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Some Good News and More about RWA

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

My good news first, because it’s so exciting. Indiscreet won the Bookseller’s Best award for Best Short Historical. I am now an Award Winning author. Gosh. In the picture from left to right: authors Jaci Burton, Cynthia Eden, Ann Aguirre and me.

Afterward, I was trying to text my agent the news from the hotel Lobby with Amy Pierpont, (Executive Editor for Grand Central Publishing) came by with Sherriyn Kenyon who I DID NOT RECOGNIZE until Amy introduced her because her hair was completely straight instead of the usual curly. Of course I blurt out my news like a big doof, and they were both very gracious. The upside is I was too gobsmacked by the whole thing to make a fool of myself over Sherrilyn Kenyon, who books I ADORE madly. Grand Central publishes my paranormals, by the way, and some of Kenyon’s backlist.

The Literacy signing was the madhouse it always is. I only had Indiscreet to sign but still, I got to be there with my RITA finalist flag and my two RITA finalist pins and I confess, it was kind of a dream come true. At previous signings I would see the authors with the RITA finalist flags and all the authors with their pins and such and I always thought, wow. Maybe someday that will be me. And now it is. It was just wonderful.

Since I’m telling my day backward, before the Literacy signing, I was in my hotel room working on My Dangerous Pleasure and making some progress, thank goodness. Before that I was at the gym and before that I was asleep.

Number of Energy bars consumed: 3
Number of Energy bars given to hungry stressed author who is not me: 1


Some Good News

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Today I found out that my October historical Indiscreet is a Bookseller’s Best finalist! That’s pretty good news and it means that all three of the books I had out in 2009 have been finalists for pretty big awards, the RITA, the RomCon, and this one. I’m not used to this at all.

In fact, I’d taken my son out to breakfast/lunch and we were playing Hangman on my phone. (my devious word: pickles) He was stumped and staring at the phone when he handed it to me and said, someone’s calling you. Well, my heart sank because Friday night I did a major upgrade of some databases to SQL 2008 and I thought it was the dev team calling to say something had gone wrong, and I was going to have to leave the restaurant before we even got our food. Which is to say, I was expecting a frantic tech telling me xyz wasn’t working or something so when it wasn’t that, I thought it must be a wrong number only she was asking for me by name. . . Anyway, it was a fun call to get on a Saturday afternoon.

So, now I get to party with all the other finalists! W00t!

NB: Sometime while I was on the phone my son figured out the word. Rats. I thought for sure he would stay stumped.