Hello March! February, Where Did You Go?

Should I even mention January? What the hey with time passing so fast? March is almost half over and where the heck did February go?

Today, I returned from the RWA Board meeting, which was busy busy busy and very productive. The meeting involved a time zone change for me and there was the time change omg and I had a very early flight back. I can’t decide if I’m so badly time-shifted that I’ll be fine tomorrow or whether I’ll be a zombie. Any bets on that?

The tulips are coming up and as soon as a few more are blooming, I’ll post some pictures.

I am, as I keep saying in truth, almost done with Bound in Smoke. I have done two major revisions — which is what I like to see in my drafts that I really really like. I have approved the final cover and hope to show everyone shortly.

And now, I will get some writing done, or fall asleep at the keyboard. I’m not sure which.


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