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Quick Catch Up on The Blogging Silence

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

My editor sent on the Revisions for Indiscreet and I am in the middle of them now, head down, fixing as fast as I can. Oh, and I injured my hand and for three days was in an exquisite amount of pain and having a lot of trouble just typing…

It’s been ugly folks.

In fun news, don’t forget to leave your comment in the post below so you can maybe win a free book! See post for details. You have until 4/10/2009. Go. Enter.

In other fun news, since my birthday is this month, I am going to cook up some fun stuff for us to do to celebrate my big day. Stay tuned. Fun stuff!!!

Speaking of cooking, my son has to make aioli for his French class. We followed the Joy of Cooking recipe yesterday and didn’t even get defeated mayonnaise which, apparently, is what happens to losers who can’t make aoili. We got soup.

It was a really really embarrassing cooking failure. Today we tried again. I took the liberty of stopping at Trader Joe’s on the way home to buy aioli (mustard) as the Death Star Aioli Back up Plan. It’s what Darth Vader would have done. Right? Cause he was like evil and stuff.

Soccer Boy and I agreed failure was not an option, as passing off Trader Joe’s Aoili mustard as something home made was… well…. cheating. But still. I just couldn’t see facing the humiliation of sending him to French class with a mason jar of failed aioli soup.

We started off correcting the known mistakes from yesterday. I had good olive oil, brand new. We need a freaking pair of pliers to get the damn olive oil open! Then I started freaking and made my son look up tips for fixing failed aioli on his iPhone which led us to a couple of recipes that contained better instructions than Joy of Cooking and well…


The aioli came out fantastique!

I am so proud.

Off to revise.