Good News!

As many of you know, I have been impatiently waiting for the official reversion for My Forbidden Desire.  Well, today my wonderful agent forwarded it to me which means that I now officially control all the books in the My Immortals series! Yippeee!!!

I have started the uploading process but it will be a few days before I can pull the trigger and upload everywhere. I have to contact Amazon because for whatever reason, I can’t connect all the books as a series, so they will have to fix that. At the same time I do that I will cleverly send them the reversions for My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire, and then all the ducks should be in a row.

Celebrate with me!


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2 Responses to “Good News!”

  1. Liam says:

    There was MUCH rejoicing! Yay!!

    This whole saga has felt like a surreal Welcome to Night Vale episode (I feel like some publishers apparently live inside of two-headed deer, making them awfully difficult to get in touch with. I thought that was just realtors!), and I am so very glad it’s almost over for you. This part. I know there’s still lots more to do, but at least the only thing stopping you will be normal human things like “the number of hours in a day”. 😉

    I’m making light of it, but I honestly cannot imagine how awful this has been for you for such a long time. Having to fight for every (late, lost, ignored, one-more-condition’d) step to get back your books. Your work, your thoughts, your heart. I know folks like to talk about who really ‘owns’ books or digitalized content, but I also think those same people have not a creator among them. I fiercely believe in the rights of authors and creators. Most especially if the people owning the rights are just sitting on them, insisting on making it impossible for anyone to get paid!

    (I’m a game developer, so I’m very familiar with a lot of this nonsense, both professionally and personally. I’ve been prodding and waiting for years to see if there would be a rights reversion or outright abandonware declaration of a game I worked on in 2003, to purchase the whole kit and kaboodle — rights, legal, assets, code etc. If I was doing more of an homage to it vs a remaster, I’d already be done, heh, but I really want the wonky physics and bizarre formulas I just can’t replicate. That’s where so much of the fun is! It was also the first “for-reals” console game I worked on. I believe it’s something with really good bones and still a pretty unique design, and I have an abiding passion for chill and relaxing games like golfing with frogs. I work on pretty violent games, so I cherish my non-violent games, whether it’s an official project swap or just something I’m doing at home.

    It’s finally being reverted in 2024, and it really is the same frustration: if it’s in the process of being declared abandonware, nobody can buy, sell, or play it.)

    If things don’t go my way, I’ll still have a cute little Switch game made that will wind up being an homage instead. But it’s not my livelihood, and my name on the actual game is REAL far down in the credits.

    So while I’m still impossibly furious at so much of what’s gone on, to you and to every other author they’re playing these games with, I am utterly thrilled for you as well! Finally able to welcome all your books home, and I’m really excited to read the changes you’ve made. Also really excited to have them all in one spot because I feel like I forget about Dead Drop and Free Fall despite them being some of my absolute favourite stories in your universe. I think I wound up with one from a donation somewhere (EFF maybe?). I mean, I prefer to buy direct from authors, but that can also involve file management and my brain’s executive function took off about 5 years ago.

    Clearly, the answer is why choose? Both. Both is good. I hope you’ll give a poke when things are gloriously up and available, oh and if in the future (not an extra thing to think now) audiobooks might be a thing. Not a thing when you’re still taking in that first breath free of this burden, lol!

    I’m truly so happy to hear this. It’s been such a rough time, and so much of this has felt so dog-in-the-manger I’ve been making VERY sure for several years now not to purchase things from them, even if I have to go through a bunch of hoops. Dual citizenship helps. So does having lived in several different countries for work, ling enough to have banking and credit lines/cards I keep just to buy library memberships and books. (And video games sometimes, but Im

  2. Liam: Thanks so much for commiserating with me in my angst AND my joy. I hope you get the rights back to your game — indeed it IS frustrating. And worse for you, I think. At least with an unreverted book, print copies would be available used or potentially at a library and eBooks would likely still be on sale, so readers aren’t totally out of luck. But with an older game? Much harder for fans of the game.

    Free Fall was indeed part of an EFF giveaway in return for a donation, and they were kind enough to include the entire novella. That was a wonderful collection of authors and I was happy to be part of it. I do like that novella a lot!

    Audio books are an expensive proposition, especially these days. Budget permitting I would love to have audio for all my books.