Summer is Coming and the Writing is Never Easy

Happy June to everyone! It’s true writing is never easy, but I am writing!

Bound in Smoke is (dare I say it?) structurally complete. For quite some time I had chapters that were dangling out there not fully belonging. I wasn’t looking at them much because I was addressing other issues and writing new chapters. Now, however, those chapters are no longer waiting around. Only one chapter needed to be deleted and by “deleted” I mean moved to the “Save This Just in Case” folder. I found the right place for the plot line in those chapoters and now they are pulling their weight for plot and character. They need some revision to fit in their new home, but it’s really satisfying to make that happen.

Right now, the manuscript is around 93K words. That count is going to fluctuate for a while, but at this point, it’s not really about new words, it’s about polishing, shaping, and making the characters and their story come alive.

How’s things going for everyone?



4 Responses to “Summer is Coming and the Writing is Never Easy”

  1. hatts20 says:

    Happy June Carolyn! Things are going well! Happy you are making more and more headway! Don’t forget to take LOADS of you time and hopefully you are not feeling overwhelmed or rushed. Your true fans will continue to wait. That is how amazing we know you are. All the best- Susan B.

  2. Barbara Sauve says:

    June is here and my irises are blooming. Such good news about Bound in Smoke! It sounds as if it is nearing completion. Summer is definitely looking up! I’m beyond glad you were able to work through the troubles you’ve experienced over the last couple of years and are back on track writing-wise. Never forget your fans are behind you 100% and are rooting for you, and not just necessarily for your writing and your books, but because you seem to be a very nice person. That’s my take, anyway.