My Demon Warlord – On Sale Now

Cover of My Demon Warlord. A hot shirtless guy who looks exactly as you image Kynan Aijan would look.

Cover of My Demon Warlord

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It’s done! It’s on sale! I hope you’ll read and review it. If you’d like a review copy, let me know!



2 Responses to “My Demon Warlord – On Sale Now”

  1. Llaph says:

    I knew there was a reason I woke up at 2am. The disturbance in the force was the release of My Demon Warlords… Not my allergies. Lol Ty, going back to bed now. Kkthxbibi

  2. MrsJoseph says:

    OMG! So excited! I’ve been checking for this release Dang it! Where’s a vacation day when you need one???!?!