Reader Poll – Finding Romances to Read

Here’s A totally unscientific poll for anyone who reads romance. This includes authors in their reader role. My question is over the last year or so, what is your experience trying to find new romances to read?  Please feel free to comment with any additional information, opinions, or thoughts. Is it harder? Is it easier? Or is it about the same? And by that one I mean, if it was hard a year ago still hard, or if it was easy a year ago it’s still easy.

At the various book vendor sites, How do you feel about your ability to find Romances to read?

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If the poll isn’t working, if you can, answer in the comments.

  1. It’s getting harder
  2. About the same (it was harder before too)
  3. About the same (it was medium before, too)
  4. About the same (it was easy before, too)
  5. Other

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5 Responses to “Reader Poll – Finding Romances to Read”

  1. Margaret says:

    I choose 3. I think, for me, finding good romance goes in cycles. Mine is also dependent on mood, and if I’m reading other genres instead. But overall, if I’m in the mood to read romance, I have resources in place to head me in the right direction. I like “Goodreads” for recommendations, and I have a couple of good friends whom I know have similar tastes in books and I can rely on their opinions. Not everything I try is a winner (hence the “medium” difficulty rating), but I can generally find enough good romance to satisfy me. I hope that all makes sense. 🙂

  2. Pat Wade says:

    The problem is that my tastes have changed and I’m not as inclined to read new authors — I have a long list of favorite authors, like you, whose books I buy as soon as they come out. In the past, I would troll the shelves and buy on a whim. I was burned by so many of those (writing just not up to par), that I’m much more careful. So, there are plenty of books on the shelf, there are not that many I’m willing to buy without a good recommendation.

  3. Kiara says:

    Finding romance books is a lot easier than it used to be. The problems lies in finding quality romances. The market has been flooded with poor quality (i.e. written poorly, cliché plot lines, more sex than plot etc.) romance books and unfortunately it (for me) turns me off the genre for some time. I tend more and more to re-read good books or new books from authors I trust, rather than try to search for a semi-decent book.

  4. Jess says:

    Once I’ve read the same trope 20 times, I’m not interested in another, poorly written, version of it. When I was newer to the genre I was OK with with unoriginal characters and stories. Now, 1000 books later, I need better books to hold my attention.

  5. EssElle says:

    I know the reads are out there, but wading through all the recommendations and getting past the first dump of heavily promoted books sure ups the difficulty factor for finding them at online sites. Also, I find it harder to find new authors to read when searching online vs shopping bricks and mortar