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This is why Twitter is Awesome

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Mystery tat solved!!! (Please see previous post)

Here is why Twitter is awesome and writers especially should be on twitter:

I finally found the perfect model for Future Tense (I once wrote a whole other post about that). In the post prior to this one, you can see the photo I chose to have incorporated into the cover. The hunky model has a really interesting tat. But then I was emailing the cover artist about whether I wanted to keep the tat, and all I could remember since viewing it Sunday was that it was cool and vaguely pictographic. My pea brain said, oh, hey, Chinese! [This is EXACTLY why eye-witness testimony should be suspect].

So I sent a tweet wondering if anyone could read Chinese, because what if the tat is offensive or says something embarrassing.

Then I blogged a version of the photo and DOH, the moment I actually looked at the picture: Not Chinese. But was it a language? I didn’t know at all. I swear to you, I am NOT usually this stupid. But as I write this, my cat is going on 48 hours stuck 30′ up in a tree and last night, I got almost no sleep because I was looking for my cat. I found him today in the tree. He’s still there. (Experts were consulted, I promise)

So I tweeted the link to the blog post and my question about that tat, and not even five minutes later this:

IsobelCarr @cjewel not language. Alchemy symbols , zodiac glyphs & angelic script.

cjewel @IsobelCarr Really? So it doesn’t secretly say something offensive? Then I think I can leave the tats in. I think that would be interesting.

IsobelCarr @cjewel as per art prof sitting next to me.

cjewel @IsobelCarr Also, WTF is angelic script? Because it’s AWESOMELY funny if my demon model has an angelic script tat.

IsobelCarr @cjewel 14th century monk wrote them down. Dover books dictionary of symbols that includes them. Can probably google.

cjewel @IsobelCarr If I give you $10 when I see you next, will you buy the prof a drink from me? Or whatever. THANK YOU Art Prof.

IsobelCarr @cjewel She says angelic script is combo of alchemy symbols, zodiac glyphs, & Hebrew.

cjewel @IsobelCarr OK. I’ll give you $20 bucks. Can you buy her two drinks?

IsobelCarr @cjewel she loves your books. Wld be happy w/signed copy.

See? Twitter is awesome.