time of the year that I drink it!

  451. Terry Kennedy says:

    I love Gingerbread cookies but last night I tried “Peppermint Pinwheels”. They were delightful. (Now to find the recipe….)

  452. Tammy says:

    My grandfather always used to make a variety of cookies and chocolate candies for each family for Christmas. I always loved the Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls. We try to make them now but they are still not as good as his were.

  453. Deborah says:

    Every Christmas we make homemade walnut oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate candy, and other goodies as a part of our family tradition.

  454. Marcelle Cole says:

    Cornbread dressing with roasted chestnuts, not a family dish but one I experienced at a gathering in Colorado.
    OMG can I have a spoon and the baking dish now please?

  455. Amber Ely says:

    I love hot chocolate and candy canes!

  456. Julia David says:

    I love all the cookies and candies. OK, I love all the food. I just munch and munch.

  457. Jen @ RtB says:

    I think I’m going to jump on the Sugar Cookie bandwagon. It’s really the only time I eat them and it’s fun to do all the shapes and decorating.

  458. Sheila Schwartz says:

    Peppermint white chocolate!

  459. Jennifer Green says:

    I have so many but my mother always made chocolate fudge with black walnuts (not English walnuts). Brother & I would gather walnuts from the tree & cracked them for her on the fireplace slate. Good times!

  460. Dawn A says:

    Sugar cookies or snickerdoodles and cocoa. Yum!

  461. Raeline Peterson says:

    I love my moms frosted sugar/sour cream cookies and of course eggnog. Yummy:)Can’t wait to read this book!

  462. Brenda Leon says:

    My favorite Christmas food is the German cookie/biscuit called “springerle”. Only one shop here in my town makes them the month of December, so they are a once a year special treat I always look forward to eating.

  463. Jean Davis says:

    Con queso and chips… family use to have this as a mid afternoon snack, so it reminds me of special times and treats?

  464. Kimberley C says:

    I just love sweet potato with marshmellow casserole!

    But when my parents were alive, my Mama and Daddy made north & south dressings. Mama (from New York) made the northern dressing (bread) and Daddy (from TEXAS) made the southern (cornbread). Now I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and part of the magic was with helping with all the prep( chopping veggies, making cornbread etc) and being with the family laughing and loving each other. The food was so filled with love, joy nothing will ever beat how good it was.

  465. clynsg says:

    My favorite Christmas food is fudge. It is the only time of the year that I let myself both make and eat it, so it is really enjoyed! This started years ago when we would go to my grandmother’s and she always had plates of goodies on hand.

  466. sandra says:

    I love the frosted sugar cookies that my kids and bake and decorate

  467. SusieF says:

    Homemade heavenly hash candy. I only make it at Christmas.

  468. Mary Pitman says:

    Eggnog and Aunt Dean’s dressing are must-haves.

  469. LINDAB/HOTCHA1 says:


  470. Anita Yancey says:

    My favorite Christmas food is decorated sugar cookies.

  471. Betty Hamilton says:

    Favorite food…at Christmas…?? Why home baked Christmas cookies, of course!

  472. Tracey Parker says:

    I love the peanut butter cookies with the kisses. I love those and only eat them during the holiday season!

  473. Elizabeth says:

    Choch covered cherries and my mom’s Dressing

  474. Wendy says:

    I love Christmas cookies. I bake a ton. I also make a mean Hot Buttered Rum batter. Yum.

  475. Ann L. says:

    I love eggnog and pumpkin pie. I try cooking different kinds of dressing and side dishes.

  476. Emily T says:

    My favorite holiday sweet is my Grandma’s Monkey Balls (Monkey Bread to the rest of the world, lol). She passed away when I was 11 years old and I never found her recipe, a Google search for Monkey Balls was not something I should have done lol. I did end up with a recipe for homemade monkey bread and it took forever to make, but they were so darn good. Then I came to find out my Mom remembers my Grandma using canned dough instead of making it from scratch lol. Even though I had a few more steps in my Monkey Balls then Grandma’s did, it made me feel closer and think about my Grandma a lot for the holidays 🙂

  477. Marlene H says:

    I love all the goodies at Christmas but my favorite is the Ham it’s so good when it’s hot. I also love those Russell Stover marshmallow Santa’s those are the best. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  478. Eleanor Harkins says:

    OMG, what a wonderful giveaway. Sure would love to win it.

  479. Carrie Strickler says:

    Anything with pumpkin in it. My sister makes pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies this time of year and they’re my all time favorite!

  480. Melanie Rohman says:

    My favorite drink is Martini & Rossi Asti, because this is what my Big sister and I would drink when I came home on leave from the Navy every Christmas eve.
    We would make a mad dash through stores in the area buying my nieces and nephew their Christmas surprises from Aunt Dee Dee. Go home wrap them and and be toasting with several bottles of this along the way. Once I was stationed close enough to drive home, I would arrive with all the traditional Christmas cookies made for them, but the shopping and toasting was something my sister and I shared until the kids were teens.

  481. Cassandra Compton says:

    My favorite beverage around Christmas time is hot cocoa (with mini marshmallows :p) and my favorite food would most likely be cookies, any kind! Ginger bread, sugar, chocolate chip, snicker doodle…..I love them all <3

  482. Suzy R says:

    My favorite Xmas treat is chocolate dipped pretzel rods.
    They make a great extra gift for friends and neighbors by putting them in jars or cute containers…Happy Holidays!

  483. Karen Q says:

    My favorite Christmas food is Spritz cookies. I remember making them with my mother & now I make them – and give them away. It brings back happy holiday memories.

  484. Tina Hairston says:

    Oh this is a fabulous giveaway. My favorite beverage is hot apple cider and my favorite food combo is honey/brown sugar glazed ham with yeast rolls. They make a great leftover breakfast.

  485. Michelle Fidler says:

    I love pumpkin pie and turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Same as the Thanksgiving meal, except I usually just have a large Stouffers turkey meal. I also like party trays with meat, cheese, and crackers. We’ll probably have one for New Year’s. I don’t drink so we’ll have Minute Maid Grape Punch with it.

  486. Karen H near Tampa says:

    My favorite Christmas treat is my Mom’s fruit cake. It’s true that I’ve been making it for the last several years since she’s in a retirement community now but it’s still the best ever! Runner-up is her Pecan Fingers cookies. Yum!

    I had high tea at Fortnum & Mason 15 years ago on my birthday trip and it was a highlight for me. Wonderful place!

  487. Mamaw Moore’s Sour Cream Raisin Pie is a must at Christmas along with Aunt Judy’s Homemade Apple Cider. With Mamaw gone now the Raisin pie is left to my SIL to make. She does a great job. I need to learn to make it now so I can teach my little girls.

  488. I love eggnog, but I usually only get Brusters Eggnog Ice cream to satisfy that taste. I also Like a little pastry called a pecan tassie. It is basically a very small pecan pie in a cream cheese pastry crust. I used to make them every Christmas but now my aunt makes them with her grandchildren and there are penty to go around. I miss these two things when we don’t get them.

  489. Kitty K. says:

    Pumpkin pie!

  490. Angelia Schubert says:

    Hot chocolate and pumpkin pie…..and I loved my grandmother’s fudge.

  491. Merelyn Reads says:

    I love cheesecake!! 🙂

  492. Nancy says:

    I love the treats the most…Xmas cookies, gingerbread, chocolate truffles, hot cocoa with marshmallows with a peppermint stirrer…

  493. Patsy D Nelson says:

    I absolutely love fruitcake. Everyone in my family hates it and think I am crazy. Fruitcake. Yes!

  494. Laura Marsh says:

    CHEESECAKE chocolate cheesecake

  495. Amy Laude says:

    I love eggnog and candy cane cookies. Between me and the kids neither one lasts very long in this house. 🙂

  496. Julie-ann Ford says:

    I love homemade butter cookies and my aunt used to make what she called “Italian Christmas cookies”. They were delicious.

  497. Diane McMahon says:

    Really! You want me to pick just one? That is rather difficult. Ok, if I must then it would be that holiday Ham with honey-apricot glaze and clove spice. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  498. Felicia Plastini says:

    You know what I look forward to every Christmas… Peppermint ice cream! Because you can only get it this time of year!

  499. Lesia Chambliss says:

    Mincemeat Pie w/Brandy sauce

  500. Cathy Brown says:

    I make a almond Christmas wreath for breakfast Christmas morning…It goes in and out of the refrigerator roll out , fold, repeat) about 4 times during the day…It’s my kids favorite.

  501. Judith says:

    I enjoy my grandmother’s fruitcake, called Stained Glass it is delicious.

  502. Kim Perry says:

    I love sugar cookies!

  503. Shannon Smith says:

    Cheerwine punch

  504. Alisa says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!

  505. Elaine Loesch says:

    Making Mom’s date bread and eating it warm with butter!

    • Elaine Loesch says:

      Plus, I finished the book last night and loved the twist to the last story!

      • Elaine Loesch says:

        Mom’s home made date bread warm from the oven with melting butter.
        Plus, I finished the book last night and loved the twist to the last story!

  506. Theresa Fischer says:

    My favorite is buckeyes! You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter!

  507. Mary Ann says:

    My favourite Christmas food is potica, a Slovenian not-too-sweet bread filled with ground nuts, cream, eggs, honey, white raisins, cinnamon,and lemon and orange zests.

    When I was small my father made it. I was not a sophisticated child, and the taste was more complex than I liked. But I adored my father, and I pretended to love potica, too.

    He died when I was fifteen. I learned to make potica. Now its a rare year when I don’t make it. I give away a lot.

  508. Dale says:

    I love real, homemade egg nog. Although the stuff from the store isn’t bad. Even the light egg nog is ok (and less guilt)

  509. Linda says:

    Peanut brittle made from my grandfather’s recipe.

  510. Deb Diem says:

    My favorite Christmas food is stuffing, but running a close second is the home made beef jerky I make as gifts.

  511. Brinda says:

    I’ve always loved peanut butter balls.

  512. Liz says:

    I love the supermarket eggnog cut with milk. It is so good and rich.

  513. Tara Woods says:

    My favorite Christmas food is pecan divinity fudge, which I only have once a year.

  514. I make tons of the original party mix and cheese balls. I also love 6 inch cheese cakes because of the special crusts and topping I’ve developed.

  515. peggy says:

    sugar cookies and peanutbutter fudge

  516. Theresa powers says:

    My favorite Christmas food is cookies . .all kinds especially candy canes and butterballs

  517. Pat Freely says:

    Cookies, sugar cookies. Love them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  518. Karin Anderson says:

    I love the three major sweets of the Holidays – Peppermint, Eggnog and Gingerbread. They all just say HOLIDAY to me.

  519. Brenda Rumsey says:

    My favorite treat at Christmas is chocolate covered cherries. I have a tradition that every Christmas I buy one box and enjoy it the week of Christmas. They are so good and special since I’ve waited a whole year to buy more.

  520. Brittany Gass says:

    I love Christmas ham from heavenly ham!

  521. Marygrace says:

    Champagne is my Holiday treat!

  522. Lill H says:

    I really miss my mom’s ‘unbaked’ fruit cake – can’t begin to tell you how she made it but it was full of candied fruit and nuts, and held together somehow with graham cracker crumbs. Yum-mmmmmm!

  523. Marissa C. says:

    Persimmon cookies. Since persimmons are only available this time of year they were such a treat! Alas, a few years ago I moved to a small studio apartment without a proper kitchen. I haven’t been able to make them since and I miss them so very much!

  524. Liz says:

    I love some pumpkin pie w/ whip cream. I also love Martinelli’s Apple Cider.

  525. NinaB says:

    Homemade dressing is my favorite with the turkey.

  526. GladysMP says:

    Boy, what a wonderful prize. Thanks for the chance of winning it!

    My favorite Christmas food is DRESSING and I love making it….chopping up the celery, bell pepper and onion and adding all the spices to that cornbread…really puts me in the Christmas spirit!


  527. Gretchen says:

    I like too many things. One is eggnog

  528. Marsha Spies says:

    When we were younger my parents gave us an old fashioned English Feast with Roasted Goose, Apple raisin stuffing and plum pudding with a lemon hard sauce for dessert. We were even allowed to have a small glass of blackberry wine. Even as a child it was not about the presents as much as about the Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol” dinner. This possibly was the beginning of my love of the written words that fueled my imagination of the perfect Old English Christmas for a girl who was born and raised in Kansas.

  529. Brenda Waters says:

    my mom’s baked beans.

  530. Kimberly V says:

    Gingerbread and anything chocolate are my favorites.

  531. Riley says:

    I like Eggnog. With or without added spirits!

  532. Christina Riggs says:

    I like to eat ham for Christmas dinner!

  533. Angie G says:

    Christmas cookies & fudge. Yum!

  534. Kathy H says:

    Date Raisin cake brings back the smells and memories of all my Christmases!

  535. Cheryl M says:

    Homemade Candy Cane meringue cookies…YUM!

  536. Patricia N says:

    Spritz cookies, Frosted Cutouts, French Cookies, Russian Tea Cake…my mom made so many different varities I can’t name them all. But the best part was baking them with her!!!

  537. Lena Lee says:

    I make a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate drop of a mini reeces peanut butter cup on top. My son’s favorite.

  538. cheryl c. says:

    I love chocolate coconut macaroons!

  539. Kathy Davis says:

    I love turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy. The dinner that is only cooked on Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I might have commented before. Sorry, I’m not trying to cheat.) Merry Christmas!

  540. Connie Williamson says:

    My favorite food during the Holidays is the PIES! Mmmmmm, pie.

  541. My children and I Cook from Thanksgiving to Christmas We bake cookies cakes and pies for family and friends as gifts This would make a lovely gift for my children and grandchildren for all the things they do for me

  542. I’ve always loved Christmas sugar cookies and peanut brittle!! And for a drink, I’ve always been a huge hot chocolate fan! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway!

  543. Tracy Brown says:

    My favorite Christmas foods are Egg Nog & Candy Canes!

    I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

  544. Stacey A Smith says:

    I like the Fudge and Different kinds of X-Mas Cookies this time of year! I have a Sweet craving.

  545. Marcy Shuler says:

    My favorite Christmas food is my MIL’s white fruitcake. It’s so good we fight over it and my hubby has been known to hide it from me. 😀

  546. Egg nog. It just isn’t the holidays without egg nog. Now they have pumpkin egg nog too and that’s just fine with me.

  547. CatScott says:

    Thumbprint Cookies are my favorite Christmas treat!

  548. Cheri Oggy says:

    I love my mother’s potato candy! It wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

  549. Audrey Buckalew says:

    My favorite is Sand Tarts. They remind me of my grandmother, we used to go to her house and she would roll
    out the dough and we would use cookie cutters and then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

  550. Patricia Pinkston says:

    I love a good custardy eggnog. And cookies, fudge and my homemade hand dipped chocolates.

  551. Kai W. says:

    Rice Kripsies Treat in Christmas shapes theme.

  552. Trudy says:

    My Grandmother use to make a Moc-cherry Pie every Christmas that I loved (and miss)!!! That’s my all time favorite!

  553. Melissa Hartley says:

    My favorite Christmas food is Iced & Decorated Sugar Cookies 🙂
    Thank you

  554. Linda Kish says:

    I like hot cocoa to drink and I like pumpkin pie to eat.

  555. Theresa N says:

    My favorite holiday food is Martha Washington Fudge, yummy and rich.

  556. Renee Brown says:

    I know it sounds crazy but I love jellied cranberry sauce on anything — bread, turkey, ham, dressing, etc. I just love the sweet, sour crispness.

  557. Maureen D says:

    frosted sugar cookies= Christmas

  558. Michelle Harlan says:

    My favorite holiday food is Watergate Salad. It’s light & fluffy so I can indulge without feeling horrible. My favorite holiday drink is Eggnog (with a splash of Kahlua).

  559. April W says:

    – April W

  560. girlfromwva says:

    vanilla and chocolate pinwheel cookies!

  561. Toni J says:

    My favorite Christmas food is pumpkin rolls!!

  562. Heather S. says:

    As a child I loved making sugar cookies and mississippi mud cake with my granny. I would say not just the cookie but the memory is my Christmas favorite.

  563. Cecilia Wiegert says:

    My favorites peppermint bark, pecan tarts, hot apple cider, and hot cocoa 🙂

  564. Amber says:

    Definitely frosted sugar cookies!

  565. Love eggnog, nice and cold.

  566. Arlene D says:

    I love stuffing – with or without turkey!

  567. Sha'Mona Hagan says:

    My favorite beverage for the holidays is Egg Nog or Sparkling White Grape Juice. Favorite food for the holidays is Pumpkin Pie or Cornish Game Hens with Cornbread Stuffing.

  568. jeri says:

    Peanut butter cookies with a kiss on top and hershey cherry cordial kisses only out for christmas

  569. Raquel M. says:

    I love sugar cookies and candy canes.

  570. Patty Brooks says:

    Christmas cookies of all kinds are my favorite. I have never met one I didn’t like! Yummy!

  571. Sandy Porter says:

    Love Christmas Cookies & Candy!! I’m not picky either I love them all. Thanks for the blog this book does sound worth reading!! Thanks for the giveaway & good luck to all.

  572. Ann Mettert says:

    I can’t remember if I entered, but didn’t find my name. Fave Christmas food? EVERYTHING!!! 😀
    But maybe mostly dressing, sweet potatoes, candy and cookies because I usually only get them this time of year.

  573. judy burr says:

    Hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings !

  574. Carmen Rose says:

    I love egg nog and fudge.

  575. Sarah M says:

    For Christmas, I love a Disaronno and Coke. My dad started mixing them and giving my brother and I drinks one year, telling us we needed some holiday cheer. We’re both a little ambivalent to holidays, and it was just kind of funny to have someone hand over alcohol to get us into the Christmas “spirit”. Love a good eggnog, too 🙂 And I *love* my mother’s Christmas cookies. She adds in pudding mix, so they’re nice and soft. Holidays are all about the sweets on both sides of my family 🙂

  576. Brittany Green says:

    My families holiday tradition is a bottle of sparkling apple cider and double baked mashed potatoes and glazed ham.

  577. Meghan Finley says:

    My favorites are divinity and eggnog!

  578. Lori R says:

    I love all the chocolate Christmas candy!

  579. Sarah P says:

    I love raspberry thumbprint cookies.

  580. Joyce Bogoian says:

    Egg Nog & Christmas cookies

  581. darci paice says:

    My favorite holiday food is trifle!

  582. Tricha says:

    I love the turkey and Christmas candy

  583. Norma Fraley says:

    Pumpkin pie and Pumpkin Cake.

  584. Amy says:

    I love shortbread cookies, dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with crushed candy canes. It is one of my favorite Christmas cookies.

  585. mrsshukra says:

    I like Harry & David traditional fruit cake!

  586. Venus says:

    I’m a fan of my aunt’s homemade fudge always brings back memories of Christmas!

  587. Edna says:

    Hot chocolate with shortbread cookies

  588. My favorite food for Christmas is oyster stew on Christmas eve. It is a tradition back when I was young. Mom always made oyster stew and chili for supper. I think of her whenever I have it. My husband doesn’t care for it but I still made it. Our sons liked the soup if you didn’t give them any oysters.

  589. Gwen H says:


  590. Sandypo says:

    My favorite Christmas beverage would be eggnog. Love it!

  591. Diana Gould says:

    Sugar cookies and russian teacakes. My fav!!!

  592. Cindy Hutcheson says:


  593. Gail Rasmussen says:

    I love pumpkin pie!

  594. Julie McDonough says:

    My mom’s pecan pie or her divinity.

  595. Linda Stewart says:

    My favorite Christmas food is lasagna. I started making lasagna instead of the ham/turkey dinner and it went over very well and quickly became a family favorite. Of course we must have red velvet cake too

  596. Tina Hobbs says:

    My favorite Christmas food is assorted Christmas cookies, peanut butter fudge, and garbage mix ( chez mix with peanuts, mini pretzels all covered in chocolate, & dropped in garbage bag of powdered sugar). The things my mom made for years & mailed to family & friends in different states until she passed in 2010.

  597. Teresa Kleeman says:

    My absolute favorite food for Christmas is my moms Prime Rib she makes now for Christmas dinner. I love hot apple cider to drink for a holiday drink. My favorite desert is Red Velvet Cake.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  598. Michele Hayes says:

    My favorite Christmas food is spritz cookies. Never seems right to make them any other time of the year.

  599. Jenne Turner says:

    Candy canes!

  600. Brandi Brennan says:

    I always enjoy the sweets at this time of year. Apple caramel tarts, fudge, peanut brittle, sugar cookies, and snickerdoodles. And a mug of hot cocoa with caramel vodka added. Yummy!

  601. Geraldine Pierson says:

    My favorite Christmas Cookies is called Chocolate Drop Cookie. My husband loves Eggnog but I am not a fan of it.

    Thank you for your giveaway and a chance to win.

  602. Judy Goodnight says:

    Christmas cookies are my favorite especially chocolate jumbo cookies which are an old family recipe that we all love. And for beverages, you can’t beat my mom’s recipe for Brandy Alexanders.

  603. Amy Lytle says:

    I adore Stollen Bread at Christmas and FAMILY!!!

  604. Laurel Chevlen says:

    I have always loved eggnog with or without alcohol, and clothespin cookies! Those are true holiday treats for me.

  605. Erin Koiso says:

    Christmas cookies and hot chocolate on Christmas Eve! My favorite!

  606. Callie Cuddy says:

    Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is my favorite! I love those butter cookies you get in a tin, but only the sugar sprinkled ones.

  607. I love fruit of any kind apples oranges you name it I am always carrying and eating! not fruitcake to much tho!

  608. Amary Chapman says:

    I loved this book….looking forward to more of the same.

  609. Amary Chapman says:

    Gee I thought I did this..but I don’t see it. Any type of fudge.

  610. Beth Penland says:

    I love fruit salad. My mother made the best but mine is good.

  611. Jaime Lee says:

    I absolutely adore Santa’s Thumbprint and pinwheel cookies. Some of my most fond Christmas memories revolve around helping my mom make cookies.

  612. Alyn Y says:

    Hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows.

  613. Trudy Miner says:

    I loved my grandmother’s cutouts, date filled and Swedish cookies plus chocolate chip cookies. My mother made them too and I did when my sons were growing up. I also love Claxton fruit cake!

  614. My favorite Christmas beverage is spiked egg nog. Oh yum!

  615. Laurie Gommermann says:

    My favorite Christmas food is my grandma Catherine’s meat stuffing! Spritz cookies for dessert too.

  616. Amy Dudley says:

    My absolute favorite Christmas food is my Mom’s delicious homemade creampuffs! They are made similar to a medium sized eclair filled with real pudding and topped with a real fudge icing with a maraschino cherry on top! Yummmmmmmy!

  617. Jess dimovski says:

    Love peanut butter blossoms

  618. Jen Frederick says:

    My favorite Christmas food….hard to pick just one. I really love, love all the Christmas cookies…yummy!
    I also like spiked eggnog.

  619. Rosemary K. says:

    Swedish Cookies top my list

  620. Nancy Jones says:

    Peanut Butter fudge

  621. mary taylor says:

    I think it is wonderful of you guys to do this for your readers…. lemon cookies for me

  622. Sue Lucas says:

    Homemade Caramels. I have a fabulous recipe from my sister-in-law.

  623. Tama Braun says:

    My favorite holiday food is actually served after the holiday….we make turkey noodle soup with the left over turkey!

    I of course also love the pies and cheeses served.

  624. Maryjane Hoffman says:

    Plum Pudding with hard sauce! It’s an old English dessert and was always made by my Great Aunt Ella every Christmas while she lived with us and I love it! Thank You for such an awesome contest too! Good Luck to everyone!!!

  625. BethRe says:

    Homemade peanut brittle

  626. Dawn Smith says:

    Gingerbread cookies, houses or gingerman form either one is my favorite Christmas food to not only decorate, but to eat as well.

  627. Kathy Davis says:

    I love the sugar cookies that I make, and big cup of hot cocoa. Merry Christmas!

  628. Paula Franklin says:

    I love Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Oranges. Yum! Add a good book and you can keep me happy for the whole Christmas season.

  629. Love homemade frosted cut-out sugar cookies, divinity, fudge, chocolate frosted mint-layered chocolate fudge brownies, homemade turtle candies, caramel corn, pecan tassies, date krispies, mini cheesecakes, and more. Love to have lots of sweet goodies around at Christmas to share.

  630. I love and have to have two things each Christmas season, eggnog and gingerbread cookies. The eggnog I buy, the cookies I make from scratch. After years of bringing the cookies to family gatherings and having no one else eat them, I’ve finally converted some of my relatives. Maybe I’ll succeed with the eggnog too.

  631. Billie Dial says:

    I love the different types of cookies and candies and hot cocoa! !!

  632. Gayle S says:

    It just wouldn’t be Christmas without egg nog and gingerbread men. I worry about caloric intake when the holidays are over..

  633. Joyce Cook says:

    My favorite holiday food is Green Bean Casserole. Thank you

  634. Felicia says:

    Eggnog! I love it! I buy at least 1 half gallon a week. The second the hit the shelves I’m buying. Yummy!

  635. Chris Bails says:

    I love Sugar Cookies w/frosting and also hot tea or hot cocoa. I love just about any goodies at xmas time, but those are my favs.

  636. Joy G says:

    My favorite is mulled cider, the house smells heavenly while it’s simmering and it is soooo delicious.

  637. Maureen says:

    Butter cookies are a favorite.

  638. Laura says:

    I have a sweet tooth. My favorite is chocolate yule log cake.

  639. l p says:

    shortbread. thanks

  640. LJB says:

    We enjoy eggnog this time of year.

  641. KLP says:

    hot spiced apple cider is wonderful to ward off the cold.

  642. Hazel says:

    Good old Englsh Christmas pud, served with a sprig of holly, which is removed before brandy is poured on the pudding and lit. I love it with hot custard or whipped cream.

  643. KaLei says:

    A roast turkey dinner – all the trimmings as well.

  644. le pe says:


  645. Lily says:

    New holiday favorite…Rice Nog.

  646. Julie M. says:

    Rumballs! Yum!

  647. Pam says:

    My favorite is the pizelles that my sister usually makes but for some reason she hasn’t made them the last year or so. She keeps saying she is going to but…who knows. LOL She said she tried to make them for Thanksgiving but something went wrong and she had to throw out the batter and hasn’t attempted to make them again. Maybe for Christmas we’ll have them. 🙂

  648. Joye says:

    I am one of the few that loves a good fruitcake that is fresh and not dry. I make one every year from a recipe that has been handed down in my family.

  649. Helen Tippie says:

    Several years ago my oldest sister passed away from breast cancer and in memory of her we always share Mexican Hot Chocolate and Bunelos. It as her favorite thing to do during the holidays.

  650. Miranda Owen says:

    Christmas cookies are my fav for sure – Mexican Wedding Cakes, thumbprints made w/ chopped walnuts and then strawberry jam in the center, candy-cane shaped, Hidden Cherry Balls

  651. Laura Randall says:

    Yorkshire pudding is my favorite holiday dish. I only get it on Christmas and Boxing Day. Thanks for the contest!

  652. JackieW says:

    So many foods I love at Holiday time it is hard to pick just one. Probably pumpkin pie and eggnog since this is the only time of the year I eat them.

  653. Shirley Jones says:

    My favorite Christmas food is a breakfast of beignets and strong coffee – it gets you ready for the gift opening.

  654. annlouise fallon says:

    Favorite food:whole filet roast with garlic mashed potatoes,favorite drink hot chocolate stirred with a peppermint stick

  655. Marcia WD says:

    I love eggnog with snickerdoodles

  656. Elaine says:

    Fruitcake rocks! Despite all the jokes, I eagerly await the opportunity to eat all kinds — light or dark, candied fruit or dried fruit, etc. I’ve even made my own. In the past few years, I’ve been introduced to Jamaican rum cake, a dark fruitcake laced with rum, and it is a delightful addition to the fruitcake pantheon.

  657. pam howell says:

    FUDGE!!!! no really fudge
    and divinity

  658. Sandra S says:

    Cranberry Pork Tenderloins on yokeless noodles (broad ones) and family around the table to share. It has become I recipe kept close by family. That way friends have to come to our house to enjoy it. Of course there are green vegetables on the side.

  659. Karen says:

    Christmas candies…fudge, divinity, peppermint bark, etc. My grandmother always sent us a big box of Christmas candy…miss that!

  660. Kathleen R. says:

    Although my mother always lobbies for her favorite meat at Christmas (goose, with all that lovely rendered goose grease in the roasting pan for Yorkshire pudding in addition to the goose itself), we have adopted standing beef rib roast as our family favorite for Christmas. It’s a wonderful treat for the carnivores in the family at Christmas dinner, and the leftovers made magnificent sandwiches and salads for subsequent meals–thin-sliced roast beef with horseradish on good bread or beef with salad greens and fruit.

  661. Patricia Kasner says:

    Christmas cookies and fudge

  662. Marie Campbell says:

    My latest Christmas addiction is peppermint flavored coffee!!! At first, I was skeptical but after I tasted it–ooohh lala! Perfection! My Aunt Naomi sent a pound of tasty treat to me for Christmas. I love it! Thank you for the wonderful contest!!!

  663. Stephanie Toohey says:

    My grandmother made a Greek cookie, covered with powdered sugar, called Kourabiedes. I love them. They remind me of my grandmother.

  664. IRT says:

    My favorite Christmas food is turkey and all the trimmings.

  665. AllyV says:

    Pecan butter ball cookies. Melt in your mouth good and remind me of my childhood.

  666. Growlycub says:

    I love mince pies and dark choc covered gingerbread. The only good things about winter. Well, and Xmas goose but I haven’t had one of those in 16 years due to scarcity. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  667. laurie says:

    Cranberry Pumpkin Swirl Bread

  668. A neighbor used to bring us fresh homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve. Oh, my word.