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Carolyn Does The Coffee Math

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Right. The new Book Valuation system is to equate the price of a $6.00 coffee that takes 3 minutes to make with a $4.99 price of a book that takes 12 months to write.

Let’s do some math!

So, now, 3 minutes of time results in a $6.00 cup of coffee.

Divide that $6.00 by 3 minutes… that’s $2.00 per minute of coffee making time.

So, if the book were equivalently priced, how much would a book cost?

Well, there are 525,949 minutes in a year.

The Coffee/Time cost factor is $2.00 per minute.

Which means, a book that takes a year to write should cost $1,051,989.00

You’re welcome and good luck selling your book!

Edited to Add This:

Let’s be fair and find out how much your $6.00 coffee should cost using Book Dollars:

$4.99 = 525,949 minutes to write the book. That comes out to $0.00000948761192 per minute.

3 x 00000948761192 = $0.00002846283576.

I think that means you round up to free coffee in book dollars.

Well. But as you know, we writers think $4.99 is too low a price for a book. Let’s say the book should really be priced at $9.99. That works about to $0.00001899423708 book dollars per minute.

3 x 0.00001899423708 = $0.00005698271124

Yay! That still rounds up to free coffee!

Also, good luck with that stupid argument about the price of a cup of coffee having anything to do with the price of a book.