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Help An Author Out: Titles

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

I’m nearing critical mass on My Immortals Book 7, which is awesome. Meanwhile I am mulling over potential titles. I had some great suggestions at my facebook page (Thank you so much!) so I thought I’d throw together a poll with a few titles and see what people think.

If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments, too. Once I have the title, I can finalize the cover…

Best Title for My Immortals Book 7?

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Gasp! A Title for My Immortals Book 5? A Poll

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Last night, I think I finally hit on a possible title for Harsh Marit’s story (My Immortals Series, Book 5). I keep mulling over a few things, like, should I keep the “My [Something] [Something]” pattern of the first 4 books?

Here are those titles, by the way:

1. My Wicked Enemy
2. My Forbidden Desire
3. My Immortal Assassin
4. My Dangerous Pleasure
4.5 Free Fall
5. ????????

Should I go completely different with the titles?

Anyway, here is a poll with two variations of my proposed title. Vote for your favorite or, in the comments, suggest, comment, criticize, improve, or just tell a really good joke.

Vote For your Favorite Title

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Head Down Writing Hard

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

The Next Paranormal is due November 1, so I have my head down and my fingers to the keyboard. I may not be posting too often between now and them. We’ll see how desperate things get.

Anyway, my tentative title is My Beloved Assassin but they’ve hated all my titles so far so I expect that to be shot down.

I also need a series title. Carolyn’s Paranormal Extravaganza is the best suggestion so far.

Am in big trouble.

Back to work.


What’s in a Name? Not Roses, that’s for sure

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I’m working on The List, which I’m thinking of calling The Bride. Or maybe the Philosopher’s Daughter. The List, I’ve decided is a terrible title. For this story.

Speaking of which, I changed my heroine’s last name to Godard because Harris starting bugging me. A lot. Don’t know why. I also changed my hero’s name from Lysander something, Lord Starts-With-F to John Marrack, Lord Foye (Marquess of) Because, as it turns out, Lysander is not the right name for him. I’m not sure about Foye. Sometimes it seems cool and neato and other times it seems lame. Also, I thought he was another pure alpha-dude, but he’s not. Don’t mistake me, he’s Alpha, but in a different way than other heroes I’ve written. I tried to fight it for a while but he kept acting all difficult and pissy so I finally gave up and let him be who he is. Group Hug everybody! and then things settled down and now I have some good ideas about what’s up with him.

And Camilla, the heroine, well, I have some issues with her name because I have a Crosshaven, previously mentioned here as Lord Something which makes two C’s, but I like them both so much! I’ll let that set a bit. Once I let Foye be himself, Camilla defined herself further with an end result of I’m really excited about this story and how I’m starting to see it play out. Big sigh of relief. I’m learning not to be so stubborn with my writing. When it’s bad, don’t let the badness sit around waiting to be rescued by Erato or something like that. She doesn’t care, and there’s actually no god of Historical Romance waiting around to rescue bad writing. Bummer that.

It’s late so I have to get to bed.


Can you say — well never mind, it’s not polite

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Right. I have the joy of a cold. But I’m feeling better than I did yesterday or this morning. At least I can breathe through my nose.

The Great Title Search is coming down the to wire. I think my agent and I have sent close to a hundred suggestions. No exaggeration. They would like to put flames or fire on the cover somehow, which actually sounds pretty cool, so they want a title that suggests fire. They’d also like an active title, so we need a verb of some sort. This is actually much, much harder than it seems. They need a title by tomorrow. That would be Friday, November 30. Ack!!

Don’t think I got much work done on Scandal today. Rats. I will be busting my butt this weekend.


Frantic x 2

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Working on Scandal, of course. I reordered some chapters and have blocked out a new one, which I was hoping to write tonight, but re-setting the chapters took longer than I hoped.

My editor at Grand Central Publishing loved Magellan’s Witch. I’m confirmed for an August 2008 release, which means they’re fast tracking everything. They need a new title by the end of this week and some minor revisions ASAP. Urk. I can do it though. The revisions aren’t big, I can probably get through them in a day. But that will have to wait for the weekend. I hear the cover will be on the sexy side, photographic as opposed to artwork which sounds pretty cool to me.

If you have a title suggestion, send it on. I have a contest going (which you would know already if you were a newsletter subscriber hint hint) If you send a suggestion, you’re in the contest.

Off to bed.


Progress Report — Panic with a Chance of Hysteria

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Things are developing as I edit like crazy. Trying to combine a read-through with regular editing. At least I get a lot done during soccer practice. It’s not been cold at all lately, so I’m OK sitting in the back seat with the laptop. Very few distractions.

Any hoo – I need titles for the novel formerly known as Magellan’s Witch. Fiends. Mages. Witches. They all hate each other. People fall in love anyway. Warlord Fiend. Witch who can’t use her magic. They shouldn’t get together but they do. Any and all suggestions appreciated.


heading into the weekend

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

With Scandal, I feel like I’m sliding into editing which is always more fun than the writing. I have a chapter to redo tonight, so we’ll see what happens to the word count. I’m at about 75,500, so I’m not too worried. I’m only worried about crap and getting it fixed.

I got some preliminary cover copy for Magellan’s Witch. Wow! Sounds a like a great story! They want to change the title, to which I say, Thank goodness! I was never all that wild about MW, but it worked OK enough. Only now I need to come up with some title ideas, some that lend themselves to a series Ishouldbesolucky. I have no ideas whatever. Zero. My head’s in Scandal. Anybody got any suggestions? Which Witch is out. So is The Little Witch Who Couldn’t. So are The Fiend Who Loved Her, Fiends and Lovers, Big Bad Boys Who Aren’t Human, No Fluffy Bunnies Here. . . I’m a wealth of unhelpfulness to myself. Somebody save me.