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My Darkest Passion – The Fork is Out!

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
Fork against a blue sky with white clouds

The Fork. Photo by Yours Truly.

I’ve sent the MS off to my editor. There’s still revisions, copyediting, and proofreading, but I expect to have the book on sale late this month.

My Darkest Passion is book 5 of the My Immortals series. I guess I also need to start working on the back blurb, too…


Newsing the Covers

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

I have two covers to show you:

First, the cover for My Darkest Passion, Book 5 of the My Immortals series. The MS is back from a beta read and I’m working on those revisions now. Then it’s off to my editor, so I’m thinking mid-to-late February is looking good as a release date. This is Harsh Marit’s story. At long last, I was able to find an image of a Southeast Asian (Indian) man that was super hot. In fact, I found more than one! Because, as the world is discovering, there is actually no shortage of Indian men more than suitably hot for a romance cover. Woot!!! Patricia Schmitt is the cover artist for both.

Serious face of a Southeast Asian (Indian) man looking to the left. He is extremely handsome.

Cover! Hot!

Second, here’s the new cover for Lord Ruin. I’ve already uploaded it to Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble, along with some updates to the text, mostly formatting, but I did find a few more typos. I’ll have the file updated for Smashwards and All Romance shortly.

A man holding the face of a woman with her eyes closed.

New Cover!


Effects of Unfairly Favorable Book Reviews on Independent Readers

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Readers are cheated when a majorly flawed piece of writing receives unfairly favorable reviews.

Books with severe language errors cannot have earned a 5-star review. Correct grammar is not a matter of opinion. The correct usage of a word is not opinion. There are reference books that contain the rules of grammar. Dictionaries contain both the accepted spellings and definition of 99 percent of all words in the English language. There is no excuse for getting these things wrong out of ignorance or sheer lack of interest.

No reader should be required to mentally substitute correct grammar, word usage, and sentence structure in order to make sense of the words the writer actually put on the page.

Readers have a right to assume the writer has written in a purposeful way such that she has, in fact, said what she means. When the connection between words, sentences, and meaning is fundamentally broken, then, objectively, that book does not deserve a 5-Star review. Yet such books do receive 5-star reviews.

Some Examples

I hated Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. I think that book has serious flaws, but none of them are language flaws. Franzen’s writing is not incoherent. He uses words correctly. My disagreements are with the story he chose to tell and the actions of his characters in that story. Reasonable people can, and have, disagreed with my opinion. I understand why someone might give the book 5 stars. There are, by the way, 1,091 Amazon reviews of this book. The average star rating is three. 307 of them are 5-star reviews. 308 are 1-star. Obviously, opinions differ.

There are two self-published books I’ve read recently and both were dreadful. The writing in both was immature and unprofessional. The plots appealed to me, which is why I bought them, but the execution was so bad, I could not finish either. One of them has 23 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star average. The lowest star reviews are 3-stars and there are only three of them. A book that is objectively bad did not get a single 1-star review. That is a completely unfair representation of the objective quality of the book.

Here’s a snippet from one of the reviews:

. . . one word that would express my thoughts of this book, and the only one that I can find is WOW!

Really? Really? The writing is objectively bad. BAD. The heroine is infantile and infantilized. The writing is confusing and muddled. This author brings all the insight and maturity of a five-year-old to her work. None of the reviewers who gave this book five stars said word one about any of the objective flaws. Why? What’s fair to the reader when a book receives a plurality of glowing reviews that omit mention of such egregious writing errors?

In case you think I’m picking on self-published books, how about Hugh Howey’s Wool? Howey was never NY published, and yet Wool is better, yes, better, than most of what comes out of NY. Readers found him, in droves.

There are 2,415 reviews of the Kindle Omnibus version and the star average is five. Wool is an amazing piece of writing, in my opinion. Like Franzen, Howey does not make language errors. If you read Wool, or Freedom, for that matter, you can assume the words were chosen with great care and thought and that the authors thought hard about the stories being told.

Don’t Cheat the Reader

Wool and Freedom are a far cry from books written by an author who can’t spell, doesn’t know the difference between past and passed and couldn’t correctly punctuate a sentence if her life depended on it.

Giving books like those 5-stars cheats the reader, and those reviews unfairly increase the ranking of those books.

Take Your Review with Lumps

If you’re an author, take your lumps. Franzen is considered one of America’s greatest writers, and his book has 307 1-star reviews, while books written by authors with less than a third-grade command of language receive not a single 1-star review. How is that fair? Say what you will about Franzen’s book or his blindness to the reality of being a woman in America, I’ve not heard him whine about bad reviews.

If Franzen can suck it up, so can you. If a book like Freedom, which some reviewers called a masterpiece, can end up with an average 3-star review, then surely the rest of us can live with the same result for our books.

This is my my response to this baloney.


Monster Mailing!

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Today, I bought mailers and took all the books that needed to be mailed to the mail store:

100 copies of My Wicked Enemy
10 copies of Not Proper Enough
10 copies (total) of Not Proper Enough and Not Wicked Enough for the RITAs
A miscellaneous other number of books that are embarrassingly late getting mailed.

My local mailing store is awesome because if I didn’t get the right number or kind of shipping materials, they will supply them. They will take care of everything. All I had to do was drop off the books and supplies.


If I owe you a book, it will be on its way soon!


News Flash!! DX is Free for Kindle (Limited Time!)

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Until 1/31/12 (or thereabouts, might be a couple days longer) my Crimson City novella DX is free for Kindle.

Get DX for Kindle for $0.00

I can’t guarantee the date it goes back to the usual price because I’m dependent on Amazon price matching, however, on February 1, I’ll be setting the price back to $1.99 at the other vendors.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"

Demons. Werewolves. An Internal-Operations agent who just wants her job back . . .
DX is a NOVELLA, and is about 25,000 words. It originally appeared in the anthology Shards of Crimson.


Other Writing News

Sunday, January 8th, 2012


I just sent out a newsletter with all the news that I kept saving up because I would soon have MORE news. If you want to be on my newsletter list, sign up! It’s super fun and I only send one out when I have news (I had a lot) or when I have a release (there’s one coming up in February). If you want the most recent newsletter, with all its newsy-news, let me know and I’ll send it to you. If you do, I will not sign you up for future newsletters. For that, you’ll have to go through the sign-up process.

Foreign Sales

Scandal and Indiscreet have sold to France, so if you read French you’re in luck.

Scandal has sold into Germany so German readers are in luck.


The Fork is Out! Not Proper Enough is DONE!

Monday, January 2nd, 2012
Fork against a blue sky with white clouds

The Fork


Not Proper Enough has been emailed to my editor. How did it go, you ask? Well, just in the last three days:

1. I discovered I had written TWO getting married scenes.
2. I deleted about 10,000 words and four chapters. (including the extra married scene)
3. I wrote 9,000 new words.
4. I completely rewrote the middle of the book.

Other than that, things went fine.


Lord Ruin Now Available in Multiple Formats

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Lord Ruin is now available for purchase in multiple formats at Smashwords. $4.99, no DRM, no geo-restrictions. Smashwords should be populating the file out to several vendors as well (Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple etc) so, yay!!


The King’s Dragon!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

My short story, The King’s Dragon is live at Heroes and Heartbreakers. You can read it for free (registration required) at the H&H website. Go read it and let me know what you think. Comments here or there would be pretty awesome. I’d love to know what you think.


Lord Ruin Available on Kindle!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

My 2002 historical, Lord Ruin, is now available on Kindle. $4.99. No DRM. No geo-restrictions and with a spiffy new cover! I’m working on other formats and hope to have them up shortly, but it’s as time permits given I have a book due and it’s a fair amount of work to get the files clean and read.

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a print version of this book, that’s in the works too, as a POD.