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Ode To Friday

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Oh, Friday, Glorious Friday
If I may
I’d like to say,
Come sooner next time, m’kay?

Thus ends Poetry Friday. UR welcome.

On Saturday, I’m taking my son to Chocolatier Blue where I went last Sunday and came home with goodies for him that had him floored with their delciousiocity. I told him to bring his own money.

In other news, The Next Paranormal continues to go well. I should get back to it shortly.

Also, I have decided to be funnier, only I can’t think of anything. Sorry.

Maybe next time?


Fun, she said, more fun!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

At the end of this post, I have some questions for you but first, it’s National Poetry Month, so here is a poem by yours truly:

Chocolate, A Dirge To Perfection

Just now I finished my hot chocolate
Oh hot chocolate,
My mind is lonely
Without you
And yet the inside of
my belly
Seems quite content.
Such power you have
Over my matter and mind.

And now, just so you appreciate the difference between good and bad, chocolate and no chocolate, here is a poem by a real poet:

At Eleusis, by H.D.

What the did,
they did for Dionysos,
for ecstasy’s sake:

now take the basket,
think of the moment you count
most foul in your life;
conjure it.
pray to it;
your face is bleak, you retract,
you dare not remember it:

it is too late.
The next stands by the altar step,
a child’s face yet not innocent,
it will prove adequate, but you,
I could have spelt your peril at the gate,
yet for your mind’s sake,
though you could not enter,

What they did.
they did for Dionysos,
for ecstasy’s sake:

Now take the basket–
(ah face in a dream,
did I not know your heart,
I would falter,
for each that fares onward
is my child;
ah can you wonder
that my hands shake,
that my knees tremble,
I a mortal, set in the goddess’ place?)

Now for the questions:

My blog has been boring lately. What should I do for more fun and games here?

Maybe a poetry blog contest? Like, everyone write a poem on the subject of chocolate and somebody will win something?




How about a picture of your pet contest? And if you don’t have a pet, make one up or lie or something.

Please help.