Magic Keyboard

Hard experience has taught me to keep a spare keyboard around because I am an optimist. Despite knowing full well that water and keyboards don’t mix, I routinely keep a glass of water by my computer. THIS time and forever more I will be CAREFUL and not spill any water on my keyboard.

Last year I went through three keyboards, and the last time I spilled water … on Christmas Eve, I made it to the store in time to buy a keyboard of the sort that is kind to my hands and wrists. I didn’t have a spare because the Christmas Eve incident took out keyboard No. 2. Then, and I kid you not, shortly after that, I spilled water again. I ended up finding and having to use a spare Apple keyboard of the sort that looks awesome but functions as a torture device.

One of those annoying Apple keyboards I can't actually use


It’s a bluetooth keyboard. As soon as I had money and time, I went off to the store and bought two more keyboards. For about a month everything was fine. And then all of a sudden, my new keyboard was typing all by itself. I watched in horror as random strings began to overwrite part of my chapter. MY WORDS!!!!!!! I got things shut down keyboard-wise and swapped in the spare. Again, for some time, everything was fine.

Then, again, the keyboard had a life and a mind of its own. Again, I watched as nothing I did stopped the magical appearance of strings of text, spaces and characters overwriting portions of my chapter.

I did what every good tech person does when something bizarre happens. I rebooted. Things were fine. But hmmm. This was strange and odd and inexplicable when actually, in tech, nothing is really random like that. I was often afraid to type. What if my keyboard went all wacky again and had to reconstruct, AGAIN, a paragraph of text?

Then, not too long after that, a “low battery” notice popped up on the iMac. Low battery? For a keyboard? What keyboard—


The bluetooth keyboard that I had apparently left on a side table three feet from my computer. Powered on.

The bluetooth keyboard that my cat would occasionally jump on and even sit on.

Allow me to represent to you that my cat is not a good typist.


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10 Responses to “Magic Keyboard”

  1. omg that is so funny.

    Another novelist in the family! How proud you must be.

  2. Leslie says:

    LOL! At least you solved the mystery.

  3. Elaine G says:

    ROFL I would be SO relieved to finally know what that was, because it would make me bat-sh!t crazy trying to figure it out!

  4. This was amazing! I don’t know how many times my cat has tried to sit on my keyboard as I type. And yes, I agree, cats are not good typists but they are great at distracting you at the best moments of typing! And cat hair. Everywhere. Can’t forget that 😛

  5. Love it when a mystery gets solved!

    Now have you thought of investing in a couple of Contigo thermos? A friend recommended them to me a few years ago as sippy cups for adults and I immediately got one. I drink mostly very light tea with no sugar and no cream and when I deem I’ve had enough of that I switch to water for the rest of the day. And so far–knock on wood–I’ve never had a liquid-related keyboard incident yet.

    • I DO have a Contigo Thermos. But I have to unscrew the cap to drink from it, so it’s the opposite of what I need. So I think I need a different model.