Progress Update for My Immortals Book 7

I’ve hit critical mass for My Immortals Books 7. I’m over 50,000 words now which means mostly the story is there and now I just need to write it better. I’m mostly pretty sure that the title will be My Demon Warlord. Final word count will be around 95,000.

I’m doing my first paper read through and I have already completely re-written chapter 1 three times. This is good news, actually, as dire as that sounds. I am revising using a fountain pen with copper ink. This is fun.

The chapter I thought might be chapter 1 is currently chapter 22.

I love doing the first paper read through. It’s when magic happens. I see themes I didn’t know where there, and that will be interesting to follow through with, and I get to see where things really work and where they don’t, and knowing that matters a lot.

And now, back to it.


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2 Responses to “Progress Update for My Immortals Book 7”

  1. Llaph says:

    This will sound juvenile, but… I’s so excited. I’ve been waiting for Kynan’s story since My Wicked Enemy and was over the moon happy to learn he was getting a book. I’ve never liked Maddy much, but she has grown on me since Dead Drop. (I liked the story in the anthology, but loved the fleshier version. )
    Back to acting my age again… Wtg!