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Checking in From San Francisco

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

I am at Bouchercon but am spending most of my time in my hotel room revising. The big news is that I have attended my first Creature Party for Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. Wowza. Apparently about a month ago, publicists call the Oakland and San Francisco police departments looking for any men 6’3 or taller and 240 and muscular and told them to come on over . . . There were three such gentlemen at this event, one of whom was an Oakland Homicide cop and another who was a Lieutenant for the SF PD. I didn’t get to talk to the 3rd so can’t say. Anyway, we were to vote for the most Reacher like gentleman and I voted for “Red Reacher” (his shirt said “where’s Jack” in red) because, well, he looked like Ranger. I told him I’d voted for him for this reason and several of us had a lovely discussion with these two Jacks about the merits of Reacher vs. Ranger and we concluded that actually it would be not bad at all to be Ranger. He was quite pleased and said he would find a couple of the Stephanie Plum books and check out the fuss. Heh.

Today I attended the interview with Lee Child and then got the two Reacher books I brought with me signed by him for my father. Squeeeeee!!!! I managed, somehow, to remain almost dignified. But now I’m back in my room revising.

Check out the previous post and go leave a comment so I can send someone a free Jet Li movie…


Nose to the keyboard writing

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Am doing revisions for My Dangerous Pleasure. In a good news/bad news kind of thing, I decided to go to Bouchercon this year since it’s in San Francisco this year. Urp. I’ll be spending most of my time in the hotel room revising. But I intend to hang out at night. So, I’ll have a nice long weekend with only MacFang and a pile of energy bars for company. And a bag of nuts as once again I cannot afford hotel plus food. Well, I have a roomie for all but two of the nights so possibly not completely alone.

Back to it!


Quick Catching Up

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Things have been crazy here at Jewel central. I’m so close to the end of my revisions, I can practically taste it. Oh my. But my mom’s been in the hospital so I’ve been a wee bit distracted. She’s home now which is good.

Anyway. Craziness. Carry on.


Never Stop Learning

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Saturday, I drove down to Sunnyvale, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley, to attend Donald Maass’s seminar Fire In Fiction. I hate driving. I particularly hate driving to the South Bay because the freeways there were designed by a sadist. Even with the GPS I still confuse left and right and I sometimes still take the wrong exit. Driving is stressful for me. But I got up at 6:00 am on a Saturday and drove a hour and a half South.

I listened to Maass’s 2009 RWA workshop on my DVD and heard enough in that 2 hours to think I’d really like to hear more about his thoughts. I was particularly interested because I know that in addition to being a top Literary Agent he’s also been a writer. I’ve read his book Writing The Break out Novel and thought it was one of the more helpful writing books. For me. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

The seminar ran from 9:30am to 6:30pm and what a great experience it was. There was a lot of detailed analysis and explanation. I have pages and pages of notes and examples. I’m so glad I went. This was completely worth the money.

I now have several new and interesting ways to think about writing.

Never stop learning.


Catching up and Stuff

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Things were hopping for a while over here at Carolyn Jewel central.

Sidebar: The border collie is standing at my sliding glass door with her nose pressed against the glass begging to be let in. Normally I’d give in, but she’s obviously been soaking herself in the pond and is completely wet and muddy. Sorry Patch. You’re staying outside for a while!

I had revisions for Indiscreet which were due on an incredibly tight schedule. I ended up doing some major changes – in 10 days with an injured hand. Which is why I pretty much dropped out of sight for 10 days. But now they’re done and my editor is very pleased. Yay! This was combined with some urgent projects at work… Oh gosh. Not a fun 10 days, at all.

Now I’m coming down from 10 days of high tension and sleep deprivation and beginning to relax a bit. I’m starting in on implementing the new website. If you want a preview, check out the blog (if you’re reading in a feed) which has been skinned with the new design. I like it lots.

More later — errands to run.


Bzzzzzz – Rural Living Story

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

All right, so this isn’t exactly about writing, but I’ll get to that later. Late this afternoon, as my son and I were walking up the driveway after taking down the garbage, we met our neighbor High-Bob (to distinguish him from Low-Bob, the neighbor who lives below us). High-Bob was trying to flush a trout out of his water line — to no avail. Apparently later on he’ll need to hook up the compressor and basically blow the stuck fish out of the pipes. In the meantime, he mentioned that he had a big old mass of bees hanging off a tree behind his house. "Really?" I said. "Can we go look?"

So my son and I walk up to his house to look. Sure enough, there is a massive collection of bees about the size of two footballs end to end, hanging off the slender branch of an olive tree. Said branch looks to be in danger of breaking. That’s a lot of bees. We went back to our house where I discovered that the local paper (publishes weekly) had just run an article about The Bee Lady, who has a farm and raises bees. The article talked about bee swarms such as High Bob’s and how she will come and get them, and that quite often the bees die from the cold. Hives that get too big will split off.

I took her phone number to him and about an hour later, the Bee Lady was at his house. She had the whole bee keeper suit and a long cardboard box with a silver-dollar sized hole in one end. She also had an extra hat which she let me put on. Since it was evening, and cooling down fast, the bees were pretty quiet. I was able to get within five inches of this mass of bees. Oh my gosh.

Basically, she just kind of scraped the whole mass off the tree. (She estimated 35 to 40,000 bees) Most of the mass fell into the box, but not all, as you might imagine. The rest landed on the ground near the box. I had a few moments of wondering if I was going to panic as a few flying around bees landed on my mesh covered face, but I didn’t because, they were outside the mesh. Pretty neat, I have to say.

With most but by no means all of the bees in the box with some slats for them to cling to, she put the lid on the box. Once the Queen is in the box, all the other bees want to be in the box with her, and the ones that aren’t already inside go in through the hole in the end. That part took about 20-30 minutes. Small hole, lots and lots of bees. There was (are you ready for it?) a bona fide bee line into the box. Once or twice she took off the lid and scraped bees inside. They were actually very docile.

I learned lots of fun bee and non-bee related facts. Bees have a body temperature of about 92 degrees F, so they’re pretty warm. This time of year Yellow Jackets are our friends because they eat insect larvae. Skunks are bee predators. Who knew? Later in the year, Yellow Jackets are not our friends. They puncture grapes and eat them and they drown in your coke for you to drink — ICK!!!! So glad I don’t drink soda.

Once the bees were in the box, she plugged the hole, duct-taped the lid on and carried the box to her car. The sound from the box was a vibrating constant buzzzzzzzzz.

She was happy to have High Bob’s bees because a box of bees with a Queen costs about $95.00 and those boxed bees are, it seems, wimpy critters, having been coddled and what have you. Bob’s bees are wild and acclimated to our climate and are much more robust. They will make good honey.

We intend to visit her soon and I intend to buy some honey. Also, it turns out she used to be a patient of my father’s, I went to school with one of her daughters, and my son goes to school with one of her grand daughters.

In writing news, yesterday I sent off my two proposals to my agent who will then send them off to my editor unless there are any more tweaks. Today I got most of a The Great Revision chapter done today; all of a first pass and some good work on a second pass.


Catching up and Stuff

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Okay, I still don’t understand how I can be so busy, but there it is. I have too much stuff to do. Of course, Mondays these days last until 6:30 pm when I am finally home to deal with stuff. I get home just in time to take Soccer Boy to his math tutoring thing because he’s bored out of his mind in the Advanced math class. Great. At last, after the review stuff to make sure there weren’t any skills he needed to brush up on, he’s now working on stuff that they haven’t done yet in his class. But really. In an advanced math class, why are any of the kids bored? They’re supposed to be going faster. I am concerned about this. Anyway, after that, it’s grocery shopping. Sigh.

Therefore, I admit right to you all that I am going to bed now. Well, right after I fold the laundry. Then I’m going to bed.

The machete work went well yesterday. That would be machete work on Indiscreet. I figured I should just start revising before I get the revision letter. I’ll be that much further ahead. But not even the weed whacker tonight.

I need some sleep.


Oh, weekend, don’t go! I love you so!

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

It’s the weekend end and it will be a long time before the next set of holidays. Sigh

The last of my subrosa tweaks are in. I don’t want to talk about it. But it’s done and there’s nothing more I can do right now.

Now I can read unabashedly. Indulgently. Massively. Which I will do for a darn good while, let me tell you. I will report in on my reading as I consume mass quantities.

Off to do just that.


Sometimes Paranoia is Justified

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The Next Historical is at a tad over 80,000 words. Normally, I’d say that’s more or less done, just polishing left. But as I work my way through the chapters, writing new ones, deleting old ones, fixing the survivors, I feel like I am heading into a dark and very scary place.

There be monsters there.

Monsters in the form of really old chapters that don’t reflect the current story. Which makes me feel like my actual word count is something more like 50,000 which is a panic number. Ack! Ack! Carolyn running around panicking

I continue forward into this unknown country from which this writer may never return, ready to fight monsters with my trusty… er… keyboard, delete, backspace, select-all delete, undo, redo, and

q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m

(but not necessarily in that order, plus there will be lots of repetition of the little buggers, hopefully in new and sparkly combinations)

K. That’s how I’m feeling. And now, for a quickie post of good news. In the next post. Not this one!


All Revised Out

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

I think I’m done with revisions to Magellan’s Witch. I got through it today without anything major. I’ll put in the paper changes tomorrow and send it off. I need to get back to work on Scandal. Yikes.

Got pumpkins today. Carving tomorrow.

To bed now.