Cover for The Viscount’s First Kiss!

Next month I will be releasing The Viscount’s First Kiss, my novella from the anthology How to Find a Duke in Ten Days. Here’s the cover!

A Regency couple. She has her hand on his chin because he's super hot and she's just realized maybe she loves him, who knew? She didn't. There is a bookshelf behind them. He is totally into her.

Cover of The Viscount’s First Kiss


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2 Responses to “Cover for The Viscount’s First Kiss!”

  1. barbara sauve says:

    I do like that cover. I think it’s a good one. Do you think the poll you ran for the covers helped you decide on this one?

    • The poll I ran ABSOLUTELY helped me decide on this one. If not for the poll and the discussion on my FB group, I would have chosen a different image. Which is why A/B testing is so important.