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Deadline Break to Tell You the Story of Two Cats

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

I am writing really fast because … deadline. For a historical Christmas Anthology with Grace Burrowes, Miranda Neville, and Shana Galen. But I am taking a brief break to bring you this observation about cats.

So, my son’s cat is a rescue cat, born feral but adopted by us when she was 4 months old. For a long time she was a standoff-ish cat. Her name is Tiger. (Look, my son named her. But it works.) Then I got Abu and she became a cuddle cat. I do not understand why, but it’s true. Abu and Tiger are good buddies. They are indoor cats.

Tiger, if she gets out, which happens from time to time, panics. But in her feline brain, the only door she can come back in is the one she went out of. No other door works for this purpose. To get her back in the house, I have to guess which door she went out, because otherwise she runs away in utter panic. This is not the portal I accessed to get out here where everything is terrifying!!! I will die if I go through that wall! Aiiiiii!!!!!

Abu plots how to get out. He knows how to open doors. He knows who is slow and inattentive. I have seen him come alert when a slow person walks toward a door.

slow people: handy door opening devices.

He lurks. He knows their blind spots. He knows exactly where to hide at which door and where to hide for which slow or inattentive person. Bam. Outside. He will come back in any damn door he pleases.

In the morning, I do not go out the most convenient door. Because if I do that, Abu will get out. I have to go out the garage door, because there is a sliding door between the kitchen and the garage door. Then I have to close the sliding door, and search the bathroom and utility room for Abu BEFORE I open the door.

He’s a blue Abyssinian. He’s gray with red underticking. He is the color of a shadow and he fucking knows it. He is lightening fast.

This is the difference between a cuddly lap cat and an evil genius.


I NEED this book

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Harvard neurologist Marie Pasinski, M.D.’s BEAUTIFUL BRAIN, BEAUTIFUL YOU, with Jodie Gould, showing how to turn "Bad Brain Days" into "Beautiful Brain Days" — days when we are at the top of our game mentally, emotionally, and physically; combining research in neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to remodel itself), with lifestyle-changing advice from her Brain Health Initiative in a program that will alter the chemistry of your brain and take years off your mental age and, yes, make you more beautiful, to Gretchen Young at Voice, by Linda Konner.

From Pub Lunch. How soon will it be out?

Not soon enough because I need that right now.

Deadline approaching. Watch out.


I am NOT panicking, seriously

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Today I made back most of the words I cut after I realized I needed to rewrite chapters 1 and 2. Things are complexifying. But this is the part where I am besieged by deadline panic. Ack!

I turned off Twitter and my email and put some tunes on. I only wasted time once when I went off to listen to Paolo Nutini on YouTube for a while.

Off to bed!

Bonus picture for the heck of it. Roses are red. Blogger squishes the pictures down quite a bit so they don’t look as crisp as the original which you can see here.

Red Rose with Raindrops on it


Eye been workin’ on the Man-u-script

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Well, you’re supposed to read the post title to the tune of I’ve been Working on the Railroad. Pretend, OK?

Went to see Harry Potter 5 last night. I was mentally broke from working all day. Great movie! Loved it. A lot. Got to bed at 11:00 pm. Urk.

No soccer practice for the kidlet this week, so I thought, great! I’ll get home, abandon all my parental duties and get all my changes from the weekend into the computer and I can resend to one of my readers who just started and will much appreciate having the better middle version. But then at 7:30 I remembered I had to go the soccer board meeting (that’s my volunteer job) and I couldn’t blow it off because the team gets fined $25.00 if there’s no rep at the Board Meeting. Got home from that about 9:00pm, worked for an hour and ended up sending off the revised 1-23. I’ll finish up tomorrow.


I had to stop at 23 because the new 24 needs more of an overhaul, and I didn’t want to start that this late at night. I have to get enough sleep — Crud. It’s 10:48 pm. Rats. 4:30 is early. I’m off to bed.