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I Confess

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

I imagine most of the readers of this blog are aware I’m a writer. I’ve known from when my age was in single digits that I had a facility for words. I read so much that though I’d be hard pressed to explain a rule of grammar, 97% of the time, I get it right. Spelling? I am awesome at spelling. Wordsmithing? Pretty darn good. And yet, I must confess there are certain things that continually trip me up.

Like two of my siblings, I have a bit of dyslexia, though my case is mild and theirs is not. Mostly it’s a problem with numbers regardless of my state. Letters tend to be a problem when I am tired. I’ve often wondered if it’s no accident that I have this dyslexic condition, ambidexterity, and a left-right confusion. Although I am most often right handed, I do a lot of things left handed. If I’m particularly tired, I’ll often start writing left-handed without realizing it. You can tell the difference, by the way, but my left-handed writing is legible.

Here’s the things I have trouble with (only some are dyslexic in origin):

  • the letters d b p and q
  • chose and choose – and many of the words that have single vs. double o constructions
  • Occasion. (Had to look that up. I NEVER get the double consonants right)
  • Further vs. Farther
  • The whole lie, lay, layed, lied thing.
  • breath vs. breathe

What about you? Got anything to confess?