New Year Musings

By coincidence, I sent My Demon Warlord to my copy editor on December 31. That feels like such a complete “she must have planned it that way” but that’s actually the day it was done enough. I’ve taken a couple of days to get my head clear before I dive into Sinclair Sisters Book 3.  You can read Chapter 1 here. Oh, update — that chapter one link is for My Demon Warlord. I don’t have a chapter 1 for The Next Historical.

I watched several episodes of Jessica Jones with my son last night — he went back to school today. And while I was going through the desk drawer contents in preparation for moving a new-to-me desk into my office, I watched a few more episodes. Tomorrow I’ll tackle some more of the work and I’ll probably throw everyone that on top of the desk (other than equipment) into a box and take it to the TV to watch more Jessica Jones. Because I love love love the series.

If I think about the whole task of Operation New-to-me Desk” I get overwhelmed at all the ::sideeye:: stuff I have to go through to make this happen and then I want to do anything but that. So, small tasks. The drawers are done…

Anyway, on the way back from dropping off my son at the train station, I got lost. See Why Carolyn is Never the Navigator. Sigh. But I made it home. I am the Queen of Lost, but my son is the Prince of I Forgot because he called me later to ask if he’d left his apartment key on his bed here. Yes, dear son. Yes you did.In the next couple of days I will be intensely brainstorming Book 3 in the Sinclair Sisters series which I’m looking forward to.
What are you looking forward to in 2016?



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