Howling Into The Night

Greetings from Shelter In Place day 27. I’m doing reasonably well and hope the same for all who read this. The other night I was working on edits for Bound In Smoke when I heard this loud howling from across the field. I went to the door and heard a lot that dissolve into laughter, but behind that there was a lot of howling. What the heck is going on, I said to myself, that all the dogs in are are howling like this and why is anyone partying to those howls.
Then I found out that howling at 8:00PM is a thing here in California. Maybe else where, too, I don’t know. But at 8:00PM everyone goes to their door or what have you and howls.

As long as I don’t lose track of the time, I too shall howl at 8:00PM.


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One Response to “Howling Into The Night”

  1. Jennifer says:

    That’s hysterical! I have to say, nobody in my neighborhood is howling. Maybe I’ll start a trend