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Sunday, December 24th, 2006

In no particular order (that’s irony I think. Obviously my non-quantum mechanical world ethos requires that these appear in a particular order in order to communicate with you-all.) Whatever. I have a headache.

1. Check out this great post by Tess Gerritson. I spent most of last semester in a classroom of students with this attitude. [snotty comment omitted]

2. The new James Bond movie, Casino Royale totally rocks. Go to this movie while it’s still in the theater. I saw pics of Daniel Craig and thought, meh He’s okay but– Well, I stand corrected. The man is one hell of an actor and long before the end of the movie (like within the first 2 minutes: the word "Considerably" won my heart lust and soul) I was more than willing to bear his children. Oh, the joy of a James Bond movie that isn’t insulting to women. Thank you writers. Thank you director. And thank you for all those work outs, Daniel Craig.

3. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and safe traveling.

4. Then there’s this post from Marjorie M. Liu about a subject of my frequent obsession.