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Live, From New York!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

My son and I arrived in NYC Saturday at 6:00 am. When we got to my friend Megan’s house in Brooklyn, we said hi and went to sleep for several hours. I got a lot of writing done over the weekend, plus hung out at the NYC Marathon and had two amazing meals.

Today, we walked around SoHo and the Village, met up with the amazing and talented Liz Maverick who bonded with my son over World Of Warcraft stories. Then Megan took the boy shopping for a coat as he felt his borrowed coat was “too puffy” and I had lunch with my Berkley editor Kate Seaver. He came back with a very decent coat. Not puffy.

When we came home, I made chocolate chocolate chip cookies and now I am going to write some more.

Tomorrow, more sights then a late lunch and recording session thingee with my GCP editor Michele Bidelspach.


The weekend…. Not a moment too soon

Friday, September 14th, 2007

First off, my sister’s dog has been found. Someone called her this morning and stayed with him to make sure he didn’t run off again. Meanwhile, one of my brothers who lives nearby went to get him. So her dog is home safe. Thank goodness. And thanks to the woman who found him, called and stayed with him. He’s skinnier and dehydrated and a bit wigged out by his experience, but he’s OK.

I gave blood today and when I went for my lunchtime walk I was feeling very, very tired. But Fridays are Taco Fridays! There’s the best taco place just about ever very close to where I work. Every Friday I get two soft tacos, one chicken, one whole beans and cheese. A very good choice, as the only extra on them is salsa. The cheese is a splurge but they don’t use much, it’s mostly beans and salsa. Excellente! So, I got a big dose of protein for lunch and felt much better. I went to the gym while the Darling Child was at soccer practice and did resistance work. I figured it wasn’t really the weight lifting the nice blood lady warned me against. Low key enough. Cardio today would have done me in I think.

While I waited for practice to end, I notebooked some on Scandal. I need to rework last night’s chapter.

In other news, my Grand Central Publishing Editor, Melanie Murray, has been put in charge of the entire Forever line, and so won’t be doing much editing, which is why Magellan’s Witch has been unreviewed for 6 weeks. A great promotion for her. Every writer hears terrible stories about editors acquiring a project then departing for whatever reason, leaving the author with an editor who dislikes her work. So, as you can imagine, while I was pleased for Melanie Murray, I wasn’t sure what to think for myself. But the editor who’ll be taking on MW seems really nice, and she read the proposal way back and really liked it, so I can say that my style works for my new editor. I should be hearing something in 2-3 weeks.

I was in meetings when my agent called to give me the head’s up and make sure I didn’t think she wanted to give me bad news, which, I tell you, for the seconds between her saying (in her message) that she was conferencing in Melanie and then saying "It’s nothing bad!" all I could think was on my god, she hated MW so much she needs my agent just to stay calm about it. But that wasn’t it. (Yet.)

Tomorrow the DC has an early soccer game so I’m going to bed very soon.

I’m going to try to get some work done on Scandal before I fall into bed.


Are You Covered?

Monday, June 11th, 2007

There’s a really interesting post over at Word Wenches. Erika Tsang of Avon is blogging today and posed a question about covers. Make sure you read the comments to the post, by the way or you’ll have missed the point.

A week or two ago the blogosphere and the print press was abuzz with talk about how publishers do no market research into readers. Articles mentioned that RWA was the only organization that even came close to doing such research. As a reader, I know there are things that many, many readers dislike, and covers are a HOT hot issue with them (us). EVERYONE, (except apparently, publishers) knows that readers hate covers that misrepresent the story. Hate it. Go read the comments to the post above.

Does anybody believe publishers are really listening? That’s valuable market research right there in the comments, and from people who buy a lot of books.

Just thought that was interesting.

Back to work