Quick My Immortals Update

My Immortals Update!

I have uploaded the files for My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire, and I am waiting for the various vendors to get the books on sale. Amazon has my reversion letters but how soon they’ll realize that and put the books on sale is anyone’s guess. Once all the vendors have published the books, I can post the various buy-links.


For 30 days both books will be $0.99 US and whatever the closest currency conversion + VAT is in other countries. My Wicked Enemy will probably stay at that price, but the price of My Forbidden Desire will go up. If you bought these books from the original publisher, there’s no simple way to get the updated versions without buying the books again, hence the low price. However, I will likely set up a way for people who already bought these books way back when to get the new versions. Stay tuned for that.



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