Announcing a New Series

New Series in the My Immortals World

An interesting idea occurred to me recently that involves the My Immortals series. I have been working on what I’ve been calling a prequel book to the series, which is in part due to the status of the first two books in the series, which are still published by Grand Central Forever. To date, they have been unwilling to revert those first two books, which means I cannot effectively market the series to new readers. That’s why I decided to do what I should have done ages ago: write “new” Books 1 and 2.

My current project is the first replacement book, with a working title of My Infernal Lover. This book is getting close to done. One thing I’ve always loved about writing this series is the “Street Witches” who play an integral part of the series world. The book I’m working on now features a Street Witch heroine, for example.

I have decided to change my original plan of replacement books 1 and 2 and instead introduce a new series set in the same world. This solves several issues and opens up a whole new set of possibilities. A new series in the My Immortals world lets me keep the same world and the elements I love about the series, but unhampered by the control issues with Books 1 and 2. I will have a series to market to new readers that also functions as an entry to the My Immortals series.

Street Witch Series

One possibility I’m considering is sliding the two My Immortals novellas/short novel (Free Fall and Dead Drop) into this “Street Witch” series concept which is actually where they fit better.

This means my current project will be Book 1 in a new series set in the My Immortals world. I am mulling over a series name, possibly even the entirely obvious yet descriptive “Street Witch Series.” I’ll continue mulling over titles, specifically potential titles for the current project. Maybe just Infernal Lover?


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4 Responses to “Announcing a New Series”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I don’t care what you call it. I’m already setting up my tent to camp and wait for the first new book to drop.

  2. Rosie says:

    I love that world! It would be awesome to read more about the street witches. Their interactions with the immortals has always been fun because of the history of betrayal and distrust.

    I looked up the word infernal because it’s not my favorite. I thought maybe I didn’t really know what it means. Turns out I was right. I associated it with the secondary meaning which is troublesome or different cult and not with the primary meaning which is being from hell or related to hell. So it makes perfect sense to use with the Immortal series for both meanings. I’ve just come to the conclusion it’s a word I don’t like. Go figure.

    • Thanks! There’s a history behind how and why the My Immortals series is titled the way it is. I’m really happy that I can break out of that title pattern.