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News Flash!! DX is Free for Kindle (Limited Time!)

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Until 1/31/12 (or thereabouts, might be a couple days longer) my Crimson City novella DX is free for Kindle.

Get DX for Kindle for $0.00

I can’t guarantee the date it goes back to the usual price because I’m dependent on Amazon price matching, however, on February 1, I’ll be setting the price back to $1.99 at the other vendors.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"

Demons. Werewolves. An Internal-Operations agent who just wants her job back . . .
DX is a NOVELLA, and is about 25,000 words. It originally appeared in the anthology Shards of Crimson.


Oooh. Pretty.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover for DX, my Crimson City novella which should be going live by this weekend.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"


Have Laptop, Will Travel

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Tomorrow morning we head 120 miles southeast to Ripon CA for more soccer. If my son’s team wins, we stay the night for another game Sunday. If not, we come home Saturday. I have my GPS and am hardly stressed at all with respect to the once-certainty of getting lost. I’m having a hard time calculating when to leave because I no longer need to factor in getting lost. Strange. Very strange. I have the laptop ready to go in case I have some afternoon and evening time.

Yesterday, I sat in the car during soccer practice since practice was from 4:00 until too-dark-to-see-the-ball and got LOADS done. I more than exceeded even the secret minimum. For one thing, I was working on an idea I had on the way home from work yesterday and it involved a new chapter or two inserted early on. I wrote one of those in the car and after we got home and got settled etc, I fixed it up. I’ll be continuing on with that. But I also need to get my historical proposal to my agent. I don’t think I have a synopsis for it, so I need to work on that. Ick.

What else? Oh, right. This is a writer’s diary so yeah. I do have a release, Shards of Crimson and the usual review stuff is going on. As ever, people either love my stuff or hate it. There’s so rarely an in between. One review I’m not sure what to think of because it was riddled with misspellings and other language issues. I’m doing pretty well at avoiding Stupid Web Tricks, but some review links have come my way and I didn’t delete the emails fast enough. I don’t need the stress. But, just to give a flavor, one review said DX was outstanding, and another said it was the weakest of the stories. Geez, I’m stressing just writing about it. See, this isn’t good for me.

In other news, the bookmark requests have trailed off from 40 a day to 3-5 a day. There must have been upwards of 150 or more. About 10-15 people also signed up for my newsletter. I still have a few Crimson City Safety Tip Cards, so I’m still sending newsletter subscribers a free set. Quite a few of the bookmark requests were from other countries: Canada, several from Italy, then Pakistan and India to bring up the rear. No other countries that I can recall. So, why so many from Italy? Why none from France or Spain or Asia? A couple of nights my son and I sat down and stuffed and stamped envelopes.

Now, I’m going to get into bed and start on one of the RITA books. With luck, I’ll get to sleep early and then, off to Ripon.