March Jewel Madness

Here at Jewel Central we play along with the NCAA March madness tournament, but in a way that doesn’t stop the fun. If we used a traditional method, we’d all be out in the first round.

Instead, we pick one round at a time for each of the tourneys (women’s and men). This way, every one has something at stake in every round. Feel free to play along. Last year we had a blast, along with snarky comments. Everyone welcome. You get bragging rights for every win!

Link to a printable Men’s bracket (PDF): 2015 Men’s Bracket

Link to a printable Women’s bracket (PDF) 2015 Women’s Bracket

Select your predicted winners for the Men’s games taking place on March 17 and 18. Report your choices in the comments.

You have until Thursday to make your picks for the first round of both.


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12 Responses to “March Jewel Madness”

  1. I think I’m going to have to go with all the favorites in this pre-round:

    North Florida
    Boise State

    I am reserving my right to change my mind on Monday.

  2. Phyl says:

    Last year my picks were the Kiss of Death.

    Not going to let that stop me.

    North Florida

    Dayton has home court advantage.

  3. Marguerite Jewel says:

    Ok here it goes Manhattan,BYU, N. Florida, Boise St
    Women first round UConn, Rutgers, west Ky, California, South Florida, LouisvilleDayton, Kentucky, Maryland,Princeton, Miss St, Duke,Gonzaga, Oregon St, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Notre Dame,Minnesota, Oklahoma,
    Stanford, Washington, Iowa, Baylor, South Carolina,Nebraska,Ohio st, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Arizona St, FGCU, Florida St
    In the proud tradition of the Jewel’s the reason for my picks NONE except now i need to find where and what Quinnipiac is

  4. Mens First round (so far):
    Kentucky, Cinci, Buffalo, Valparaiso, Butler, Notre Dame, Witchta, Kansas, Wisconsin, Oregon, Wofford, North Carolina, Xavier, Baylor, VCU, Arizona
    Villanova, LSU, N. Iowa, San Diego St., SF Austin, E. Washington, SMU, Iowa St., Iowa, Gonzaga

  5. Women’s First Round
    U.Conn, Seton Hall, Western Kentucky, California (Go Bears!!), South Florida, Louisville, Dayton, Kentucky, Maryland, Princeton, Duke, GW, Oregon St., Chattanooga, Tenn
    Notre Dame, DePaul, Quinnipiac, Stanford, Washington, Iowa, Northwestern, Baylor, S. Carolina, Syracuse, James Madison, Liberty, UALR, Ohio, FGCU, Florida St.

  6. Phyl says:

    OK, here are my pick for the first round, men:
    Midwest: Kentucky, Purdue, Buffalo, Maryland, Butler, Notre Dame, Wichita, Kansas
    East: Villanova, NC State, Northern Iowa, Louisville, Providence, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Virginia
    West: Wisconsin, Oregon, Arkansas, North Carolina, Xavier, Baylor, Virginia Commonwealth, Arizona
    South: Duke, St. John’s, Utah, Georgetown, Southern Methodist, Iowa State, Iowa, North Dakota State

    Here are my picks for 1st round women:
    Connecticut, Rutgers, Texas, Wichita, South Florida, Louisville, Dayton, Kentucky
    Notre Dame, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Stanford, Washington, Iowa, Northwestern, Baylor
    Maryland, Princeton, Mississippi State, Duke, George Washington, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee
    South Carolina, Nebraska, James Madison, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Arizona State, Florida Gulf Coast, Florida State

  7. Marguerite Jewel says:

    Forgot to post the mens picks Kentucky,Purdue,West Virginia,Valparaiso because I like the sound of it, Butler because I won’t pick a team from Texas,Northeastern, Wichita State, New Mexico St, Wisconsin, Oregon Go Ducks, Arkansas, North Carolina, Xavier, Baylor, Ohio State, Arizona, Villanova, NC St, Northern Iowa,UC Irvine, Providence, Oklahoma ,Michigan, Virginia, Duke San Diego St.Utah, Georgetown, UCLA only because it is California team sort of, UAB, Iowa, Gonzaga

  8. Round 2 Mens
    Kentucky, Marylnad, Notre Dame, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Xavier, Arizona, Villanova, Louisville, Oaklahoma, Virginia, Duke , Utah, UCLA, Gonzaga

  9. Marguerite Jewel says:

    Kentucky Maryland Notre Dame Kansas Wisconsin
    North Carolina Xavier Arizona Villanova Northern Iowa Oklahoma Virginia Duke Utah UCLA Gonzaga Next round all will be chosen based on uni color

  10. Marguerite Jewel says:

    Ok Uni color and songs for the sweet sixteen
    Kentucky,West Virginia, Wichita state Wisconsin Arizona Louisville Oklahoma Duke Gonzaga GUESS the songs?

    Womens second round Uconn Cal Louisville
    Kentucky Princeton Duke Gonzaga Tenn Norte Dame Standford Iowa Baylor South Carolina OSU Arizona FGCU.

  11. Marguerite Jewel says:

    Sweet sixteen for the Women’s UConn Louisville Duke Gonzaga Stanford Iowa North Carolina Arizona