Oh, And One More Thing!

Bound in Smoke – Progress!

For the last three weeks I have been preparing to do another paper read through of Bound in Smoke. I printed out the whole thing and had it in the binder and something kept nagging at me so I didn’t start that day. Then I was walking back to the house after taking down the garbage and recycling bins when this idea came to me . . . So I spent the next few days rewriting the opening chapters with that idea and it was pretty awesome. I printed replacement chapters and was ready to start the next day, only that morning in the shower, I had another idea. I’ve been adding in that idea, and now things are even more awesome, but I do have a few more chapters to update.

It’s not that nothing’s happening with Bound in Smoke. A LOT is happening that makes me really excited about how the story is developing in its final stages of writing before it goes to an editor.

My Immortals Series and Other Updates

In addition to writing and editing, I started reviewing how my books, and in particular the My Immortals series are positioned for getting in front of readers. To my chagrin, I found that I had not stayed on top of that challenge at all. Readers who would probably enjoy the series weren’t getting the books in front of them to consider and, worse, then they did see them, what they saw was no longer effective in terms of getting people to try the series. I had to do some deep research but I’m monitoring my changes to make sure they’re effective.

The other thing I realized was that the My Immortals covers no longer fit in with similar books. I engaged the person who’s been doing my covers recently to do a redesign. The first pass, as some of you know, did not work at all. But the second pass did. The change from the current covers actually isn’t huge, but it’s significant, in my opinion, and makes the covers fit the market. My Wicked Enemy is done, and I’m waiting on a version for My Forbidden Desire so I can see/decide how the new look will flow through rest of the series. Watch this space for the new covers.

Writing is a business, too.


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One Response to “Oh, And One More Thing!”

  1. Christa says:

    Hello, are you going to be revising Maddy’s and Kynans book like you did the first 2 of the series? I just read it and I’m super confused why all the hate for Maddy after what Kynan did. Very confused, I mean Xia knew, but it was kinda disjointed, like maybe your editor pulled scenes? Hope so. Take care and can’t wait for your new release.