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This section of the blog is the Arjun Rampal Fan Club for Romance Authors and Readers.

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I suggest also checking out my original post on the subject since most of the best comments (some with great links!) are there: Announcing the Arjun Rampal Fan Club

Writerly Inspiration

The next hero in my My Immortals series will be Harsh Marit. For those of you who have read the series, you know he’s a demon of Indian heritage and that there is something unusual about him. I think you might be able to guess who will provide the physical inspiration for Harsh.

On The Web

Arjun on Twitter (As far as I can tell, it’s actually him.)

Arjun Rampal Online (fan site)


My Arjun Rampal Board on Pinterest


Here’s some links to reviews I’ve done of some of his movies:

  • Vaada – High Marks with some snark.
  • Dil Ka Rishta – Uh…
  • Yakeen Shower scene people.
  • The Last Lear Awesome movie.
  • Rock On Pretty OK. Rampal is awesome.
  • Raajneeti LOVED this movie. Rampal is awesome.
  • EMI Rampal survives the Hat of Doom in this movie that succeeds despite everything.
  • Moksha An Arjun Rampal water fetish movie. Oh. Pretty.
  • Asambhav Arjun Rampal surives the White Belt of Doom.
  • We Are Family Two women, one bed. Good movie.
  • Om Shanti Om. Shah Rukh Khan AND Arjun Rampal. Major Win.
  • I See You Strangely Compelling
  • RA.One Excellent movie. Shirtless Rampal at less than 3 percent body fat.
  • Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat Qualified Win. Abuse of Plaid. Strange dude on a horse.



The abs. Oh, the abs. Watch to the end so you don’t miss any.

People, this is 3:12 of jaw dropping perfection.


From fellow fan SlipKnot: Bollywood celebs shoot for GQ indian edition– YouTube.

Another one from Slipknot (thanks for making sure I get my AR fix!)

Here’s a link to a lengthy interview with Arjun.




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