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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

I have been revising My Immortal Assassin into a much better book. Possibly a book unrecognizable by any one who read it before. Almost done. Almost.

Tomorrow, I’m mailing out various prizes etc. So tardy. But I’ve been revising like mad. The pain. Oh, the pain. But also, oh the good feeling when you fix something . . .

I’ve also read two really amazing books. The first one is A Bad Day For Sorry by Sophie Littlefield. She’s a fellow San Francisco Bay Area RWA chapter member, so I know her which is cool. A Bad Day for Sorry has been nominated for an Edgar. (Because it’s a mystery, though there’s some strong romantic elements in it.)

This book seriously rocks. It’s a debut novel, too. Go read it. It’s Edgar nominated for a reason.

The other book is A Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliasotti.

I seriously loved this book. It’s just overwhelmingly good. I felt like I was living with the characters. It’s steampunk but let me tell you, the romance is beautifully done. There’s no sex on the pages, but I defy anyone not to get sniffly at the romantic ending.

But here’s the thing. I read the book because I’d heard it was good. You hear things, you know? A friend whose opinion I really trust recommended it, too, so my usual silly resistance to Books I Keep Hearing About got worn down and I read it. And then I remembered hearing that the author was having trouble selling a second book.

WTF? Really? What is wrong with the people over at Juno Books? I went off to her website and I thought I saw that she was still looking for an agent. (What? That’s another mystery to me.) But now I can’t find that so maybe it’s not true. ETA: Found it: Clockwork Heart Sequel: Looking for an agent

The sad thing is that poor sales can doom additional books sales from an author even if the published book is amazing. Were sales for A Clockwork Heart not robust enough to get a second sale? Criminal if true.

I just know I want to read more novels by her and it seems I can’t.



Friday, September 19th, 2008

U.C. Berkeley courses in iTunes. Free.

Massive swooning here.