Oooh, Pretty. Editing Can Be Fun!

I printed out a copy of My Infernal Lover for a paper read through. For this kind of editing, I really enjoy using various fountain pens and colorful inks. I’m using two pens loaded with ink that just arrived. Some of you may know that I love ink with sparkles, and DeAtramentis just came out with some pearlescent inks that have copper sparkles.  I used a paintbrush for the swathes of ink, then wrote some stuff so you can (hopefully) see what it looks like.

Heliogen Green

I loaded the heliogen green in my copper Karas Customs. I really like this pen a lot, though it’s a bit heavy. It writes well. I can’t recall what nib size I got. I’m pretty sure it’s a fine because I was buying fines when I bought this pen. With this pen it’s easy to fit lots of new words all over the front and back of a page.

A swath of ink from a bottle of DeAtramentis Heliogen Green with copper sparkles. The green is soothing and soft, and the copper sparkles are just lovely.

DeAtramentis Heliogen Green with copper sparkles

Velvet Black

I don’t think my photo does justice to this ink. I don’t normally use black ink at all, but the copper sparkles make this special and really fun to write all over my MS with. Interesting note, this ink is loaded in a Monteverde invincia with a nib that is clearly stamped F for fine. But it lays down ink like a medium, which I really like.

A swath of DeAtramentis Velvet Black with copper sparkles. The feeling is soft with an undertone of surprise!

DeAtramentis Velvet Black with copper sparkles

Switching Off

So, I have been switching between the pens with fair frequency. I am up to chapter 3 and I really like this story so far.


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One Response to “Oooh, Pretty. Editing Can Be Fun!”

  1. Barbara Sauve says:

    Working in the printing industry, I became accustomed to using a blue pencil for editing, it’s sort of an industry-wide thing. Well, it used to be anyway, when we worked with hard copy. Before that, working for FedGov, I used a red pencil, like in high school when I helped grade tests for my teachers. Pens meant serious business. I like your inks very much. I have a couple of cartridge pens that I use for formal social communications, but my ink is just pedestrian blue in one and black in the other. I’m sure if I were a writer, I’d be much more serious about my pens and inks.