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Friday, April 20th, 2012

There I was on Twitter, working hard on my copy-edits for Not Proper Enough. I mean, ::coff:: taking a much needed break because I would NEVER let the internet distract me or anything, when I saw @susanmpls, who lives in Minnesota and is an editor for UM, blog about Book Spine Poetry. SusanMPLS was out in California a while back and we met up and had a great time yacking etc so I know she’s awesome on Twitter and in person. If you’re on twitter, you should follow her. She’s fun and interesting!

Anyway, because I’ve been working so hard (How hard? REALLY REALLY HARD) my brain shut off and I thought Book Spine Poetry was poetry you put on the spine of your books and I thought, whoa! I LOVE that idea. I will put poetry on the spine of my next POD book! And I tweeted, “I want that for my books!” and the next thing you know, there’s this on Twitter:

Is that awesome or what?