Making Friends With Freddie – Part 2

My friendship with Freddie the Buffon’s Macaw continues. We have added additional perches in his cage that he is pretty excited about and uses. I bought him a wooden cube that you’re supposed to hide nuts in. It has little holes for him to see that there are nuts inside, and it fastens to the cage for him to spend hours working out how to get to the nuts. My sister put it in his cage, and when she went back a couple hours later it was in shreds on the bottom of the cage. Freddie is an advanced bird. (And, of course, this is why one does not want to be bitten by a macaw.) I think there’s a harder version and I may try buying that for him in case it lasts longer than an hour or two.

He enjoys the foraging toys I make for him, though. I have placed a couple of wrapped up nuts elsewhere in his cage, but he’s not yet used to looking for food other than in his dish. But he will at some point today want to chew on his enormous toy and then, heh heh, I expect him to find those nuts.

The Big News!

I do have big news, and that is that Freddie stepped up on my arm today! He’s not used to stepping up on someone’s hand, but when I offered my arm, he went right up and were we both happy. I walked him over to the top of his cage and he stepped down. This is huge. I have been a little fearful, but it was so obvious that he now trusts me enough to step up that I trusted him back. I will continue to work on this, but I am proud of myself for taking my time, and letting him decide the pace of our friendship.




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5 Responses to “Making Friends With Freddie – Part 2”

  1. barbara sauve says:

    Great news! Freddie sounds a wonderful bird. What kind of nuts does he eat?

  2. b says:

    Since he is a macaw, he eats a variety of seeds, fruits, vegetables and pellets as appropriate for his breed. As to nuts, he gets a selection that can include walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazel nuts, pecans, and almonds. Sunflower, of course. But for foraging toys, it’s usually one or some of the larger nuts.

  3. E says:

    So fascinating and brave!

  4. barbara sauve says:

    b, thank you for the information.

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