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Audio Book for Lord Ruin! — Want a Review Copy?

Sunday, June 29th, 2014
Cover of the Audio Book for Lord Ruin

Cover of the Audio Book for Lord Ruin

The Audio Book for Lord Ruin is all done and uploaded and ready for purchase. Kate McDermott narrated the book, and I’ve loved listening to her bring the story to audio. Woot!! I have myself only recently gotten addicted to audio. It sneaks up on you. I was surprised.

I have coupons for anyone interested in a review copy … Have a listen, post a review on Audible. And Amazon, I guess. If you’d like a review copy, leave a comment and I will email you the necessary information until I run out of coupons.


Lord Ruin – Audio Book Outtakes

Friday, June 6th, 2014

As I get down to the wire with A Notorious Ruin, the long-awaited sequel to Lord Ruin, I have some news!

I managed to get my act together for an audio book of Lord Ruin.

I’m waiting for the cover for the audio book and then I can approve the final files and get it on sale.

While we’re all waiting for that, I thought you’d enjoy listening to some outtakes from the audio book put together by Maya Kuper, the book’s producer.

The narrator is actress Kate McDermott and she’s done a really wonderful job on the book. The audio is about 10 minutes and the file is a little over 8MB.

WARNING!! Spicy language and swears. Also, funny!

Lord Ruin Audio Book Outtakes