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Other Stuff that Happened Today

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

  • Got the RT review for My Wicked Enemy (see previous post)
  • Didn’t make it to the gym this AM because 4:30 was too early for someone who stayed up too late the night before. Came out of a dream at 5:15am–
  • The dream was one of those dreams where I am observing as a commentator in case my dreaming self is too stupid to get the significance of dreaming about the characters in my book —
  • Dream-observer Carolyn said something to the effect of: You DO realize that this is exactly the backstory that’s missing from your book, right? Your h/h get married in Anatolia.
  • Dream-observer appears to be right.
  • Celebrated my son’s 13th birthday. He acted just like a pre-teen, too. He was supremely uninterested in hanging with the family. He and his cousin disappeared into his room and performed Satanic almost-a-teenager rituals, I’m sure.
  • Talked with siblings and in-laws.

And now I’m going to bed airquotesearlyairquotes. The sad thing is, that’s exciting for me.