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Some Fun! Win a Free Book!

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Courtesy of Simon and Schuster (and Twitter!) I have five copies of Jennifer Weiner’s Certain Girls to give away to 5 random commenters on this post. Last day to comment is April 10. Instructions at the end!

Cover of Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls

Touchingly funny and tender, with Weiner’s whip-smart dialogue and sharp observations of modern life, Certain Girls is an unforgettable story of love, loss and a daughter’s search for the truth about her family.

Certain Girls is the kind of book that gets under your skin, reminding you what it felt like when you were thirteen and capturing exactly what it feels like now. Laura Zigman, The Washington Post

Hiliarious… Weiner offers her signature snappy observations and spot-on insights into human nature. Publisher’s Weekly

To have a shot at your very own copy to read, leave a comment discussing the role of chocolate in your life. Love it? Hate it? Favorite item made of chocolate? If you don’t have a gmail id you’ll need to leave me an email address otherwise I might be in the unhappy position of being unable to inform you that you are a winner.

Your entry must be at least one word. Carolyn Karma Points (CKP) for honesty and/or humor. I made up the CKP, but I know you’ll want to have some. CKP’s rock. Your life will be better if you have some. Now imagine what it would be like for you to have CKP PLUS a free copy of this book.

Yeah. Pretty awesome.

Leave your comment by midnight Pacific April 10, 2009.

I’ll start with an example.

Dark chocolate. Yeah, baby. I wish I could eat more of it. Well, I could, but if I did, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to exercise off the amount I would like to eat on a daily basis.


Unnnhhhh [shuffle shuffle] unnhhhh

Monday, March 9th, 2009

In case you don’t recognize the blog title, that’s the audio for a zombie, which would be me. Oh, the humanity!

Ask me if I got any work done today. Go head, ask.

No! No, I did not! If you have any brains you have already snatched back your hand — and in the nick of time, too, I might add. Why? Because I had a lunch meeting (no lunch provided) so I had to eat my lunch at my desk while I caught up and attended to another work matter. I had to go home, throw in a load of laundry then get my son to his Math thing and then take him all the way across town to work on an (unexpected) English project, then go grocery shopping, then home to put away groceries, throw the wash in the drying, then sit down and participate in a chat with FBI Agent Julia Hunter. I missed the first half of it because I was home later than expected. But what an awesome awesome chat. Then my son got a ride home (yes! 15+ miles of driving saved for Mom!) but I had to make him dinner and fold laundry and approve the final design of my new soon-to-be-revealed website.

And now I’m tired and going to bed.

Oh, plus after I finished brushing my teeth, I opened the new floss and it would not dispense the floss no matter what I did. So I give an extra hard tug on the floss and pop the top flies off, the bottom falls down and with me holding onto the end of the floss, I watch my naked roll of floss unroll all the way to the floor. Sure, I have floss now, but mint floss enough for three people. Sigh

But now my teeth are extra minty flossy, and even though I have no money because I mailed bookmarks, books and a prize, I’m still going to bed happy because I get to sleep. My second favorite thing to do.

Good night!

The first favorite thing to do is drink sipping chocolate at Viva Cocolate. All of you come to Petaluma and let’s indulge. Why, what were you thinking?


Reading Reading Reading!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Yes, I have been reading. Some of the books are for RWA’s RITA award and I am honor bound to say nothing about that reading other than, you know, I love reading RITA books. I have so many books going it’s hardly funny.

Kresley Cole’s Dark Deeds at Night’s Edge was a good read. Really enjoyed it.

If you happen to write [genre omitted for reasons of secrecy], why on earth would you give a character in your book the same rather unusual last name as certain characters in a New York Times bestselling series in the same genre? It’s enough to make you think the author has never read the genre because, trust me on this one, anybody even a little familiar with the genre will have heard of this name.

I came into possession of a $200 gift card so last Sunday I made my son pry himself off the couch and go into town with me to spend it on stuff we didn’t need. We discussed what to do and, well, OK. I’ll tell you:

We went to our local independent bookstore and spent $98.15 on books. He got another edition of a Peanuts book he’s been collecting and I got Toni Morrison’s A Mercy, Patricia Brigg’s Cry Wolf. Josh Bazell’s Beat The Reaper and Stan Nicholls Orcs. This last book as a cover that is this shy of being the awesomest book cover ever. I’m dying to read A Mercy but I think I’m going to start on Orcs first.

Tomorrow I have Jury Duty, so I’ll take that book and maybe another plus, naturally, my iPhone on which I have yet more books to read.

After the book extravaganza we went to our local Chocolate Bar, Viva Cocolat and Soccer Boy spent $75 on chocolate (truffles and some desserts) and I rounded out the purchase with a couple more things. Fun was had. A lot of fun. The last of the chocolate disappeared today.

But here’s what I hate: my son is now 5’6 and weighs 113 lbs. He can eat $75 worth of chocolate and still need more calories. Between Dec 7 and January 17 he grew two inches. And he’s not stopping the growing thing.

Anyway, I get to sleep in an hour later because of jury duty and with any luck get to sit around and read all day. I have served on a jury before and I cannot recommend the experience enough, but I think if I get voir dired I’ll be dismissed on account of my two lawsuits (Hepting vs. AT&T and Jewel vs. NSA). But maybe not. Maybe I’ll get put on a jury. You never know.

Off to read!


I’m getting nervous

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Scandal is going well and that’s making me nervous. I wrote more than my minimum tonight but had to delete half an older chapter, so I’m only ahead a couple hundred words tonight. I have a bit over 60,000 words and that’s typically critical mass. Now there’s much more editing and a lot less first draft writing.

I’ve nailed down the gravitas of the book which is good. It means I can start editing with that in mind. I imagine over the next month, I’ll be moaning and groaning about the pain of it all, but right now, I’m feeling OK about things and that makes me nervous. Tonight’s chapter went especially well.

In cooking news, my son is going to be making chocolate mousse for family and his French class. And then crepes and ratatouille for us. My brother who has been a pastry chef for a fancy restaurant sent us instructions and gotchas that included warnings like if the chocolate isn’t cool enough, it will seize up… I have no idea what that means. Turn into a lump in the pan? He advised us to practice, so tonight I helped the DC make chocolate mousse using cheap chocolate. We’ll use the good stuff for when he’s practiced enough. I don’t think the chocolate seized up. We’ll know tomorrow. I’m up first, so we agreed I get the first taste.



Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

I have the day off work, but am not feeling well enough to enjoy it much. The Cold is getting worse. Ick and ick again. It’s raining cats and dogs and it’s windy. I ate way too much chocolate yesterday and today. Further, I made the horrible error of ordering my Leonidas chocolate from other than my usual source. They sent the wrong selection and did not pack it appropriately such that most of the chocolates arrived broken. For future reference, the ONLY place to order your Leonidas chocolates is from Don’t make my tragic mistake. Megan F can probably take the bus or something to get hers, they’re at 487 Madison Avenue, New York. The wonderful folk at the Madison Avenue store pack their chocolates in foam blocks and they never send the wrong kind either. Sniff. I’ve now bookmarked the correct site and won’t be making that mistake again.

I’ve been mulling over my hero for Magellan’s Witch. I have a very specific mood in mind that I really want to pull off. Oh. Gee. My fogged brain is getting foggier. OK. I’ll just muddle along here.

We had a wonderful Christmas here. My mom got me a sweatshirt that says Careful, or you’ll end up in my novel. My best friend got me typewriter bookends. My dog is asleep on my lap right now. The kids loved and appreciated their presents. Right now, my son is working on a large paint-by-numbers Panda that I got him. He’s good at detail like that. I have errands to run, but don’t feel well enough to run them. Oh, well. I’ve been reading The Historian. Very good, but to be perfectly honest, there are genre vampire novels that get it much better. As I recall, Dark Jewels was better.

I’ve been reading a lot. I re-read all my Black Dagger Brotherhood books, and then I read over on Romance : By the Blog that Michelle Buonfiglio managed to get her hands on #4, Lover Revealed. Arghh!!! I wanna read this book! Sorry, MB, I do hate you because you’ve read it. (OK, not really, but here I am sick and feeling sorry for myself and I just know I would feel much much better if I had this book to read. Now.) I also read Loretta Chase’s Mr. Impossible which I totally loved.

And I got my copy of Gina Trapani’s Lifehacker which I’ve been flipping through and really enjoying. When I’m feeling better, I’m going to implement several of the suggestions, which are mostly about how to use technology to actually improve your life. None of them are terribly complicated, some are common sense, and some I have already implemented for other uses. Like using Instiki, which is a personal wiki. But I use it for writing stuff, not life stuff. But now that my son has a real computer, I’m going to re-commandeer my old laptop, install Linux on it and turn it into a web server so I can set up a more robust wiki.

Personal note to Patti O’Shea: I never get lie, lay right either so I write around that, but my ninth grade English teacher gave us this sentence to remind us of the distinction between affect and effect: The sound Effect Affected my ears. It helps to repeat this sentence with a deliberate emphasis on the opening vowel sound of the two buggers… er.. words. Therefore, when you are confronted with the effect/affect dilemma repeat that sentence to remind you of of the distinction. Thus: The effect was fantastic. E word. He was glad his whisper affected her. A-word.

I think that’s it for now. I need to go lie down.