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About Not Proper Enough – In Case You Haven’t Read it Yet

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

In my little corner of the internet, there’s been some discussion about Not Proper Enough and a couple of scenes in the book. The opening chapter of the book is a dream sequence (I know it sounds lame, but I swear it’s not!) in which the hero is, among other things, dreaming about the heroine. Now, it so happens that I saw the cover for Not Proper Enough long before I finished the book. If I recall correctly, I saw the cover very close in time to my seeing the cover of Not Wicked Enough, since they’re by the same artist and in the same style. I know I saw the cover before I’d written the chapter that ended up being chapter 1. (At one point, I think it was chapter 20-ish)

In that dreamy chapter, I was therefore able to describe the cover of the book — because I had the image open on my desktop for reference. This turned out to be a neat way to sidestep the issue of a gorgeous effective cover that is not period-accurate, and I really think it made the chapter even more effective. I’ve done similar things for other books when I’ve seen the cover in time. The original print version of A Darker Crimson is a cover I saw early enough to reference a wonderful cover image in the text. In that case, I did alter an existing scene, but that, too, was a very effective change.

It would be wonderful, I think, if more authors got to see their covers in time to decide whether there’s a good way to echo some aspect in the text, and even more wonderful if authors got covers that were applicable to the text. Often, they’re just not.

The other subject of the Twitter convo is the scene in Not Proper Enough that uses violet ink. Hot. Very hot. So, all I’m saying is, if you haven’t read Not Proper Enough, perhaps you should.

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Books!! Crimson City eBooks!!

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

I’ve been remiss. Anyway:

Cover of A Darker Crimson

My Crimson City title, A Darker Crimson, is now available for your eReading delight and, for a limited time, at a special price of $2.99. Links to various vendors are here.

I’ve fixed some errors that made it into the print version and smoothed out a few things so this books is, I think, even better than the print version. Even though it’s Book 4 in the Crimson City series, it can be read as a standalone, though if you haven’t read the other books in the series, you certainly may want to.

Crimson City police officer Claudia Donovan ends up trapped in the demon world with vampire Tibieru Khorza. Can she trust him enough to help her rescue her daughter and get home to Crimson City?

Lots of demons in the book. Vampire sex and demon sex. Check it out.

For some reason, Amazon has unhooked the reviews from the book, but hopefully they’ll get that fixed.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"

Even better, my Crimson City novella, DX is also available as an eBook and for the special price of FREE at certain vendors — Smashwords and All Romance eBooks. HOWEVER!! Amazon is not yet price matching so it’s still 0.99 there. You should be able to get the novella free in the format you need at the mentioned vendors. Links to the various vendors are here.

Hell Marshall wants her old job back but to do it, she needs to track down the DX (demon of unknown origins”). Covert Agent Jaden Lightfeather has been assigned to help her, but is he want he seems? Together, they go after the DX and encounter Hell’s ex, vampire criminal boss Tuan Ng and a rogue werewolf. Check it out.


Miscellaneous Stuff

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

I’m working hard on Not Proper Enough. ACK!!!!!

I also have edits for Future Tense which I need to work in. ACK!!!!!

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll have covers to show you for the digital releases of my Crimson City novel (A Darker Crimson) and novella (DX). Stay tuned!

I’ve seen the preliminary cover for Not Proper Enough, by the way. It’s very pretty. I’m hoping to have a final cover for Not Wicked Enough in the next couple of weeks.

Somehow, there are never enough hours in the day, and right now, in the writing, I’m often deleting as much as I write, so word count is not what I would like it to be, though it does mean the words I do have are better, and that’s always good. The story is maturing, and that’s a relief.

And, in the What’s In It For You category, fairly soon I’ll be having some contests for Bollywood movie Rab Ne Bana di Jodi because I ended up with an extra copy and it’s a GREAT movie. I also have an extra Petaluma Pie shirt. The Facebook winner never contacted me. Possibly a cake, too.

And now, back to work.


In Which Two (2!) Funny things Happen Today

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

I was busy all day and feel like I have nothing to show for it. That’s not so uncommon, I suppose, but I do get tired of all the little things that eat up my days. Honestly. Anyhooo…. Today I mailed back the copy-edits for My Wicked Enemy. That feels good. And, I’m told the cover will have special effects on the flames and some decorative bits. That’s pretty neat. Can’t wait to see the final! Then I had a few website updates to do. That always takes longer than I want it to and there’s managing or posting on the social sites like Twitter and My Space. Sigh.

The first funny thing that happened today is one of those, it’s scary to be a writer things: I’m going to be doing a few chapters of Xia in the Point of View (POV) of Kynan, the hero of the next book (this is assuming my publisher will want to go to contract on more; with a fancy cover, let’s hope so!) and I’ve been wracking my brains about the circumstances of the chapter and the fact that I want him to meet his heroine (but not know it) in at least one of those chapters. How to do that, I’ve been muttering to myself these last few days. So in an unrelated plotting dilemma, now that I have my first crucial fight scene drafted, my vague intention was that someone — didn’t know who, would call Kynan who would then do some stuff — careful, that’s advanced panster plotting there! I mulled over a bunch of lame-o or otherwise unsatisfactory ideas and moved on. I started thinking about the fact that my heroine has called her best friend (Kynan’s heroine-to-be) to arrange a get together, only the big fight comes along and by the time of the meeting Xia and Alexandrine are long gone from the house. So, I’m driving home and thinking about this and admitting that I cannot leave this appointment thing unresolved. What to do? I’m sure some of you are shouting the answer at me. Bear with me, please. So, I’m imagining the heroine-to-be standing at Alexandrine’s house where it’s obvious something awful has happened, and I swear to Dog, this is exactly what happened in my head — Kynan walks up to her and says, "Are you Alexandrine Marit?"

See, the whole time, Kynan has been trying to get a hold of Xia but can’t because Xia’s cell phone was crushed in the big fight. So he finally drives over to talk to him about what’s up and there’s the heroine-to-be wondering where her best friend is. Two problems solved with one frightening glimpse into the writer’s mind. Sometimes it’s best not to look too hard. But it was like I was watching T.V. or something. Kynan just walks up and voila!

Another funny thing happened today. Over on the Crimson City blog where no one has posted for ever and ever, because, well, we’re done with the City for now, it seems, someone posted two comments: Here they are for your reading pleasure, along with my response since, for good or ill, they were directed at my book:

my mom is reading "a darker crimson" with the characters Korzha, and Claudia Donovan, and I think the third is Lath. she’s almost finish[ed] reading and wants to know if their story line continues?

Nice! I think. But, hey! not so fast, Carolyn!

never mind about the continuation, she finally finished the book. And is cursing…" how the hell can an ultra alpha gorgeous male die at the hand of a twit who didn’t know her own lust. As she is banging on the table and cursing at the characters. it is a anti- climactic book. why could they both have her. love on one side lust on the other, the dumb twit didn’t deserve her. he wasn’t evil just true to his nature, i didn’t agree with him but that twit should not have be able to kill him and he deserved better than her twit ass self." "maybe she could write that he vanished and he really wasn’t dead. he deserves love too and make the twit jealous. maybe when he died he regenerated and now can have someone else better than her and make her jealous he just should go out like that"

Oh. But the thing is, I don’t really disagree. My response:

Dear Anonymous:

In the un-revised version of A Darker Crimson Lath did not die. But my editor, and others, strongly believed that Lath had to die. ::Sigh:: So, I did the dirty deed. I didn’t want to do it. Honest. But, I understood the Lath-Must-Die faction’s point. It’s not a traditional HEA ending if Tiber has a rival for Claudia’s affections at the end. Still…

Lath was a total hottie. But with writing, you cross some lines, which I did with Lath, and see if you get pulled back. Which I did. If it helps, my story (DX) in Shards of Crimson, features a demon who doesn’t die. And I have a book coming out where I got pulled back at a different line, a little further out. (Heh, heh!) So, yeah, I totally get your frustration.

Thanks for the comment, though. If you see this, feel free to email me directly, and I’ll send you the original chapter where he doesn’t die.

And I added my email address. I’m hoping she sees my reply either over there at the Crimson City blog


The Early Post

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Couple of things:

First, in writing news, I think the chapters for Scandal are ready to go. The synopsis needs more work, but I know what I need to do so I’m not utterly cast down.

The Spare is being translated into Italian. Go figure! Very nice. I think Dorchester Publishers‘s new president is being more aggressive about monitizing their books, which is good for authors. Now all those Italians who requested bookmarks from me will be able to read something of mine in Italian! Some of the emails, by the way, were entirely in Italian. Bablefish made a hash of translating them, but I have enough French to muddle through, plus the context was pretty apparent. For all I really know, though, some Italian is even now looking at a bookmark for A Darker Crimson and saying the Italian equivalent of WTF?

I had something else, but I forget. I’ll remember later.