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Gadget Girl Makes An Observation

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

No, I’m not procrastinating, why? I don’t know why you’d even say that.


I am addicted to have the following apps on these devices:

  • Kindle App – all devices
  • HootSuite (Twitter app) on iPad3
  • Seismic (twitter app on iMac)
  • Twitter (on iPhone 4)

Here’s what’s started happening:

Me at my desktop working hard and taking DESERVED breaks for twitter: Someone has obviously said something funny, but seismic SUCKS at showing the conversation history. I grab the iPad and open up HootSuite, find the tweet and click “show conversation.” Ah, now I can tract back and find out who said the funny thing and decide if I want to pretend I was in on the funny thing all along.

Me on my iPad: I take a break from playing Quordy to see what’s happening on twitter. Oh, hey! There’s someone I want to follow and/or add to a list. I put down the iPad and go to seismic on the iMac because seismic makes it EASY to follow someone and add them to a list. Hootsuite not as much.

I’m on the MacBookPro and someone tweets about a great book. Woot! I pick up the iPad and use the Kindle store app to buy the book…

I’m somewhere away from the iMac and MacBook and don’t have the iPad with me (OMFG!) I pick up reading my book on the Kindle App.

Seriously. I have gadgets within reach with apps galore, and I switch between devices, sometimes without leaving my chair, ONLY because I want to do something that some other App does better on a different device.


1. Why can’t someone make a Twitter app that melds all the things people actually do so it’s all in just a click or swipe?

2. Did anyone foresee Apple being this evil? I didn’t. But now I’m an Apple gadget girl and it feels so good.

Uh Oh. A Rant

I also have a Kindle Fire. In my Kindle account, here’s my devices:

  1. Kindle for iPad1
  2. Kindle for iPad3
  3. Kindle for iPhone
  4. Kindle for Kindle Fire
  5. Kindle for Mac (iMac)
  6. Kindle for Mac 2 (MacBookPro)
  7. Kindle Cloud Reader

Every single one is legally purchased. My son is currently using the original iPad. I read across devices.

Someone explain to me why publishers should limit the number of devices that a book can be read on.


Drive by Post

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Deadline panic is in full force.


That is all.

Oh, and when I bought MacFang (because I suspected my Dell laptop was nearly End Of Life) I gave the Dell to my son. Today, the Dell’s hard drive failed.

Well, ok that’s bad for him because he was using it a lot. But when it went to turn on his desktop, nothing. Apparently, the video card has failed. On his desktop, that’s built into the motherboard. Sigh.

He has a paper due end of the month so I’ll be buying him a new laptop. If I have the cash. I need to call my accountant Monday to find out how much estimated tax I have to send to Uncle Sam.


Miss Behaving

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I just scheduled a post (It will post tomorrow, August 12, 2009) over at the Risky Regencies that is, well, just plain odd. But so fun! Head over there, check it out and join the fun.

Update: permanent URL to the post is here. Click on over if you think you’d like to be a Risky Regencies Minion of Evil.

What else? I’ve been working hard on The Next Paranormal. I’ve got just over 40,000 words and things are starting to shake loose as to what plot points aren’t going to go anywhere and where I need to concentrate instead.

I remain baffled by my dog’s inability to get on the bed by himself. Unless there is food on it.

MacFang continues to be a pleasure to work with. I smile whenever I see his fangs. But mostly I smile because he’s not breaking my back to carry around.

Off to word-work for me.


Meet MacFang

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Without further ado, I present to you, MacFang

Carolyn's MacBook Pro with Fangs

AKA, Carolyn’s MacBook Pro. I think I’ll update my wallpaper to some politically incorrect picture of Alexander Skarsgard as Eric.

For example, this picture:
Mr.JanuaryPhoto from TrueBlood Wiki

Discuss at will.

Sometimes my craftiness surprises even me.


Catching up on a Holiday Weekend

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Since I have tomorrow off, I get to sleep in. Yay! I have various bits of news to report, in no particular order.

I’ve been working on The Next Paranormal and it’s going pretty well right now. Some very good ideas starting to gel. It’s early days yet, of course.

The RWA National Conference is coming up. If you’re going to be in Washington DC on Wednesday July 15, drop by the Marriott for the Literacy Signing. It’s for a good cause! Please stop by the J section to keep me from feeling too lonely.

On July 24, I’ll be at the Hachette Books booth at Comic Con in San Diego. They’re giving away copies of My Forbidden Desire and I’ll be there to sign them! If you’re going to be there, by all means, come by and get a free signed book. Personally, I’m hoping some of the True Blood folks will be there. I should be able to wander around a bit and see some stuff.

I’ve given up on the old and creaky Dell laptop and went to the Apple store to buy a 13″MacBook Pro, which I did, only they’re out of stock and now I’m just praying mine arrives BEFORE I leave for Nationals because the thought of lugging the current laptop to DC gives me hives. I’ve committed to Apple and now I’m impatient to make the switch completely and utterly. Everyone cross your fingers for a delivery prior to 7/14 because I have a very early flight.

Twitter has been hellaciously fun lately. Oh my gosh. @barryEisler is being the world’s best sport about what is probably the world’s most egregious and embarrassing typo ever. By me. I meant to type spill his guts… with respect to the expected conversation I hope to have when I get to have lunch with him due to my winning lunch w/him at Brenda Novak’s auction. But what I type was spill his guys… Much hilarity has followed. @VictoriaDahl has been particularly bold, sassy and amusing.

And now I’m off to get some work done before I go to bed.


Not that I would EVER procrastinate . . .

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

But . . . Can I just say that even though I desperately want a Mac laptop and some day expect to own one, I have a developed a deep and abiding hatred for Quick Time and iTunes for Windows. See, apparently, Apple doesn’t want you to have their QuickTime video player without iTunes. They bundle the two and they pester you if you manage to figure out how to get QT without iTunes. See, I don’t own an iPod. I have a regular old, much cheaper, mp3 player. I don’t need or want iTunes. But at least once a week Apple pops up an unsolicited message telling me I don’t have iTunes and don’t I want it? NO. Just f’n freaking NO. I can’t make it go away. I’m not allowed to tell Apple to leave me alone with the iTunes crap. Why isn’t that malware? Smells like malware. Acts like malware…

So, actually, there is a way to make it go away. I uninstalled QuickTime. Ah, the silence. It’s lovely. Go away Apple. Leave me alone. Hah. Now you have to. You don’t know about me anymore.

OK, back to work.