Greetings from August!

I hope everyone is well and that you’re reading lots of fabulous books. Let me know in the comments what you’ve read lately.

Here at Jewel HQ things are going pretty well, all things considered. Bound In Smoke continues to develop in exciting ways. I’m writing everyday and also making sure I am keeping the creative well refreshed. I’ve been mulling over a new post to the writing section of my site about dealing with circumstances that drain that creative spark.

I imagine most of us are feeling stressed by current events, so I hope everyone is taking time to make sure they are OK. My son came for a visit which ended up being perfectly timed. Just a couple of weeks past when he came, I would have advised him not to travel. It was lovely to see him. He’s starting grad school in September, and I am proud and excited for him.

I’ll probably be posted a revised draft Chapter 1 fairly soon…

Here’s a picture of my favorite mug.


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2 Responses to “Greetings from August!”

  1. barbara sauve says:

    re Circumstances that drain the creative spark: My sister rushed to hospital March 25 for emergency life-saving surgery. The surgeon performed a colostomy. Diverticulitis had ruptured her bowel. After recovery she was placed in an assisted-living home. I had to pack up and clean out her rented townhouse, sell or otherwise dispose of all of her unneeded furniture and stuff, furnish her new quarters, sell her horse, and take in her cat, who is not getting along with my cat. All this very difficult due to my mobility issues. In one fell swoop she lost home, horse, cat, independence, and way of life. She’s not doing well physically or psychologically. Neither am I.

  2. Carolyn Jewel says:

    Oh my goodness. That sounds just utterly stressful. Sending you hugs and good wishes for everyone’s good health and recovery.

    Cats can take a while to decide they’ll become friends, so hopefully that will happen!