Which Cover Do you Prefer? Poll!

I am redoing the cover for A Notorious Ruin because it needs to fit with the style of Book 1 (Lord Ruin) and Book 2 (Surrender to Ruin) and it currently does not. I would LOVE to know which you prefer.

Image quality is not final. Neither is background color.

Which Cover Pose do you Prefer?

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Regency man sitting on a chair a little sideways leaning slightly to one side, looking like he's thinking damn you're hot.

Sideways Pose


A Regency Man sitting on a chair looking straight forward like he's thinking you're not naked enough.

Straight on Pose



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One Response to “Which Cover Do you Prefer? Poll!”

  1. I like the sideways pose because it has a more ‘come-hither’ feel about it. The purple feels more authoritarian as if I’m about to be told the spinach stuck in my teeth doesn’t match my hideous gown.