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News Flash!! DX is Free for Kindle (Limited Time!)

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Until 1/31/12 (or thereabouts, might be a couple days longer) my Crimson City novella DX is free for Kindle.

Get DX for Kindle for $0.00

I can’t guarantee the date it goes back to the usual price because I’m dependent on Amazon price matching, however, on February 1, I’ll be setting the price back to $1.99 at the other vendors.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"

Demons. Werewolves. An Internal-Operations agent who just wants her job back . . .
DX is a NOVELLA, and is about 25,000 words. It originally appeared in the anthology Shards of Crimson.


Books!! Crimson City eBooks!!

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

I’ve been remiss. Anyway:

Cover of A Darker Crimson

My Crimson City title, A Darker Crimson, is now available for your eReading delight and, for a limited time, at a special price of $2.99. Links to various vendors are here.

I’ve fixed some errors that made it into the print version and smoothed out a few things so this books is, I think, even better than the print version. Even though it’s Book 4 in the Crimson City series, it can be read as a standalone, though if you haven’t read the other books in the series, you certainly may want to.

Crimson City police officer Claudia Donovan ends up trapped in the demon world with vampire Tibieru Khorza. Can she trust him enough to help her rescue her daughter and get home to Crimson City?

Lots of demons in the book. Vampire sex and demon sex. Check it out.

For some reason, Amazon has unhooked the reviews from the book, but hopefully they’ll get that fixed.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"

Even better, my Crimson City novella, DX is also available as an eBook and for the special price of FREE at certain vendors — Smashwords and All Romance eBooks. HOWEVER!! Amazon is not yet price matching so it’s still 0.99 there. You should be able to get the novella free in the format you need at the mentioned vendors. Links to the various vendors are here.

Hell Marshall wants her old job back but to do it, she needs to track down the DX (demon of unknown origins”). Covert Agent Jaden Lightfeather has been assigned to help her, but is he want he seems? Together, they go after the DX and encounter Hell’s ex, vampire criminal boss Tuan Ng and a rogue werewolf. Check it out.


Oooh. Pretty.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover for DX, my Crimson City novella which should be going live by this weekend.

Cover for Crimson City Novella "DX"


Miscellaneous Stuff

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

I’m working hard on Not Proper Enough. ACK!!!!!

I also have edits for Future Tense which I need to work in. ACK!!!!!

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll have covers to show you for the digital releases of my Crimson City novel (A Darker Crimson) and novella (DX). Stay tuned!

I’ve seen the preliminary cover for Not Proper Enough, by the way. It’s very pretty. I’m hoping to have a final cover for Not Wicked Enough in the next couple of weeks.

Somehow, there are never enough hours in the day, and right now, in the writing, I’m often deleting as much as I write, so word count is not what I would like it to be, though it does mean the words I do have are better, and that’s always good. The story is maturing, and that’s a relief.

And, in the What’s In It For You category, fairly soon I’ll be having some contests for Bollywood movie Rab Ne Bana di Jodi because I ended up with an extra copy and it’s a GREAT movie. I also have an extra Petaluma Pie shirt. The Facebook winner never contacted me. Possibly a cake, too.

And now, back to work.


Weekends seem to go really fast

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Well, once again, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. Saturday was a known wash word-wise since I was at my local chapter meeting and then the Dublin Barnes & Noble signing and listening to scenes being read from books. The actors were totally fabulously awesome. There is a a HUGE difference between listening to a good reader read and an actor reading those same lines. If you missed it, well, gosh. Next time don’t! But get on down there because there are still some signed books to be had in time for valentine’s day.

About the actors: Travis Poelle is even cuter than his photo. What a hunk. And when he read Candice Hern’s scene in a perfect British accent, I tell you, there were swooning ladies all over. Totally and utterly hot. Melanee E. Nelson was just as amazing. She’s gorgeous and I just loved the way she did my heroine from DX. The two of them got the exchange between my hero and heroine dead on the way I imagined it. And, judging from the reaction, people thought that scene was just as funny as I hoped it was.

My local chapter (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of RWA) plans on doing this again. I hope they do, it was wonderful. We learned a few things to improve for next time and I heard some great ideas, so yay!

I didn’t get home from Dublin until nearly seven, and I needed some face time with my son, so about all the writing I did was working on my chapter outline late last night. Things were seriously out of whack from where the chapters are and though that process doesn’t produce new words, really I can’t proceed without it. Maybe I’m a closet plotter. In the early stages, I need to keep the two fairly well in sync because I use the chapter outline to figure out where stuff needs to be moved etc.

Today, I got a bit done. Not much, though I hit the secret minimum. There were errands to run, and my son needed library books for his report on Poison Dart Frogs. We ended up going to the Sonoma State University library, and then we walked around the campus because he thinks the campus is pretty, which it is. So we had a nice walk and chat. Got home from that, after a stop for grocery shopping, about three and once the groceries were put away, I had to make cookies for his lunch, and then it was time for dinner. Yikes. But, as I said, I met my secret minimum. So far, I have 32,829 words. That’s a third done, when you think about it. I wrote my Makeover With Temporary Tattoo scene. And tomorrow I will write the Proposition Goes Dangerously Bad Scene. Or maybe the Nighttime Visit scene, not sure which. I’ll have to check the outline to see which comes next. Actually, I’ll write which ever one seems more exciting, which is probably the PGDB scene.


Have Laptop, Will Travel

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Tomorrow morning we head 120 miles southeast to Ripon CA for more soccer. If my son’s team wins, we stay the night for another game Sunday. If not, we come home Saturday. I have my GPS and am hardly stressed at all with respect to the once-certainty of getting lost. I’m having a hard time calculating when to leave because I no longer need to factor in getting lost. Strange. Very strange. I have the laptop ready to go in case I have some afternoon and evening time.

Yesterday, I sat in the car during soccer practice since practice was from 4:00 until too-dark-to-see-the-ball and got LOADS done. I more than exceeded even the secret minimum. For one thing, I was working on an idea I had on the way home from work yesterday and it involved a new chapter or two inserted early on. I wrote one of those in the car and after we got home and got settled etc, I fixed it up. I’ll be continuing on with that. But I also need to get my historical proposal to my agent. I don’t think I have a synopsis for it, so I need to work on that. Ick.

What else? Oh, right. This is a writer’s diary so yeah. I do have a release, Shards of Crimson and the usual review stuff is going on. As ever, people either love my stuff or hate it. There’s so rarely an in between. One review I’m not sure what to think of because it was riddled with misspellings and other language issues. I’m doing pretty well at avoiding Stupid Web Tricks, but some review links have come my way and I didn’t delete the emails fast enough. I don’t need the stress. But, just to give a flavor, one review said DX was outstanding, and another said it was the weakest of the stories. Geez, I’m stressing just writing about it. See, this isn’t good for me.

In other news, the bookmark requests have trailed off from 40 a day to 3-5 a day. There must have been upwards of 150 or more. About 10-15 people also signed up for my newsletter. I still have a few Crimson City Safety Tip Cards, so I’m still sending newsletter subscribers a free set. Quite a few of the bookmark requests were from other countries: Canada, several from Italy, then Pakistan and India to bring up the rear. No other countries that I can recall. So, why so many from Italy? Why none from France or Spain or Asia? A couple of nights my son and I sat down and stuffed and stamped envelopes.

Now, I’m going to get into bed and start on one of the RITA books. With luck, I’ll get to sleep early and then, off to Ripon.


Effin Good Stuff Here!

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

The Dystel " Goderich Agency has this great post of New Year’s Resolutions for writers. Check it out.

***Don’t read the rest of this post if you’re offended by 16th century vocabulary.***

On February 10, 2007, a number of authors and I will be doing a book signing at the Dublin Barnes & Noble. The exciting thing is there will be actors reading a 6 minute scene from each book. Someone in my local RWA chapter has connections to actors, real deal actors, by the way. Hopefully, I’ll get the announcement page up soon, because he’s gorgeous and so is she. Wow! Plus, she looks just like I imagined Hell Marshall looks. I’ll be providing a scene from DX in Shards of Crimson but seeing as it’s a novella and given the nature of the story and the plot, I was hard pressed to find a scene that was safe. I’m probably going to have to sanitize a bit, or better, just tell the actors to substitute less Anglo-Saxon words if they deem it necessary. Although, as an aside, I’ve heard but have not personally confirmed via the OED, that the F-word is NOT Anglo-Saxon, that it didn’t come into use until the 1500’s. But I don’t think the earl of Rochester was using a new word, so one of these days I’ll go look it up for myself.

OK, just did that. As a verb, the OED has the F word placed in 1503: Be his feiris he wald haue fukkit. As a noun, the usage is even later: 1680, wherein one finds reference to the infamous Rochester: Thus was I Rook’d of Twelve substantial F*cks. And by the way, I recommend reading his poetry at least once. It’s great poetry but so plainly he was a troubled, troubled man. The sheer violence of the phrase f#cking post will probably never leave my mind. And to then read Aphra Behn right after, honestly, you’ll never look at the 16th century in the same way. And then there’s the lovely young and in love John Donne, who was so passionate about his wife. Back to the F-word. I suspect that the word was in verbal use for some time prior to 1503, though come to think of it Chaucer was swyving, not f%cking. I should go check my Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology. OK, alas there, Barnhart goes from fuchsia to fuddle. Effing chicken.

Um, anyway, speaking of my f’n career, as I was saying, there’s this book signing on Feb 10, and there will be honest to goodness real actors reading from DX (among other find works) and they may, or may not, use the language of Shakespeare.

I will not hit my minimum word count tonight because I’ve been here, f@cking off.


Did I have a weekend?

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

I’m back from Palo Alto and the soccer tournament. The kids had a great time. My son hung out with the other kids most of the time which meant I got some unexpected blocks of time to read over the edits for DX. I got through it, and started reading Possession. Chapts 1-3 are really good. Really good. I started reading chapter 4. It’s exciting and daunting because the characters have really taken on a life of their own and now I have to keep that up.

I transferred my DX edits into a coherent (I hope) package for my editor and emailed it off. Now I have to prepare the Possession chapters I’m going to submit for Engl 530 and think about how I’ll get 19 copies made before Tuesday. Paid bills. Caught up on email. Did my soccer board meeting notes and emails those off. Made dinner, started laundry. I got a really nice email today about my historicals, The Spare and Lord Ruin. Here’s hoping I hear something soon about The Rake.

Nothing to report agent search wise, but possibly tomorrow after I speak with someone else. Also, I’ve posted Chapter 1 of DX for anyone who wants to read it. It’s available for pre-order from Amazon which also now has the cover art posted. Check it out!