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Catching up

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Looks like my (very) brief post from yesterday got munched. Oh. Well. It went like this: Working on Scandal. Back to it.

That is still a true statement. I’m having it read back to me. Catching a lot of pesky typos and fixing a lot of continuity stuff. I have this habit of (need to?) moving stuff around, and then I forget where things are and either don’t delete or don’t conform enough to the new (for now) home. There’s a lot of that in this one. To quote my favorite TV show ever (::Adrian Paul::) Highlander: There can be only one. Meaning, typically, your characters can only meet for the first time once, not once in each of 5 to 6 chapters. Sheesh. Looks bad, you know? So I’m fixing that.

The best part is that little things are getting settled and elicited. Things that make a story resonate. Which is better than if it sucks. Back to work.


Typing Typing Typing

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Keep those doggies typing
Raw Nerves!
Fix it up
Cut the crap
Add some in
Edit more!
Raw Nerves!

That’s me. Working on Scandal. I’m writing a new chapter right now. But I finally got to a spot where I wasn’t fixing the crap out of, er, crap and was just fixing typos and polishing, which was SUCH a relief. Then I got to a spot where I realized I needed a new chapter, just to add a certain element of suspense that was missing. But I thought of a good one and after this post I’ll be back to it.

What else? In all of November, I think we had exactly 1 day of rain. It’s cold (for here) and when I went out this morning to snap some pics, I had to wear shoes instead of my sandals. Geez! My cat Jake finally got tired of trying to push me off my chair and is now back to sleeping on the printer.

Random Pics from this morning:

The first Snowbells of the Winter

Snowbells, a small white flower with green dots at the ends of the petals.

Leaves Frozen under the Ice in a BirdBath

Leaves Frozen In the Birdbath

where does the time go?

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

I actually have the answer. Time flies because it’s a hurry to join all your lost socks. They put on a great party, you see. And whenever time seems like it’s slowing down? That’s what happens when someone discards all their onesie-socks. The time-space continuum flexes when the missing socks are returned to the poor fool. Inevitably some other schmuck gets stuck in one of the creases. For him, or her, time inexplicably slows. This is most noticeable at the dentist’s office or fifteen minutes before it’s time to go home from someplace boring. Mostly we don’t notice. But it happens, I assure you.

What, you never read A Wrinkle in Time? I’m sure that was in there.

Working on Scandal. Not looking forward to going back to the day job.

And sorry, despite the tag, this post has nothing to do with Navy SEALs. I just wish it did because that would be better than just about anything, including fixing that wretched chapter 8. Plus, you know, why not think about Navy SEALs now and again? I’m sure it’s good for me.


The weekend’s ended. Rats.

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Today was a very busy day. I slept later than I wanted to but given my typical sleep deficit, it’s probably a good thing. The Darling Child spent the night at his uncle’s house (that would be Uncle Geography for readers of this blog) so I worked all morning but wasn’t as productive as I hoped. Then I had to go shopping and then make cookies because today was the DC’s end of League Play party, and I said I’d make cookies. Then I had to call the uncle to bring the DC home, and off to the party. And, the party was pretty fun, there were parents this year who like to talk about literature! One of the parents had met Michael Chabon. Whoa. Golly, I love talking about books so for once I wasn’t standing around feeling like a dork. The kids had a good time, they ran around outside and when it was too dark to see they came in all sweaty and hot and ready for cake.

When we came home I got some good work done, though.

Now I just get to buckle down and polish and hopefully have time to send it out for outside reading.

What else? Nothing. I have to go to work tomorrow and that’s always kind of depressing, especially when I wish I had 10K more words than I do. Although, come to think of it, I always wish that. And the words I have I’ve beginning to suspect are quality. Let’s hope.


In Which Things Get a Little Better

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Tonight, I wrote my ending chapter. It needs a little work, but it’s there where yesterday there was nothing. I also made back the word count I lost from cutting the two sucky chapters yesterday. Yay for me. I have one or two more chapters that I know need some work. I hope to get that done tomorrow. And then I’ll have a crappy draft. But, as every writer knows, crap can be fixed.

In other news, my brother was supposed to come over to give my son a man-to-man talk that would reinforce The Talk that I’ve had with him about S. E. X. I consider this especially important now that girls have discovered him. So, pretend for a minute, that this girl who is interested in my son and who my son is (supposedly) just friends with has a name that sounds like the capital of a country. This is true. Pretend that it’s Paris. Her name isn’t Paris, but pretend. My brother’s conversation with my son went like this:

Uncle: Hey, I hear you really like France.
Son: Yeeahhh. Why?
Uncle: I hear one city in particular is your favorite.
Son: What?
Uncle: Yeah, it’s the capital of France. Paris.
Son: (whispering to self) I gotta talk to my mom.

I am not kidding. I was in the kitchen at the time, and I overhead it and while I may not have the exact words, this is pretty darn close. I did not ask my brother to talk to my son about geography. We have an enormous map of the world on the wall in the hallway. My son and I often stand in front of that map and talk about geography. He’s actually very good at geography.

The conversation should have gone like this:

Uncle: Never have sex. But if you do, use a condom. You know what a condom is, right?
Son: Yeeahhh. Why?
Uncle: Do you know how to use one?
Son: Umm.
Uncle: [Manly talk that women never hear, but that conveys respect for women and mastery over the use of birth control.]
Son: Thank you. But I’m going to listen to my mom and never have sex.

Geography. Oh, for crying out loud.


Progress Report — Panic with a Chance of Hysteria

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Things are developing as I edit like crazy. Trying to combine a read-through with regular editing. At least I get a lot done during soccer practice. It’s not been cold at all lately, so I’m OK sitting in the back seat with the laptop. Very few distractions.

Any hoo – I need titles for the novel formerly known as Magellan’s Witch. Fiends. Mages. Witches. They all hate each other. People fall in love anyway. Warlord Fiend. Witch who can’t use her magic. They shouldn’t get together but they do. Any and all suggestions appreciated.


Eve of All Hallow’s Eve…

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

I’ve always wanted to write that. And today is my big chance!

All righty. Got that out of my system. I’m exhausted. It’s been a long day and for some reason I didn’t sleep all that well last night. Sigh.. I worked on Scandal at the gym and right as I was in the midst of a huge reorg of material involving musical chapters and parts flying all over, my 45 minutes was up. I actually sat on the bike a few more minutes, dripping sweat all over the pages as I worked, but then realized I’d need twenty more at least to get through that so hosed down the bike and went to stretch out and do push ups and sits up before I showered. Sigh. Hopefully I can make some sense of it tonight.

I got a delightful email today from someone who read The Spare in Dutch! That was exciting. I’m so glad she emailed to let me know. Wish I knew what the cover looked like…

OK, off to work on Scandal and go to bed early I think, on this, the Eve of All Hallow’s Eve.



World’s most boring post title removed from this space

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Moving right along. I went to the gym while my son was at soccer practice, then home etc. I exceeded my minimum tonight because last night I kept waking up to find myself dreaming about Scandal and that resulted in a proper ending for last night’s chapter and a new chapter today. Mulled it over during the mental downtime of the day and then while I was waiting for practice to be over notebooked it a bit which meant I was prepared to write tonight.

I’m still kind of freaked that Scandal seems to be going well at the moment. I have to decide now if I go over earlier chapters and get them conformed to its new emotional tenor. I’m trying to avoid saying gravitas again, but I think that’s the right word. I think that’s the right thing to do because that way when I get to the back chapters I’ll know exactly where they’re headed and will have undoubtedly (Patti O’Shea, close your eyes now!!) ripped out, reordered and rewritten a good deal of the front two thirds.

Oh, boy. Ripping to shreds. I can hardly wait.


That Old Panicky Feeling

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Yesterday was my son’s Jr. High Open House so that’s what I was doing last night. I didn’t get much writing done. Maybe three hundred words, and then it was really just too late. I don’t want to get behind on my sleep. With soccer season on, I don’t think I have any weekends for quite some time during which I can sleep in.

This morning I went to the gym and while I biked I notebooked and mapped out the ending for Scandal. I have that blocked out in my chapter outline and now I’m working my way there. I want to be done by Nov. 15 so I have a month to edit and polish. Meanwhile I have some chapters to fix, and one that is currently homeless, but soon won’t be.

Back to work.

Oh, and I guess one last thing. People want to live their lives and be happy and avoid conflict and unpleasantness. But there are events that must not be left unremarked and wrongs that cannot be met with silence or inaction. It’s not enough to think someone else will surely be more eloquent or is better placed to act. Quite probably that’s true. But the point isn’t to wait for someone else’s eloquence or the action. The point is to add your voice somehow so that your silence doesn’t add itself to evil. Forget eloquence. Act if you can, but speak out. So I’m speaking out.

It really makes me just spitting mad when people say or do things that insult, demean or denigrate another race or gender and then remark, with all seriousness, that gee, they didn’t mean it that way. Don’t you get that it was a joke? You know, like those white kids in Jenna, Louisiana thought those nooses were a joke. Or the adults who actually said people are overreacting to a prank. Well, it wasn’t a joke to the black kids. Right now the legal system in LA is failing all of us. A felony charge? Those nooses were powerful symbols of hate. And quite frankly, if the people of Jenna are really the non-rascists they claim to be, why the hell were they glaring from their porches (as was reported) instead of marching? That’s another symbol and I understand it loud and clear. And that’s just something I can’t let go unremarked.



Saturday, September 15th, 2007

So, I was writing along, in between bouts of emailing, turning on the laptop and getting stuff updated etc. (where by etc is meant anything not writing-related) and things were going well. Until it turned out I had to delete all of Chapter 18, which was the most recent chapter, and substitute a different chapter that needed to be conformed to its new home. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad I did it. No sense keeping a chapter that turns out not to be pulling its weight. And, I like the way this section is now coming along.

More soccer tomorrow morning, so I need to get to bed, down 900 and something words. Coulda been worse.